Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Book Coveting... The Birthday Edition

Okay, so my birthday is not until October. No birthday wishes are in order! These are just some more new releases that are coming out around my birthday that I plan on receiving or purchasing... Something along those lines!

Cleopatra's Daughter by Michelle Moran - September 15, 2009
Okay, so a little early for my birthday, but seriously, I am excited! I loved Moran's previous two novels, so you know I want this one right now! Plus, Michelle is going to be appearing on Historical Tapestry for a week in September. Yay! We are talking a guest post, interview, book review, and likely a give-away or two! Great early birthday present! Michelle is a really nice person, too, so I always enjoy when she visits.

Fire by Kristin Cashore - October 6, 2009
A prequel, I am told, to Graceling (which I reviewed yesterday). I really liked the first book, so I am looking forward to the next foray into Cashore's books! It will be on my birthday radar for sure!

Catching Fire - The Second Book of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins - September 1, 2009
Another book that is early. I haven't reviewed The Hunger Games yet, but I am looking forward to reading the next book. Even though I didn't love the first book as much as other people; it will still be fun to see what happens next! I am trying to decide if she is going to go on the buy end of the spectrum or not. I guess we will see what happens in September!

Day After Night by Anita Diamant - September 8, 2009
Usually I want more books that fall in October than September. Working out weird this year! Anyway, the author of The Red Tent (which I loved) has a new book out this year. I haven't read her other book, but really, who is surprised! I will have to make it a priority between now and September!

Other books coming out in September and October that look good, but they are new-to-me authors:
Kingdom of Ohio by Matthew Flaming
Ash by Malinda Lo

There is also Going Bovine by Libba Bray, which I mentioned on a previous post, and other books that I am not thinking about the moment!

So, what September/October books are you looking forward to?


  1. You must be young at heart and full of energy! I get too overwhelmed if I look that far ahead. I did pre-order Shannon Hale's new adult novel, but I think it comes out in June.

  2. I can't wait to get my hands on Catching Fire...regardless of whether or not you liked The Hunger Games, I think there's a strong need t know what happens next! lol.

    I also really want to read Fire, but I'm thinking I should read Graceling first :p

    I have tons of books that I want that are coming out in September/October, but I'm too lazy to go look at my list and get all of the titles :p

  3. Hah, I actually want every single book on your list! Funny how that works. =) I haven't read Graceling or The Hunger Games, but I have both coming to me soon I hope, so I'm sure that by September/October I will be totally ready for the prequel/sequel.

  4. Normally, I don't buy books when they first come out because I prefer trade paperbacks to hardbacks. On the other hand, I just have to get my hands on Catching Fire!!

  5. I want to read Fire (and Graceling) as well. I didn't know The Red Tent was one of your favourites! I have it on my tbr pile...a good reminder that I should get to it.

  6. Would you hate me if I told you I got a copy of Catching Fire while at Book Expo America this weekend?

  7. Booklogged: Well, I always make a list of books I want. I just needed an idea for my post, so I went with releases close to my birthday! :) I don't actually preorder anymore...

    Chris: Yeah, I want to see what happened next, too. Yes, you should read Graceling first. I really really liked that book! Well, as you can see, I liked it better than The Hunger Games...

    Meghan: haha! That's good to know! We can look forward to them together.

    Amanda: I actually prefer hardcovers to paperbacks but my bank account reminds me to get paperback most of the time.

    Ana: Oh! The Red Tent is really good! I hope you enjoy it. And, yes, you should read Graceling.

    Stephanie: I heard that it was going to be there. Very lucky! I would never hate you, though. :)

  8. When I read the title I was like "it's her birthday and she didn't even tell me?!" =) I've started making me wish list for my birthday too, though my birthday's not until August. I figured I can make the most of my reading by reading in the summer instead of waiting until August when I have a full load again. Fire and Catching Fire are both on my list also. Happy reading!

  9. Anonymous7:07 AM

    I am looking forward to Cleopatra's daughter too. Like you I loved the first 2 books.

  10. I just finished The Hunger Games! I loved and am sorry to hear that you didn't, but I'm very much looking forward to whatever you thought of it. I hope you'll post a review!

    As for Anita Diamant, I had no idea she has a new book coming out. Hurray!

  11. Now I must go and check out the new releases in September (my birthday month). :D

  12. There's no way I could plan that far in advance! I'm still trying to catch up on books I wanted from last year :)

  13. The September books I'm looking forward to: The Darkest Whisper by Gena Showalter, Covet & by J. R. Ward, Frostbitten by Kelley Armstrong. In October:
    A Touch of Dead by Charlaine Harris, Divine Misdemeanors by Laurell K. Hamilton, Grave Secret by Charlaine Harris, & Tempted by P. C. Cast & Kristin Cast (*fangirl squeal*).

  14. Natasha: lol, nope, you didn't miss my birthday! I think you are sub-consciously the reasoning behind this because I saw where you were making your birthday list already!

    violetcrush: Yes, Moran writes good novels!

    Andi: I plan to post a review eventually!

    Alice: Well, I did better for your month than mine! lol

  15. Joanne: Yeah, I have the same problem, too! I am never caught up!

    Tink: Oh, yes, I forgot Frostbitten! I am looking forward to that too!


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