Friday, October 30, 2009

Olympics 2010

Okay, I am a little excited... I love the winter Olympics and they are hosted here this year! Here being in Canada. I live on the opposite side of the country... The Olympic Torch arrived in Canada today from Greece, though. I have been watching the coverage on the television and it is hard to not get a bit caught up in everything. Now the torch is going to travel across the country and you can follow its path on an interactive website. It will be in my town on November 20.

That being said, I think I am going to be tired of Olympic commercials by then. The first time they are funny or creative or entertaining, but come February they are going to get very old very fast!

Anyway, it is going to take 106 days for it to travel over the country.


  1. I live in one of the host cities, Vancouver and the place is plastered with commercials, and more commercials and more... well you get the idea.

  2. Cool! It's always exciting when the Olympics land in one's home country. The summer Olympics in Atlanta several years ago were really exciting because they were the first time (that I was actually old enough to remember) that they were in the US. Good stuff!

  3. That's so exciting :D I actually love the olympics too! I always have! It's something about the sense of community and the electricity that it all inspires that just makes me happy :)

  4. I like watching the Olympics!! Too bad it's so far from you. Wouldn't it be fun to be there??!!

  5. I'm so glad you told us about the torch starting today. I've spend over an hour checking out the torch map. Candleman and I were ready to catch a flight so we could be in Sooke tomorrow! We stayed at a b&b there in 2001 and loved the area, but then I saw it was going through Nanaimo, Ucluelet and Tofino. Oh, my! I'm so excited for those people.

    Of course I followed the route from St. John's to Halifax, PEI and wanted to be in all those sites as the torch goes through. I advise you to sit back and enjoy all those commercials and be sure to be out and watch the torch pass through your town. When the Olympics were in Salt Lake City in 2002 I had planned on staying away from everything until I talked with an older woman who changed my mind. She was so excited that something like this was happening in her lifetime and she wanted to be involved as much as possible. That changed my perspective and I'll forever be grateful to her. I say - soak it up!

    I'm thrilled for Canada. And I absolutely love the inuksuk Olympic symbol.

  6. My boss's wife is actually one of the people carrying the torch for a little bit. How cool is that?

    And yes, I totally agree with the commercials thing, haha.

  7. I agree with Booklogged. It was so fantastic having the Olympics in SLC. The local news coverage gave an inside look behind the scenes. We got to go hang around the Olympic Village. It was huge fun.

  8. Im excited. It's my first winter olymics since I moved to Canada. Yay for all that hockey.

  9. as always I am amazed at how much you can read in so little time!!

    ohhh how great about the Olympics! I love them too.."all" of the olympics. Ohhhhhhh and you are going to get cutie pahtootie Apolo Ohno!!! I never miss him! makes me wish I was young!
    ..and cute!
    ..and knew how to ice skate! LOL

  10. That's so exciting! I love watching the Olympics.

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  12. I'm really excited about the Olympics too - just to know that I live in a city that's going to host the Olympic Games - my dreams are coming true :-)

  13. Bill and I just listed our master suite for rent during the Olympics. If we get any takers, we can get the work done in the kitchen we want.

    I also love the Olympics but I'm not looking forward to the traffic jams!


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