Saturday, May 19, 2007

Good Ole Series

Marg from Reading Adventures was talking to me last night about how many series she had on the go, so I just had to figure out my own list. The problem with fantasy is that it is mostly trilogies and series, and I always seem to find myself reading authors that have been out for a while, so they have a lot of books out before I have even decided to read them! This means that I have a lot of books to read by them in order to reach the point where I am excited for a new release. Couple that with the fact that I hardly ever read the same author in a row, and it leads to a long list of books for me to read.

Series I am Waiting for the next book in:

The Morganville Vampires series by Rachel Caine
Glass Houses
Dead Girl's Dance
Midnight Alley - October 2007

Mercedes Thompson Series by Patricia Briggs
Moon Called
Blood Bound
Iron Kissed - out in January 2008

A Great and Terrible Beauty Trilogy by Libba Bray
A Great and Terrible Beauty
Rebel Angels
The Sweet Far Thing - out December 26, 2007

Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer
New Moon
Eclipse - out August 7, 2007

Five Hundred Kingdom Series by Mercedes Lackey
The Fairy Godmother
One Good Knight
Fortune's Fool - waiting for release date for paperback

Daughters of the Earth Series by Susan Carroll
The Dark Queen
The Courtesan
The Silver Rose
The Huntress - out July 31, 2007

The Gardella Vampire Chronicles by Colleen Gleason
Rest Falls Away
Rises the Night - out June 5, 2007

Fourth Realm Series by John Twelve Hawks
The Traveler
The Dark River - out July 10, 2007

"Study" Trilogy by Maria Snyder
Poison Study
Magic Study
Fire Study - next book out in 2008

War of the Roses Series by Anne Easter Smith
A Rose for the Crown
Daughter of York - out in Spring 2008

The Looking Glass War Trilogy by Frank Beddor
The Looking Glass Wars
Seeing Redd - Out October 2007

Series where books are out that I have not read yet:

Wives of Henry VIII Series by Laurien Gardner
Spanish Bride
Lady Raised High
Plain Jane

Winter's King War Trilogy by Susan Dexter
The Ring of Allaire
The Sword of Calandra
The Mountains of Channadran

Black Jewels Trilogy by Anne Bishop
Daughter of the Blood
Heir to the Shadows
Queen of the Darkness
The Invisible Ring
Dreams Made Flesh
Tangled Webs - out in March 2008

Samaria Series by Sharon Shinn
Jovah's Angel
The Alleluia Files

Into the Wilderness Series by Sara Donati
Into the Wilderness
Dawn on a Distant Shore
Lake in the Clouds
Fire Along the Sky
Queen of Swords

Wizard's War Quartet by Elizabeth Boyer
The Troll's Grindstone
The Curse of the Slagfid
The Dragon's Cabuncle
The Lord of Chaos

Camulod Chronicles by Jack Whyte
The Skystone
The Singing Sword
The Eagle's Brood
The Saxon Shore
The Fort at River's Bend
The Sorcerer:Metamorphosis
The Lance Thrower
The Eagle

The Symphony of Ages Series by Elizabeth Haydon
Rhapsody: Child of Blood
Prophecy: Child of Earth
Destiny: Child of the Sky
Requiem for the Sun
Elegy for a Lost Star
The Assassin King

The Enchanted Forest Quartet by Patricia Wrede
Dealing with Dragons
Searching for Dragons
Calling on Dragons
Talking to Dragons

History of Canada Series by Pierre Berton - Not necessarily a series, but the books are all related to each other. I just recently started reading him.

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams - I have to read the fourth book and then the other books that are not included in my 4-in-1 book.

Women of the Otherworld Series by Kelley Armstrong
Dime Store Magic
Industrial Magic
No Humans Involved

"Light" Series by Marion Zimmer Bradley

Claire Moffat Trilogy by Marion Zimmer Bradley
Dark Satanic
The Inheritor
Witch Hill

The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher
Storm Front
Fool Moon
Grave Peril
Summer Knight
Death Masks
Blood Rites
Dead Beat
Proven Guilty
White Night
Small Favor - April 2008

Riftwar Saga by Raymond Feist
A Darkness at Sethanon
Prince of the Blood
The King's Buccaneer

Thursday Next series by Jasper Fforde
The Eyre Affair
Lost in a Good Book
The Well of Lost Plots
Something Rotten
First Among Sequels - July 2007

Ink Trilogy by Cornelia Funke
Inkdeath - 2008

Sandman Series by Neil Gaiman - Trying to read his other books before continuing with this series, because I would like to own them and they are a bit pricey.

Troy Trilogy by David Gemmell
Lord of the Silver Bow
The Shield of Thunder
Fall of Kings - October 2007

Fairy Tale Series by Shannon Hale
The Goose Girl
Enna Burning
River Secrets

Rachel Morgan Series by Kim Harrison
Dead Witch Walking
The Good, the Bad, and the Undead
Every Which Way but Dead
A Fistful of Charms
For a Few Demons More

Stravaganza by Mary Hoffman
City of Masks
City of Stars
City of Flowers

The Tales of Arthur by Patricia Kennealy
The Hawk's Grey Feather
The Oak Above the Kings
The Hedge of Mist

Once Upon a Time Series by Dennis McKiernan
Once Upon a Winter's Night
Once Upon a Summer Day
Once Upon an Autumn Eve
Once Upon a Spring Morn
Once Upon a Dreadful Day - October 2007

The Golden Book of Faerie by O.R. Melling
The Hunter's Moon
Summer King
The Light-Bearer's Daughter
The Book of Dreams

Emily of New Moon Trilogy by Lucy Maud Montgomery
Emily of New Moon
Emily Climbs
Emily's Quest

Temeraire series by Naomi Novik
His Majesty's Dragon
The Throne of Jade
Black Powder War
Empire of Ivory - September 2007
Book 5 - August 2008

In Death series by J.D. Robb
Naked in Death
Glory in Death
Immortal in Death
Rapture in Death
Ceremony in Death
Vengeance in Death
Holiday in Death
Midnight in Death
Conspiracy in Death
Loyalty in Death
Witness in Death
Judgment in Death
Betrayal in Death
Interlude in Death
Seduction in Death
Reunion in Death
Purity in Death
Portrait in Death
Imitation in Death
Remember When
Divided in Death
Visions in Death
Survivor in Death
Origin in Death
Memory in Death
Haunted in Death
Born in Death
Innocent in Death
Eternity in Death
Creation in Death

Sigma Force Series by James Rollins
Map of Bones
Black Order
Judas Strain - June 20, 2007

Cato Series by Simon Scarrow
Under the Eagle
The Eagle's Conquest
When the Eagle Hunts
The Eagle and the Wolves
The Eagle's Prey
The Eagle's Prophecy
The Eagle in the Sand

The Bronze Horseman Trilogy
The Bronze Horseman
Tatiana and Alexander
The Summer Garden

Dragonlance Chronicles by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman
Dragons of Autumn Twilight
Dragons of Winter Night
Dragons of Spring Dawning
Dragons of Summer Flame

The Safe-Keeper's Series by Sharon Shinn
The Safe-Keeper's Secret
Truth-Teller's Tale
Dream-Maker's Magic

Kingdoms of Thorn and Bone Trilogy by Gregory Keyes
The Briar King
The Charnel Prince
The Blood Knight

Amber Series
by Roger Zelazny
Nine Princes in Amber
The Guns of Avalon
The Sign of the Unicorn
The Hand of Oberon
The Courts of Chaos
Trumps of Doom
Blood of Amber
Sign of Chaos
Knight of Shadows
Prince of Chaos

There are a few Series that I am not sure if I will continue on with:
The Forever King Trilogy by Molly Cochran - book one was just okay.
Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon - have tried to read book two and cannot seem to get into it, so not sure if I will ever finish this series.
Jane Austen Mysteries by Stephanie Barron - I am not huge on mystery books, so this is not on my necessary reading.
Modern Faerie Tale Series by Holly Black - I really was not fond of Valiant, so I do not know if I will continue with this series or not.
Avalon Series by Marion Zimmer Bradley - I have read the books that she actually wrote, but not the ones that have come out since she died. Not sure if I am going to read them, or just let the originals be the end for me.
Cat Who Series by Lilian Jackson Braun - Another mystery series, so not on my priority list.
Anita Blake Series by Laurel Hamilton - Not sure if I will bother with this series or not.

I think I have some reading to do...


  1. Wow! Great list! I made a list like this the beginning of last year to help me organize for my goal to catch up with the series reads I was in the middle of (never posted on my blog--just for personal use). If I had even read one book in the series, it couldn't in the involved in column. That part of my list was very long, much to my surprise. The list of series that I had yet to read any book from, but had at least one or two books from (sometimes the entire series even), was even longer. I was shocked. I definitely like series books. LOL Maybe I should consider posting my lists one day . . .

  2. What an impressive list!

    I know what you mean about Sandman - it took me years to read the whole thing because the price was a bit prohibitive for me. Even more so because I have to import them.

    The only series in which I am anxiously waiting for the next release is, predictably enough, Harry Potter.

    Then there's Discworld - I'm two books away from having read every book in the series, and then I'll start getting the new releases as they come out.

    I didn't know there were non-Marion Zimmer Bradley Avalon books. I've only read The Mists of Avalon and The Forest House, and I definitely plan on reading the others she wrote, but I was never too fond of the idea of another author continuing a series.

    Do finish Hitchhiker's when you have the chance - I loved the way Douglas Adams wrapped everything up at the end.

  3. Wow that's a lot. I have 1 left in the Tristan & Isolde (Rosalind Miles) series, 2 in the Shopaholic and 19(!) in the Aubrey/Mautrin series. I'm only up to #4 in the Anne of Green Gables series now that I think about it.

    I must finish at least one. I'm all caught up with the Outlander series though.

  4. I love series because usually when I get invested in a character and a world I love, I can never get enough of them. My favorite series beside the Amber series by Roger Zelazny, and the Narnia series by C.S.Lewis, is Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's Count Saint-Germain novels. He's a vampire and each novel finds him in a different region, different era. Really historically evocative. I love how he has to deal with all the practical problems of keeping his identity a secret.

  5. Wow.. big lists!
    I too am waiting for Cornelia Funks 3rd won't be out until next year. (it will be out this year but in german)
    Of course I'm waiting for Harry Potter in July.
    Waiting on Margaret Weis 2nd book from Lost Chronicles, and Stephen Donaldsons 2nd book in The Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant.

    I remember years ago reading that when someone had a "series out" that they had 18 months for the next release to come out... now I read at Donaldsons site that they have about 36 months!..and so... we wait. *sigh*

  6. I read the first Outlander book because ladies at work gushed about it and thought that I'd love it. No such luck. I won't be bothering with the rest in the series.


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