Monday, February 23, 2009

My Evening...

So, I had a nice post half completed and I figured that for sure I would get it done tonight... But, I did a really strange thing! I watched the Oscars! I never watch the Oscars... I just turned it on and planned to watch the beginning and ended up watching the entire thing! I have to say, I quite enjoyed it.

The Highlights:
  • I loved how they showed winners gone by.
  • I loved how five past winners gave the awards away for the four main acting roles and said something personal about each nominee.
  • I really liked Hugh Jackman's intro. I didn't think it would be because it was, well, cheap, but it was good!
  • I LOVED the musical scene. They are right, the musical is back. I wasn't sure about Beyonce, but I thought she did a fantastic job. I think that was my favourite part of the show.
  • I thought it was great that Queen Latifah sang. I often forget she was a singer before she was an actress. Not my favourite singer, but she did sing beautifully...
  • I liked the segment where James Franco and... I can't remember the other guys name... watched 'comedy' movies. I love James Franco, though.
  • On the topic of how they presented the awards for the four main acting categories, I loved the people that were there! (Although, I could've done without my friends comment about how Goldie Hawn looked like she was going to fall out of her dress... And all the other commentary that went with that... She looks amazing for her age, though, doesn't she?)
  • I am both happy and not happy that Heath Ledger won. I don't know if he would've won if it wasn't for the fact that he died... It's hard to say, I guess.
  • I am ecstatic that Kate Winslet FINALLY won! I love her! I still need to see The Reader, but that is nothing surprising... It didn't play here. Slumdog Millionaires just opened last week. Milk didn't play here at all... That doesn't surprise me either...
  • Speaking of Milk, I loved Sean Penn's speech. I am happy he won, even though I haven't seen the movie... I just think it was... history making... (And, really, so true! I am all for equality for all). I also loved the screenwriter for this movies' speech. As he was talking I couldn't help thinking that I would really like to meet him.
  • The kid from Slumdog Millionaires. I think he plays the lead in the movie? Anyway, he was so excited everytime that someone from his movie won. It was really cute!
  • Oh, and I thought Hugh Jackman did a wonderful job hosting! Gotta love those Aussies, huh?
Things I didn't like:
  • The fact that Brad and Angelina were mentioned so much! Like, really, we hear about them CONSTANTLY anyway. Could've done without all the name-dropping. (Something that Hugh Jackman also made fun of!)
  • The best song nominees segment. Maybe it was my television, but I did not find that sounded very good. I was also very disappointed that there were only THREE songs and two of them were from the same movie.
  • The camera angles on the actors that have passed segment. There were times that I couldn't read the names or even really see the faces. Like I said above, the song was great but I wanted to be able to see... I never even saw Heath Ledger. He died in 2008, right? (So many great people died in 2008. I'd list but I am terrible with names!)
  • That the guy from Twilight was there. Okay, so he is Edward, but he didn't even really do a very good job.... I am sure he was nervous, but really, there were better choices! (I forgot to mention how great Ben Stiller's part was. He is funny, huh?)
  • Too much Will Smith. If they were going to have him give out four awards they should've at least gave him a co-presenter. Not that I don't like Will Smith, but still.
Okay, so there are probably more things that I can mention, but since I had not actually seen very many of the movies nominated... It's hard to say really what I think. A lot of them never played here, so I never got the chance to see them even if I wanted to. Like Milk and The Reader. I don't go to the movies very often if you hadn't noticed. The charming comedian wasn't doing much better. He was around for the first forty minutes or so and he had only seen Wall-E and The Dark Knight. We are both very cultured...


  1. Great recap of the show, Kelly! I noticed that too about the camera angles during the remembrances. It was all over the place and some of the angles were just terrible. Queen Latifah did a wonderful job singing though, as you said.

    Heath Ledger wasn't mentioned because he was mentioned at the Oscars last year. They run the remembrance cycles according to the Oscar year, not the actual calendar year.

    I do think Heath Ledger's performance was Oscar worthy, but, like you, I had mixed feelings about him winning. I wanted him to win--and would have if he was still alive--but since he's dead, I wouldn't have minded it going to someone who was still alive. I think by his winning the award, the worth of it will always be in question. Did they give it to him because he died or because of his performance?

    I was really pleased that Sean Penn, Kate Winslet and Slumdog Millionaire won. I was rooting for all three. :-)

  2. I agree with a lot of your assessments. Not just Wil Smith, but there were other pairs who gave out 3 awards. The idea of grouping the awards, and doing them in order of how a movie was made was good, but more presenters would have been good.

    Loved Steve Martin and Tina Fey!

    It was Seth Rogan with James Franco I think.

    Re: Heath Ledger, I haven't seen his movie, but I did see Tropic Thunder, and Robert Downey Jr was unbelievable. He really deserved an award for that.

    And it took me a while to like the way the nominees were talked to by a former winner, but it grew on me. I just wished that Adrian Brody and the girl winner from last year weren't there and that they had picked more iconic winners. Maybe Tom Hanks and Jodie Foster, or Julia Roberts.

    Unlike you, I watch every year, thank goodness for the storm and I got to sleep in today.

  3. Literary Feline: Yes, I remember now that Heath died before the Oscars last year. I can't remember how much of the show I watched last year. And, I agree with you on his winning. That's pretty much what I was thinking, but I also haven't seen the movie, so it was hard for me to give a fair judgement.

    Raidergirl: Oh, I loved Steve Martin and Tina Fey, too! I forgot that one. And, I agree that I wasn't always thrilled by the presenters. I thought the same thing about the couple that I didn't even know who they were. Glad the storm worked out for you! lol

  4. Great recap especially since I didn't watch it this year. Now I have to go to the movies to see the winners!

    I agree with you on the Heath Ledger thing.

  5. Vasillis: I think I am going to make an effort to watch the winners this year, too.

  6. I never watch the Oscars because they're on too late for me. And this year I wasn't very interested because I haven't watched any of the movies except for Wall-E and The Dark Knight, just like the charming comedian :P I enjoyed your re-cap, though, and I was THRILLED that Kate Winslet won. Love her <3

  7. Nymeth: Yeah, I think it was Kate Winslet's year. It was about time that she won! I think I will end up watching some of the movies that won, now. Now I am curious! That rarely actually works out, though, because I am too cheap to rent movies and they never play at the theatre here.


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