Saturday, January 03, 2009

Movie Review: Predator 1 and 2

I have decided to try and review movies this year. I find that I get tired of only reviewing books all the time. I am all about the variety! I don't watch that many movies, really, but I do watch a few here and there. The other night when I was at the store, the charming comedian bought Predator 1 and Predator 2. I had never seen them before, and since they are science-fiction, I decided that during the Sci-Fi Experience was the perfect time to watch them for the first time!

The ultimate hunter meets the ultimate adversary…in the ultimate Collector’s Edition DVD! Arnold Schwarzenegger wages an all-out war against an unseen enemy, a force more powerful and deadly than any on Earth—because the Predator is not of this Earth. Now, you can explore the depths of the Predator jungle with this all-new 2-disc set packed with over 5 hours of out-of-this-world extras, including an in-depth documentary, director’s commentary, never-before-seen bonus footage, revealing featurettes and more!
It took me three tries to watch this movie in its entirety! It was the last movie that the charming comedian put in on New Year's Eve, and after it got to a certain hour I just had to go to bed, so I left him to finish it on his own. So, then, I had to watch the second half of it the next night so that I could watch the second movie with him. I kept dozing off during the last part of it, and while he kept waking me up, I missed a lot. Last night, I finally managed to stay awake to see the last half an hour of it. Poor guy, though, he had to watch the ending three times! I was surprised how much I missed. I knew I was dozing off, but I thought it was only for a moment or two.

Anyway, this was an interesting movie. I had of course heard of it before, and I think I might have seen it way back when it was still relatively new, because there were scenes that seemed familiar to me. I am just not a huge fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger and he is a central character to the movie. Actually, near the end he is like the only character in the movie. There were also a lot of things that didn't really work all that well for me. Since I was half-asleep, though, I might not have really got everything that was going on. One of these days I will have to watch the movie from beginning to end when I am actually awake!

After finally finishing the first movie last night, I moved on to the second one. I think I stayed awake for the whole thing, but you never know with me! I am just not used to day shifts.

This electrifying action sequel unleashes the deadly invisible Predator in
another jungle -- the urban jungle of Los Angeles. Danny Glover stars as a
lieutenant who mistakenly concludes that mangled bodies found by the police are
the work of feuding gangs. Instead, he finds himself confronting a savage alien
who has come from a distant world to hunt humans for sport. Gary Busey and Ruben
Blades co-star in this suspense-packed, high-tech thriller.

I was saying this morning to the charming comedian how I liked this movie better, and he said that he liked the first one better. I have to admit that I don't know if my half-asleep attempts at watching these movies are valid, but I liked this one better. I really liked the ending. The charming comedian figured that I would. He knows my tastes rather well! So, I don't think he was surprised I liked this one better. That would mean that maybe I was awake enough to make an informed opinion. I was really surprised with the cast in this movie. I liked it way better than the first movies cast. It's a shame that the actor that played the Predator died after this movie was released. He makes an awesome one, I think.

Sometime this month, probably tomorrow night, I will likely get to watch the next in the series! I should be more awake for it, too. It will be interesting to see if the new Predator is anywhere as good as the original one.


  1. oh my! this is funny! check my post today kelly! It is looking like we need a "mini-ring of links" for movie reviews!! check out this link also:

  2. Great minds think alike, huh? :)

  3. I've been thinking about doing movie reviews too this year--but I always have such a hard time of it. I don't know why, but I just never know what to say. I should just think of movie reviews as book reviews and go from there. I don't know why I have trouble with that though.

    Anyway, I haven't seen the Predator movies. I have seen bits and pieces here and there, but never all the way through. One of these days, I'll get around to it though!

  4. Kailana, thanks for commenting so I could re-add you to my feed list. I realized this morning that I could have gone through past post comments and collected my links, but it's easier this way. Glad I didn't have that thought first.

  5. L.F.: Okay, I know I replied to you already... I wonder where it went? That's happened a couple times lately. Anyway, I think my movie reviews will likely be about the movie and about the experience of watching the movie. When I read, it is generally something I do alone, but when I watch a movie there are usually other people around.

    Booklogged: I hope you will continue to visit!

  6. I think I've seen one or two of the Predator movies, not sure. Looking forward to your future movie reviews!

  7. I'll probably end up watching Alien vs. Predator tonight. That's the plan, anyway!

  8. I like the Predator movies, specially the first one. Not that I regard them as having very good acting etc, but I do like the action, for sure :-) Haven't seen the Alien vs Predator, but pretty sure I have it on dvd at home somewhere in the depths of my messy mess ;-)

  9. It has been ages and ages since I have seen these films. It was fun reading your review and I'm glad you are decided to do some movie reviews this year as well, it will be fun to read your thoughts on movies.

  10. bogsider: I watched Alien vs Predator last night. It was pretty good! Now, we just have to watch the newest one.

    Carl: All these sci-fi classics I have never seen before. I really need to remedy that!


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