Thursday, July 19, 2007

Rockin' Blogger and a Review

I got two Rockin' Blogger awards, I am just THAT cool! Or, should I say rockin'. (No worries, my head is not getting too large with all the excitement.) So, I am going to give my award to double the amount of people than Nymeth gave hers to, that means 8. Tonight, I decided that I would browse my blogs and get some ideas. I think blog world is going to be dead this weekend, because I swear, it was Harry Potter this and Harry Potter that. I know what all the book reviews will be! And then there is me, reading The Huntress by Susan Carroll. I feel uncultured... for a moment... ah, yes, back to thinking I am rockin'.

Anyways, I hate doing this because I like so many blogs. Like, the people that nominated me. I love both of them! Them being Kristina from Kristina's Book Blog and Nymeth from Things Mean a Lot. Rock on fellow bloggers!

My eight are just some of the blogs that I make sure and read each day. Sometimes I do not have time to read ALL the blogs I read, so I have my priorities. But, see, I wouldn't read you, if I didn't think you were rockin', right? So, all the blogs I read are rockin' (guys and girls).

Stephanie from Stephanie's Confessions of a Book-a-holic. Lots of everything to read on this blog. And to think, she didn't think she would have the time to do it, I think the blogging world is working out very well for her. A very fun blog to read.

Marg from Reading Adventures. She might not always read books that I want to read, but she always had interesting reviews, lists of the millions of books she has out from the library, and apologies for being loads of books behind on reviews.

Chris from book-a-rama. Well, for starters, she is rocking because she is from my neck of the woods, but also because she writes good reviews and has other interesting things happening on her blog.

Tanzanite from Tanzanite's Shelf and Stuff. Tanzanite reads historical fiction, which I enjoy, has her dog as the "mascot" for her blog, and has the Monday Mosaics that make Monday that much brighter.

Iliana from Bookgirl's Nightstand. I think one of the best things about her blog is how she has every excuse in the book for not reading. haha, just kidding. I find her posts very entertaining.

Rhinoa from Rhinoa's Ramblings. I find Rhinoa's blog very interesting. For starters, she named her cats Merlin and Morgaine, both very rockin' names. haha She writes very interesting posts, and has interests that make reading her blog fun.

Literary Feline from Musings of a Bookish Kitty. I like the way that she does reviews, a very nice and easy set up to follow, and she writes about other things that are worth the time to read all about.

Lastly, since I am so rockin', I made a special effort and reviewed John Rateliff's book tonight because people have been expressing an interest in it. I am glad people enjoyed my Thursday Thirteen idea. To read the review, just head on over to Twisted Kingdom. So, much for only reading one chapter a day!


  1. I pre-ordered The Huntress - can't wait until it gets here! I'm going out of town next week so it will probably come while I'm gone.

    Thanks for the Rockin' Award!

  2. Anonymous12:00 PM

    Yay, you rockin' girl!
    I need to go visit some of the bloggers you mention - see that's probably what's keeping me from reading all the books that are piling up :)

  3. First, Congrats! You are a Rockin' Girl Blogger!

    And thanks for nominating me :) I'll try to keep on rockin'.

  4. I only know half of your choices, and they are great choices! The others I need to visit.

    And thanks for posting the review of the book so quickly. That was indeed very rocking of you :D

  5. Thank you, Kailana! I enjoy visiting your blog very much also. You have great reading taste and I enjoy reading your reviews.

  6. Coolness!! You are totally a Rockin' Girl!! And thank you kindly! I still don't have enough time to blog. I just seem to be letting housework go!

  7. Congrats on the Rockin Girl Blogger award! Your reviews definitely rock. You have a strong voice.


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