Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Nerdish Post

The entire time that I have been hanging around with the charming comedian, I have known a very shocking fact: He has never watched all six Star Wars movies. When he told me that, I think I looked at him like he had three heads! I love the older movies. I have watched them so many times over the years it is sinful! Now, he has seen the older ones, but he thinks probably only once or twice. He is like me, though, he is a Trekkie first. But still! Anyway, this week he has decided that it is time to watch them all. We watched the first movie on Tuesday and the second movie last night. I imagine that the third movie will probably be watched tonight.

It is absolutely amazing to watch these movies with someone that has not only not seen them before, but hasn't seen the old movies enough time to have them memorized! Not that I don't know plenty of people that haven't watched the movies before. They just wouldn't let me demonstrate the fabulousness of them! The charming comedian is, though, and it is just, well, baffling to me! It got me thinking. I grew up on the old movies. Now there are the new movies, though, so people of later generations are actually going to be able to start at movie one and end at movie six, instead of starting at movie four. I cannot even comprehend what that would be like! I mean, there is a little bit of mystery in the first three movies, but if you have watched the last three you pretty much know what is going to happen. The charming comedian obviously knows the basics, but there is still so much he doesn't know that it is fun to see this side. It is really the closest I can come to watching the movies 'the new way'.

So, now, what do I think of the movies? I still hate the new movies. Compared to the classics, they are not even in the same class. I actually was telling the charming comedian that with the exception of watching bits and pieces when they aired on television, I have probably only watched the new movies once at the theatres and then once when they came out on DVD. (I am so sure on this fact that when the first movie skipped I knew exactly who to blame!) So, I don't have them memorized like I do the older ones (and even that is probably slipping because I haven't watched them in a couple years). Nothing has changed with the passing of time, though. Jar Jar Binks still drives me insane, I still don't like either actor that plays Anakin, I really don't understand the purpose of Samuel L. Jackson (though, I do like him generally), I still think they were too concerned with special effects and lots of things look very fake, etc, etc. The worst thing of all is I love Yoda's fight scene, and since I got like no sleep the night before... Guess who slept through it! Any other time the charming comedian wakes me up, but not this time, and this time I actually wanted to watch the movie!

Anyway, even though I still don't like the new movies, I have to say that it is really fun to watch them with someone that has never seen them before. I also have quite demonstrated my nerdish qualities when I would pause the movie to tell him a random piece of trivia. What does he think of the movies? So far he doesn't like them because they make fun of Star Trek. Funny, huh, that is exactly why for years I wouldn't admit to liking them. I have got passed it, though. I don't mind. He so graciously told me last night that I can get him tickets to see the new Star Trek movie for his birthday! I never saw Nemisis in theatres, so it was Inserrection the last time I saw a Star Trek movie in theatres. I am very excited! The movie better not suck, is all I can say. The charming comedian is a way bigger fan of the Original series than I am, so it will be interesting to see what each of us thinks.

Next up, we are going to be watching The Lord of the Rings. He's seen those, but we have never watched them together. Plus, he has never read the books, while I think Tolkien is a literary god. It should be an interesting experience!


  1. i enjoyed reading this post lol.. you can tell the charming comedian that he has good taste in star trek lol..
    when my son still lived with me he often started watching ST movies and went on to the original SW movies... all in a row! (I never got much housework done when he'd do that!)

    i like the star wars movies too though

  2. Pat: I want to watch all the Star Trek movies, but I don't own them all! I am on a mission to try and collect them all and then I am going to watch them all in a row!

  3. I'm a Star Trek fan first and foremost too. Star Wars? Not so much. I've seen the original movies several, if not more, times, but not the new ones. Seen a couple of those once. Not that keen. Certainly planning to see the new Trek movie this summer though! Fun post.

  4. kelly: I've watched them all in a row!!! let me tell you.. you will have a sore butt! h ahahahaha..

  5. Cath: I love Star Trek, so I am very excited about the new movie!

    Pat: I don't think I could watch them all in a row, but I do plan to watch them!

  6. I actually don't mind the prequels, even though the original trilogy will always be my favourite. It does make me a little sad, though, that kids watching all six movies in chronological order won't get to have that amazing, "NOOOOOOOO!!!!" moment near the end of Empire. I was eight when I first saw it, and I'd remained spoiler-free. (Not such a hard thing to do when you're eight). When Vader made his big announcement, I screamed right along with Luke. Stuff like that did not happen in my world.

    So yes, I'm kind of sad that kids who see the first three movies first will miss out on that. :)

  7. Memory: Omg, I totally never even thought about that fact! I was thinking in general, but really, that's HORRIBLE! I mean, I think I knew, but still.... And then they know that he has a sister, which sort of destroys the whole Princess storyline with the little bit of a romance hint. I can't believe I never thought about this!

  8. I have never seen any of the Star Wars movies from beginning to end...ever! I think that after we have finished watching the Indiana Jones movies I might get them out to watch with my son, and I think that we might watch them in the order they were made.

    I am really hoping to get to go and see the new Star Trek movie! I think it looks awesome!

  9. Not that I don't know plenty of people that haven't watched the movies before. They just wouldn't let me demonstrate the fabulousness of them!YES! That is exactly what happens to me. They won't let me share!

    I, too, love the originals but only saw the new ones once in theatres and once on DVD. They're just... not as fun at all.

  10. Marg: You really must see them! We watched all the Indiana Jones movies last year when the fourth one came out on DVD.

    Court: Yep, they are not as good as the originals! We are going to be watching the originals next, though, so I am excited!

  11. My 4 year old son is obsessed and we watch all 6 of them over and over. Honestly, I like the new ones better. We watch the fight scenes over and over on Youtube as well, and he much prefers the scenes with the young Obi Wan.

  12. Lisa: Wow, I wish I had been so lucky to know about Star Wars when I was 4 years old! I really like the young Obi Wan, too. :)

  13. I am a big fan of Star Wars and have watched the original trilogy many, many, many times over the years. They are so great and were such a part of my formative years, since I saw them as a child in the theater. Drive-in for the first one! And while I liked the pomp and circumstance of the new trilogy and enjoyed the third one quite a bit, I still don't really like them. They are a mess.

    Not sure I get the 'making fun of Star Trek' reference? Perhaps you can explain that.

    I'm a big fan of the original Trek and Voyager and most especially DS9. I was not, and still am not, thrilled that they are going back to the original characters for this movie. But that won't stop me from seeing it opening weekend and giving it mad props if it turns out to be good. I've been really looking forward to it ever since seeing the first trailer...and yet I still wish it wasn't the original characters. I know, I'm a big nerd.

  14. Carl: His main problem was the fact that in Star Wars the bad guys are the Federation. There is probably more, but that was the one he mentioned over and over again!

    I am not super thrilled on the choice of topics and time frame for the new movie either. I will still see it, but I am skeptical I will like it.

  15. Yeah, yeah I'm two weeks behind on my blog-hopping :P But praise the lord I was practically clapping when I read this -
    "So, now, what do I think of the movies? I still hate the new movies. Compared to the classics, they are not even in the same class"
    - A-friggin-MEN!! The new ones are just so much CGI show-offing compared to the oldies. They don't feel right at all.

  16. Joanne: yeah, they were just showing off!


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