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So, today is the closest thing to an anniversary that the charming comedian and I have. It is basically a day to start a new year on. He is working back shifts so we didn't do anything special. Last night (or early this morning rather) I was telling him I looked back on old posts to see the first time I at least tagged that a post contained something about the charming comedian. The following conversation occurred:

CC: You still call me that on your blog?
Me: Yep.
CC: Why? I am not really charming OR a comedian.
Me: That's kind of the point.

Don't worry, I am not really that mean. I did later say something along the lines of 'Just Kidding'.

Anyway, Happy Anniversary to the cc!
Tuning in on Thursday

For television it has mostly been Star Trek and I did get back to Bones a bit. Our current project is watching Roots because it is the 35th anniversary. I know I have seen it before, and some of it is really familiar, but it has been too long for me to remember the details. It is also Black History Month, so I thought it was a fitting time. I also plan to watch The Color Purple. I read the book a few years ago and then couldn't find the movie anywhere. I finally have it, so hopefully will get to that soon.

I did finally get around to a few movies lately. One I refuse to admit that I watched because it was horrible, but I will admit to 3. 

Just Go With It - The guy really likes Jennifer Aniston, so we usually watch her movies eventually. This one was actually pretty good. She is a good actress and Adam Sandler didn't annoy me so much. His cousin or whatever did, but that is to be expected. I was surprised by the appearance of Nicole Kidman. I had no idea she was in the movie. Oh, and Dave Matthews. The cc wouldn't believe even the credits that it was him so I had to look it up and prove it to him. A keeper.

Crazy. Stupid. Love - I wanted to see this when it was in theatres, but the people we were going to the movies with had all ready seen it. It has been in the back of my mind for a while, though, and I have to admit that we both enjoyed it. I liked how it all came together in the end. I have to admit that I missed a part in the middle, though, so plan to rewatch it soon so I can see the full effect. Isn't Ryan Gosling everywhere lately? A keeper.

127 Hours - I had a vague memory of this movie once I heard that James Franco was in it, but I didn't remember the story it was based on all that well. I wasn't quite sure what to expect from the movie because he is stuck by himself. It is hard to make a movie with really only one character. It wasn't terrible and probably captured what happened very well, but I don't think it is something I need to watch again. I would rather read the book. Good, but no need to keep.
Friday Reads
I am having a quiet reading week. 

I decided to work on this series this week. I read the 7th and have now moved on to this one. It's not the best series ever, but it is good and I do enjoy reading it. It is really all that I have read by James Patterson...

I am still making my way through this book. It is very interesting and I am learning a lot of stuff. I am not entirely sure it is all stuff I had a pressing need to know, but she presents it in a very readable way.

Kobo had this for 99 cents. I don't really know much about it, but I had to get a new phone and joined the Smart phone revolution. I started this book just to see what the e-reader is like on my phone. I will still probably use other methods, but it wasn't that bad for when I am somewhere and I have only my phone to use...

Listening to on Wednesday

Thanks to Deanna from Polishing Mud Balls I have been listening to NEEDTOBREATHE tonight. They are actually not that bad... I have their newer CD, The Outsiders, playing. I have never heard of them before, but they seem to have more than one CD...

Here is an example of their music: 

Then, did you see that Walk off the Earth has a new video up? I think they are well on the way to being famous. They signed a record label and we heard this song on a commercial today! Yay for Canadian musicians!

More Meme Fun!
From Lisa at Books.Lists.Life:

1. Could you eat the same thing for lunch every day? What would it be?
Probably. I hate cooking, so I am pretty simplistic. It would probably be pasta, but then, that can be lots of different kinds of things...

2. How many library books do you have checked out right now?
um, 10, I think.

3. Do you feel strongly about specific music? or more of a music in general type person?
I am a music in general person. I usually have it on in the background when I am on the computer or whatever.

4. What is your favorite brick and morter retail store?
I am not much for shopping either. Probably the local second-hand bookstore. For the guy it is easily Canadian Tire.

5. What is your favorite online store?
Book Depository.

6. What is your favorite moment of heartstopping romantic tension? (Book, movie, music, tv, real life, art, anywhere.)
Oh, wow, I don't know. I don't really think of things like that. See the beginning of my post? That's about as romantic as it gets...

7. What is the first book you remember reading?
Green Eggs and Ham!

8. Are you creative in any way? How so?
Not really...

9. Not counting your family, pets, and vital personal documents/pictures, what one thing would you save in a fire?
My postcard collection. I have old ones that came from my family, people have given me plenty, and then I have all the ones I have received in the mail from friends and family.

10. What is your favorite type of vacation (museums, beach, cabin, mountains, theme parks)?
Oh, that is a hard call. I love museums, but then on the other hand I enjoy theme parks. I prefer to do be doing something when I take a trip, so sitting on the beach doesn't really interest me.

11. What is the most surprising or unexpected thing you've done in the last 12 months?
hm... Well, two days ago I got a Smart Phone. That shocked me!

Then, since I was doing it I decided to answer the questions from Fizzy Thoughts. The questions originally come from Trish at eclectic/eccentric.

1. What is your favorite piece of art?
I have no idea... Art is not something I have really paid a lot of attention to...

2. What literary character do you think would make an awesome world leader?
um... hm.... This is a bad question from right now because I am in a cranky political mood, so I will pass.

3. What color do you think should be outlawed from clothing?
Anything really really bright. It is hard on the eyes.

4. Hats. Yes or no?

5. What contemporary novel should be added to the high school curriculum?
A Fault in Our Stars by John Green.

6. What book featuring real people do you think could work if the characters were switched to animals?
These questions are hard! Anything I can think of other people have all ready said and I don't want to copy, so I have no idea.

7. Genetically designed humans. Hell yes or absolutely not?
Hell no!

8. What book would you like to see get parodied a la Pride and Prejudice and Zombies?
NOTHING! Ruins a perfectly good book...

9. What book would you absolutely hate to see get parodied?
The Time-Traveller's Wife. I very randomly really enjoy that book.

10. TV. Awesome source of entertainment or horrifying time suck?
I don't really watch that much TV.

11. What literary character should immediately jump off the page and into your bed?
Something else I don't really think about! The sad thing is that the first thing that popped into my head was Skulduggery Pleasant... But, well, he's a skeleton, so that's a bit disturbing!


  1. Oh reminded I must read the Time Traveller's Wife, which has languishing unread since the last time you mentetioned it, and I said to myself that I really must read it. Sigh.

    Happy anniverseryish thing!

    1. Yes, you really need to read it!!!

      Haha, thanks!

  2. Anonymous10:17 PM

    I enjoy NEEDTOBREATHE as well! I'm surprised I enjoy their mush as much as I do.

    1. Me too! Even the guy is listening to them. He has the CD in the car and enjoyed the first three songs so far.

  3. a.) love your new blog loook
    b.) we might be in love with the same person, only I affectionately call mine a Flatliner. Because he's got one emotion (calm) whereas I have a spectrum (schizophrenic?).
    c.) I really have to get back to my Listening to on Wednesday thing. Goodness sakes, you're far better at following my idea than I am! XOXO

    1. a) Thanks!
      b) hahaha, yeah, that sounds like my house!
      c) lol It just ties in with me wanting to expand my horizons more. :)

  4. Yay for dedication to questions!

  5. I just watched the latest Star Trek movie on tv the other night again and forgot how much I enjoyed it! I enjoyed James Patterson's books but I think I stopped that series around book 4 or so. Can't remember why. Maybe I just got burned out on his books.

    1. Yes, we are due for a rewatch of the Star Trek movies. I have read 4 Patterson books in a row. I am going to catch-up in a series. YAY!

  6. I remember when you originally posted that post about the "charming comedian"! Happy anniversary!

    I've never read anything by James Patterson and I'd love to watch Roots again. Haven't seen it since it originally aired! I wish I could somehow fit watching TV/movies into my day. Love the answers to your questions! LOL

    1. Thanks!

      I like this series for their 'brain candy' qualities. And, yes, you really need to watch Roots. There are more things I would like to watch, but I never seem to get around to them...

  7. I love love love that you chose a skeleton for that last question. :D

    1. lol I'm strange, but he is a fun character!

  8. I'm excited to hear that you are reading Phoenix Rising! I read and really enjoyed it last year. Now I'm impatiently waiting for the 2nd book to come out later this year. Enjoy!

    1. It is kind of getting neglected, but I am hoping to get back to it after I finish the last Patterson book.

  9. Happy kinda anniversary to y'all :p I tagged you for another meme kells :p

    1. lol Thanks! And I answered. See next post. :)

  10. I agree about Just Go With It. I went into it with no expectations because I don't remember hearing much about it but I really enjoyed it! I want to know what the crappy movie you watched was. May have to text later to find out :)

    I am still working on your song list. I got a good dent in it so I should have it in a few days or less.

    One question: what do you have against bright colours in clothing? What did they ever do to you? :P You must hate when I come around! lol

    1. Yes, Just Go With It was fun. I am glad we watched it. (I told you what the crappy movie was. Don't watch it!)

      I am looking forward to listening to the songs.


  11. I've never watched Roots, I need to get on that. I also wanted to see Crazy Stupid Love in the theater, missed my window and was surprised by how much I liked it when I finally rented it.

    1. We have stalled on watching Roots. We need to finish it! Yes, Crazy Stupid Love was quite good.


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