Saturday, January 10, 2009

I Can't Help But Laugh at Myself!

2009 should be the year where I finish some of the series I have on the go... It's the first week of January and how am I making out on that?

I read the first two books in Fairy Tails. Started the series this year...

I read the first book in the Legends of the Dark Crystal series... So, started that series this year...

I discovered Fables and read the first two books... Again, started that series this year...

I read books one and two in the Maus graphic novel series! That means that is done, so there, I finished a series... That I only started in 2009. *cough*

Then, I turned around and read Elizabeth Haydon's book which is the first book in a series.

Yep, I am doing a wonderful job...


  1. yep, I know how you feel! It never fails! heh.. no one writes stand alone books anymore lol lol

  2. Totally worth it!!! I love the Fables series so much. :) I've been doing the same thing if it makes you feel better. I started Artemis Fowl, and the Inkheart series, and I have several others on my shelf just begging me to pick them up. I'm probably about to dive into the Sandman series...oh boy...

  3. LOL! That's why I always hesitate to start a new series but then sometimes I wonder what the heck I'm waiting for!

  4. lol! You sound like me. A few months ago I listed all the series I was reading and vowed to complete them before I started any new ones. Since then I have started about 3 others and completed maybe one :P

  5. deslily: I know. Even if I think I am reading a standalone, it is quite possible to get to the end and see where they say 'continued in book two'! Everything I read anymore is a series of some size.

    Laza: I am really liking the Fables series, myself! I am trying to finish a series before I start another one. Maybe a couple series...

    tanabata: I tend to start the series, finish the book, and then discover that I just started a new series! It doesn't always dawn on me when I pick the book off the pile.

    Nymeth: I should list all the series I am reading, but I think it would scare me!

  6. Anonymous2:00 PM

    LOL! Do I dare ask how many series you are in the middle of now? :)

  7. hahaha, that is so funny! You and me both!

  8. Court: I don't think I dare ask myself that question, to be honest...

    Nicola: I know, I am probably not alone, but still!

  9. I do the same thing all the time, especially if I see a new series at the bookstore I worry that if I wait I'll never find it again.

  10. Hahahahahahaha...oh man, that is bad! Of course, it's also pretty impressive. :)

  11. Joanne: It is the worst at the second hand bookstore. When they have all the books, you know you just have to grab them... lol

    Debi: Thanks! I try to look on the bright side of things, too. lol

  12. I know how it feels! I pick up a book, read it, discover that I love it, only to find out that I have to read three other books to find the ending! LOL.

  13. I know! There are like no standalone books anymore! It's terrible!


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