Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thirteen Movies I Have Watched Recently... A Thursday Thirteen

I had planned to do posts about movies that I watched, but that never happened! My sisters' boyfriend gave me and the charming comedian a bunch of movies, so we have been watching more than we normally do. I decided it was about time I talk about some of them!

1. Star Trek: The Beginning: Okay, so we saw this one at the theatres. I took the charming comedian for his birthday. We both thought it was great and are looking forward to the DVD version so we can watch it again!

2. 17 Again: I saw this movie with a friend, but the charming comedian ended up seeing it, too! Nothing too amazing. I am an action, adventure, sci-fi, fantasy-type of movie watcher, so I am afraid this movie was probably not my thing!

3. Ghosts of Girlfriends Past: I found this movie funny, but again, nothing fantastic! I loved Michael Douglas' character in this movie! I know, people went for the leads, but I went because Douglas played a ghost!

4. Seven Pounds: I watched this the other night with the charming comedian. We were both not sure of it in the beginning, but as the movie got going I think we both thought it was good! Nothing either of us have to watch again, but still good!

5. 27 Dresses: Okay, so I watched this one by myself. I had started it at a friends house and the movie messed up, so I just watched the end. I mostly wanted to see the scene where they danced on the bar. I love James Marsden. If I had an actor-crush, he would probably be it... Otherwise, didn't like the movie!

6. Oceans 11: When this movie came out, I thought it was really funny. Rewatching it, though, I was not in love with it. I hate when that happens!

7. Oceans 12: You know, while I didn't love the movie... I have to say that I really liked the fact that there was more going on than met the eye. This is the first time I have seen this movie in its entirety.

8. Oceans 13: The c.c.: Is that? Me: It's Al Pacino! Okay, if you haven't picked up on it, I love action movies, so I have pretty much seen all of Al Pacino's old movies. I knew he was in this movie, but had forgotten. I wouldn't call it my favourite Pacino movie, but it was still fun.

9. Boy in the Striped Pyjamas: We both agree that this movie was a little bit predicatable, but we also had both wanted to see it and it never played at theatres here. I really wanted to read the book but never got around to it! Normally I would've held off on the movie until I remedied that, but I didn't for whatever reason!

10. Transporter 1: The c.c. has been trying to get me to watch this movie forever! While not a cinematic masterpiece, it was still a good movie! I really liked the characters.

11. Transporter 2: We moved on to the sequel. It was also really good! I think these movies have entered my list of favourite action-type movies.

12. Transporter 3: Thankfully the c.c. hadn't seen this one before. He has a tendancy to get rambling and give away aspects of the movies we are watching if he has seen them before. He hadn't seen this one, so I got to watch it without knowing anything!

13. I think there is more, but I honestly cannot think of any at the moment! I think tonight will probably be a movie night, but I am not sure what we are going to watch. Here is what left in the stack that I was lent:

Wall-E - The c.c. saw this, but I haven't yet.
Secret Life of Bees - I read the book. Want to see what the movie is like!
Arthur and the Invisibles - Curiousity
Hoodwinked - I have seen this one before, but it was in the pile!
Burn After Reading - I don't even remember what this is about.
Resident Evil 1, 2, and 3 - I have seen at least one of these movies. The c.c. hasn't seen any.
The Duchess - Wanted to see this one at theatres...
Revolutionary Road - Really like Kate Winslet
The Tale of Despereaux - Read the book but haven't seen the movie.
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 - Read the book. The c.c. refuses to watch this with me...
Girl With a Pearl Earring - Read the book...
The Dark Knight - The c.c. fell asleep watching this in theatres last summer. I have not seen it before. I saw the one that came before it, though.
Underworld and sequel- Seen it before, but don't really remember it. Haven't seen the sequel.
City of Ember - Have the book, but haven't read it yet. Might try to sneak it in before watching the movie.
Bedtime Stories - Think this is supposed to be funny? I like the title...
Into the Wild - haha, read the book... Big surprise, huh?
Also have the three Pirates of the Carribbean movies (he hasn't seen any of them) and the three Lord of the Rings movies (he has never seen the extended versions). Actually, it was a desire to watch the extended versions of these movies that led to me getting all the other movies! I asked for three and ended up with thirty!
Twilight - She gave me this after the initial pile. The c.c. has seen this already. He didn't like it. I have to watch it just to see what all the hype is about, right?

I also have Australia, Bolt, and The Spiderwick Chronicles to watch.

My movie pile is getting to be as high as my TBR pile!


  1. You're right, that is an impressive movie pile! I've seen Oceans 11, 12, and 13 once each. I'm not sure I'd like them as much the 2nd time through.

    I loved The Dark Knight and it almost goes without saying that I loved Pirates of the Caribbean and LotR as well. Lots of great movies ahead!

  2. Love your Thursday 13!

    I saw 27 Dresses with my friend when she was here for a visit - I love James Marsden, too.

    Girl With a Pearl Earring - loved it.
    The Dark Knight - of course, loved it!
    Underworld - loved it. Didn't see 2 yet, and want to see Rise of the Lycans badly.
    Twilight - the movie is really made for tween girls, which I have no problem with, as girls need their own movies, too. But adults will find it a bit yawnsville.
    Australia - love me some Hugh Jackman.

  3. An extended editions virgin, eh? I really hope he enjoys them. I've been sampling parts of the appendices for the extended editions over the last several days. Such great stuff.

    Watched Rise of the Lycans, the Underworld prequel last night. It was okay. Worth seeing if you enjoyed the other two, but not as good as the other two in my opinion. My biggest complaint, of course, is no Kate Beckinsale. Talk about celebrity crushes!!!

    Transporter 3 was pretty rough, in my opinion. I loved the first one, thought the second one was good, but 3 was.....urgh. That girl could not act!!!

    I've never seen Oceans 12 or 13. Liked the first one, but have only seen it once and that was probably enough.

    The Resident Evil films are great fun, in my opinion. I have only seen the third in the theatre. I need to rent it and watch it with Mary since she has seen and at least nominally enjoyed the other two.

    Several of the others you have listed are ones I've either seen or want to see at some point. Thinking of seeing Terminator Salvation over the Memorial Day weekend, but at the same time I've read many bad reviews...not sure if I want to, spend...the money. Might be better to see Star Trek again!

  4. I haven't seen a single one of those! In fact, I can't remember the last time I saw a movie :S How sad is that? Especially considering I LIKE movies.

  5. Meghan: The only reason I rewatched the Oceans movies was because the c.c. had never seen them before. :)

    Julia: Thanks for the recommendations!

    Carl: I think I was dozing off during Transporter 3, so I wasn't even sure who was in it... You're right, though. The c.c. told me that I said the same thing: she can't act!

    Ana: I very rarely watch movies. This is a new thing... It won't last! We aren't home enough.

  6. I loved Burn After Reading and Wall-E was really cute. Twilight put me to sleep.

    I saw Resident Evil 2 once without seeing the first one so I was lost, still I think I would have found it lame regardless.

  7. Vanessa: Good to know! I figure I won't like Twilight, but I am still going to watch it at some point and time! I will have to make sure and watch Burn After Reading soon. :)

  8. Oh I love 27 Dresses! That makes me kind of sad that you didn't like it. I even sort of hate Katherine Heigl!

  9. Bill and I saw the new Star Trek last weekend. I was hesitant. We heard wonderful things about it but I thought the trailer on T.V. made it look too cheesy.

    I was pleasantly surprised, actually I loved it! I really liked how they kept them in character from the original.

  10. wow 99% of those I haven't seen! I loved WallE and would like and of course, more than anything, I want to see the new Trek movie! (want to see Wolverine and Angels and Demons too)

  11. I didn't like 27 Dresses at all. Which I thought I might like as I've been a bridesmaid so many freakin' times! haha... Now Into The Wild was fantastic and that's a movie I thought I wouldn't like at all - go figure.

    Twilight was, well, cheesy but for some reason I liked it. Maybe because I went in with very low expectations :)

  12. She looked good though. ;)

  13. Amy: It was fun. Just not my type of movie.

    Teddy: The new Star Trek was great! I am looking forward to watching it again. :)

    Pat: I hope you get to see all those movies!

    Iliana: Yeah, I expected to hate it. lol I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it either!

    Carl: Yeah, the cc agrees with you... :p


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