Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I'm Impatient!

So, I really really really want to read the new Patricia Briggs book! I am very unimpressed that I had to wait until the day of to order it to avoid shipping costs!

I am really hoping for an email very soon saying that it has shipped and I write this warning now: If the book looks like it was dropped in a mud puddle like the package I received today, I am going to be hunting down the mailman!

The snowstorm stopping so I can go pick up my books at the library tomorrow would also be very nice...

What's everyone reading? I am almost done Uglies by Scott Westerfield. Good book so far! I am going to request the next book from the library upon completion. As to what's up next? Lonely Werewolf Girl. I started it, but it got separated from me for a few days. I finally have it back, so I can see what happens next! And, well, my mind can probably change about ten times between now and then!


  1. I know what you mean! I hate the shipping policy at Chapters. :(

    I'm ordering my books tomorrow! So excited.

    Yeah I could get the ebook version, but I want to hold it in my hands.

  2. I'm so impatient about waiting for series books to come out, that's why I like to wait until at least 2 or 3 are released before starting (lol)

    Dumb snow! The hubs was off work today so we had hoped to drive down towards the valley. Our roads still not plowed - maybe another snowday tomorrow :/

    I've gotten two books finished today (The Bell Jar and Dear American Airlines) Now it's a toss-up between some arc's or the second half of After Dark. Hope you're enjoy Lonely Werewolf Girl - it looks great :)

  3. Scott Westerfield Rocks! Have you read his midnight series and you have to read peeps. Just don't read the second one in that series seriously sucked. The rest are very good though. One of my favorite Sci-Fi writers.

  4. Great minds think alike! I just bought the sequel to Peeps & I borrowed Westerfield's space opera series Succession. I haven't started them yet, but I love Peeps. Are you planning to write up Uglies? I've not read a plot summary of that one.

  5. Ames: Yeah, the Chapters policy is not cool! I hope they ship in a timely fashion!

    Joanne: At least it looks like the snow has stopped! I think my road is plowed but I didn't venture very far today. I read the rest of a book and an entire other one, though, so I guess that was the good part of the snowday!

    Krissi: Uglies was the only book I read by him. I am getting Pretties from the library as soon as it comes in for me! Once I finish the series I will look into your recommendations. Thanks!

    Bookwormom: I do plan to review it. Sometime in the next couple days! I am looking forward to checking out these other series after I finish this one.

  6. I'm looking forward to that one, too. Right now I'm on the most recent Kitty book by Carrie Vaughn, which I adore.


  7. Cj: I am actually supposed to be getting the Carrie Vaughn books! I am just waiting for them to arrive in the mail. :)

  8. I hope you get to read Lonely Werewolf Girl now! you know it's one of my favs.....and I don't order from Chapters (although I do buy from there), I usually go Amazon.ca, if I can't get it at my local independent bookstore.

  9. I still haven't picked Lonely Werewolf Girl back up. I must remedy that! I only have been shopping at Chapters because that is where my giftcards are for. :)

  10. I want Bone-Crossed really, really bad but I think I can hold out until my library gets it....

  11. Tink: My copy has shipped. I should have it the first part of next week. Yay!


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