Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Picture Sharing

Last Tuesday I went with a friend to Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. I have been there plenty times before, but it was still nice to get away! The main reason behind my visit was to go sailing on the Bluenose schooner. I had seen it plenty of times, but this was my first sailing trip. Anyway, I really like the above picture, but it looks really great on my friends flatscreen television! I set it as their background just to see (they run their computer through their television) and we both couldn't get over how great it looks! They might be just being nice, but I like it anyways.

I was looking at my archives earlier and I have only updated fifty something times this year... That's not even half of what I accomplished the previous two years! I am lucky anyone still reads this blog!


  1. Nova Scotia...for some reason that always reminds me of P.E.I. and Anne of Green Gables. Lovely picture! I love being out on the water despite the fact that it is a very rare treat.

    I'm just excited you are still blogging. If can certainly announce a reboot on my site if you want me to try to remind folks that you are here! ;)

  2. Thanks Carl! One of the reasons why I am so up in the air about the future is that I don't want to leave the water... I don't go out on it that often, but it is always there. Makes it hard to want to leave N.S.

    And, I am going to try and post more. Here's hoping that works out!

  3. What a nice picture. I love being out on the water as well.

    PS: It's great to see you posting more these past few days!

  4. Thanks Nymeth, I have been trying!

  5. Anonymous1:31 PM

    As many times as I saw the Bluenose docked at the Halifax pier, I have never been on it. Perhaps if we ever make another trip back I'll take a tour. Love the picture - makes me a bit homesick, though!

  6. Lesley: It was the same with me. I saw it docked all the time and just never got around to riding it! I am glad I did this time. :)


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