Saturday, March 07, 2009

Blog Advertising

So, a few months ago my friend started a blog called "A Journey Through My Music Collection".

In her intro post she says:

I own a lot of albums. I never listen to them all, actually some of them I've never listened to all the way through. That could be considered a waste of resources and in these ecologically-minded times the last thing I would want to be considered is wasteful. So I decided to launch a new project for myself that will likely take forever if it even ends up being successfully carried out. I'm going to listen to every album I own and take you along for the ride. Any takers? You sure?
To read the rest of the intro click here.

Anyway, it's a fun site! It is a good trip down memory lane, but I have also learned a lot! Like did you know there was a CD called Songs About Fucking? I know I sure didn't, but there is! The music is all across the boards and decades, so if you are into music, want some music recommendations, or want to read the funny posts when she hates the CDs head on over and give her a read!

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  1. lol! That's an interesting CD title for sure :P


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