Sunday, November 30, 2008

Rhinoa's Manga Challenge

The rules are:

Read at least 6 manga novels in 2009 (cross overs with other challenges are fine and please feel free to rad more!).
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I will put up a post each month with a Mister Linky for you to add your reviews to.
You do not need to set a list of books to read in advance, just fill them in as you go if it's easier.


I am tentatively joining this challenge. I have read Manga before, but I don't have any on my TBR pile, so I would have to buy them! I will hopefully be in a better financially situation as 2009 goes along, but right now, I am rather stressed in that department!

I do get gift certificates for book stores for Christmas and I have been browsing. I think I will likely read:

Dark Crystal Volume 1
Return to Labyrinth Volumes 1, 2, and 3

The rest I will just decide as I go along! This also breaks my 'challenge' rule, where I only join challenges that will clean off my TBR pile, but that's okay!

Any recommendations? I really want to read the Death Note series, but there is a boxed set of those and it is cheaper than buying them separately... I might have to wait and treat myself in the New Year...


  1. So glad you have signed up even if it's only tentative. I definitely recommend the series you have listed. I have asked my husband for Return to Labyrinth 3 for Christmas as it only comes out next week. From what I have read of Death Note I can highly recommend it. I think th emiddle ones go a little downhill from talking to Alex, but it picks up again and ends very well. I have only read the first 3 so far, but am hooked.

  2. I'm tempted by the Labyrinth and Dark Crystal books too. And I'll definitely be starting Death Note next year...I didn't know there was a boxed set! I'll have to look into that.

  3. Rhinoa: If I had some in my TBR pile, I would be in for sure. I just hate committing to something I don't have the books for! Even if I buy those four, that's more manga than I have read in the last couple years.

    Nymeth: Yeah, there are like 13 or so Death Note books and the boxed set is 70 bucks in Canada. If you bought them all separately that would be like 130 bucks...

  4. Anonymous7:30 AM

    I found Return to the Labyrinth slightly disappointing myself - but I've only read the first one. The illustrations on the inside weren't nearly as wonderful as the cover or other fantasy manga series', and the story seemed more like fanservice than anything else. BUT a fraggle does make an appearance, which was pretty darn cool in my opinion.

    My favourite manga are Ouran High School Host Club (which you'll enjoy if you like making fun of stereotypes in shojo manga and anime) and Prince of Tennis (which is about a jr high tennis team).

    I've only read the first volume of them, but Godchild and Alichino are GORGEOUS. Godchild is a gothic manga, and Alichino is more fantasy oriented - I highly recommend them.

  5. Thanks, Court. I will look those suggestions up! Now, see, you were swaying me away from Return to Labyrinth until you mentioned the Fraggle... ha ha. I actually have the first two seasons of Fraggle Rock on DVD. lol So, I probably will check that series out. :)

  6. I've been debating whether to join this one. I haven't really read any manga but I want to, and kinda feel like I should or something, considering I live in Japan! Then there are so many I wonder where to begin. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the ones you choose.

  7. Yeah, you should considering that you live in Japan. ha ha! I don't know what I will end up reading in the end, but i am sure it will be fun. :)


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