Saturday, March 18, 2006

Firebirds - Sharyn November (February/06)

This is an anthology of fantasy and science fiction short stories. I had to read it for school, but I enjoyed it because it offered me a glimpse at authors from these two genres that I had never read before. Here is a list of authors and their short stories:

Cotillion - Delia Sherman (retelling of Tam Lin)
The Baby in the Night Deposit Box - Megan Whalen Turner (the title says a lot)
Beauty - Sherwood Smith (a story about the importance of beauty)
Mariposa - Nancy Springer (a story about women and losing their souls because of adolescent pressures)
Max Mondrosch - Lloyd Alexander (story about the invisibility of the work force)
The Fall of Ys - Meredith Ann Pierce (retelling of a mythological story)
Medusa - Michael Cadnum (story about the goddess Medusa and a young woman)
The Black Fox - Emma Bull and Charles Vess (comic)
Byndley - Patricia A. McKillip (magical town)
The Lady of the Ice Garden - Kara Dalkey (fairy-tale retelling about the strength of man and woman)
Hope Chest - Garth Nix (adventure story about a family inheritance)
Chasing the Wind - Elizabeth E. Wein (African adventure)
Little Dot - Diana Wynne Jones (story about cats)
Remember Me - Nancy Farmer (sisterly tale)
Flotsam - Nina Kiriki Hoffman
The Flying Woman - Laurel Winter

Those are the stories. Overall a good anthology, even if it is only for YA. It won awards and things.

4/5 - with some stories being better than others.

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