Friday, May 15, 2009

Top 89 Classic Rock Albums

It's Victoria Day weekend, which seems really really early to me! Victoria Day is usually like the 20th or 24th or something. Anyway, in honour of the long weekend, the newish radio station is counting down the Top 89 Classic Rock Albums as voted for by its listeners. I actually spent a few minutes earlier trying to find the channel on the stereo and I think that I will be listening when I am home this weekend. They are currently on album 82. I am so behind when it comes to music.

My friends laugh at me all the time because I never listen to modern music... When I am in my friends cars or whatever they are listening to the radio station that plays the new music and I am always asking what we are listening to... They look at me like I am crazy! The charming comedian is a big music person. He sings and plays the drums, so his world revolves around music. He thinks my music interest tends to be a bit strange because I'm a girl. According to him, most of my favourite bands are more 'male' bands than female. He says it from experience, I guess. Like CD 83 was Moving Pictures by Rush and they played 'Tom Sawyer'. I love that song! The charming comedian has sang it for me a couple times, actually. It was my ring tone on my phone before it broke. Now I have 'Freewill' and 'We are the Priests'.

So, ANYWAY, what are some bands you would like to see on the list? I am hoping for more Rush. They just played Aerosmith... Not a big fan! Let's see... The Eagles would be good. (I actually wouldn't be surprised if they are album 81 because of the little intro they just said.) What else... I never know what is 'classic rock'. Dire Straits? John Mellancamp? April Wine, hopefully (they are Canadian, afterall). Maybe John Fogerty, but it depends on the song. The Beatles will probably be on there, wouldn't you say? I also expect some Metallica. They are hit or miss with me, but I like some of their stuff. I would say Boston, but they play the same Boston songs over and over again and they are never the ones I like. Oh, and Pink Floyd should be on there, too. Maybe the Beach Boys? They are Surf Music, which I guess is a genre...

Any guesses on what the number one album will be?

I probably won't hear everything, but in case anyone is interested I will up-date when I do catch one.

Album 83 - Moving Pictures by Rush (One of my favourite CDs ever!)
Album 82 - Aerosmith (Not a bit fan, so I don't even know what is on this CD!)
Album 81 - Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J. by Bruce Springsteen (I was wrong! It makes sense now. I forgot he was on tour and stopped in Canada. Short memory!)
Album 80 - Slowhand by Eric Clapton (Hit or miss...)
Album 79 - Doctor Feel Good by Motley Crue (Ugh! Not a big fan of this band. They are playing the title song right now.)
Album 78 - Four by Foreigner (Really like Foreigner! I get the c.c. to sing their songs at karaoke all the time!)
Album 77 - Every Picture Tells a Story - Rod Stewart (I like some of his songs, but the c.c. hates Rod Stewart. He has very entertaining things to say every time he plays on the radio. ha ha! Frankly, I think I like his songs, but I am not so sure about his voice... I have the same problem with Bob Dylan.)
Album 76 - Made in Japan by Deep Purple (I was excited for a moment, but I don't think I know this album. I don't even think I have heard the song they are playing from it before!)

Okay, the c.c. was sleeping, so I missed a few!

Album 60 - The Game by Queen (I liked their older stuff better)
Album 59 - Kiss by Kiss (I am not a Kiss fan...)
Album 58 - Jailbreak by Thin Lizzy (They have some good songs...)
Album 57 - Silver Moves by Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band (Like a lot of his stuff)
Album 56 - Axis: Bold as Love by Jimi Hendrix Experience (Never been a Hendrix fan...)
Album 55 - Let There Be Rock by ACDC (Like some of their stuff, but not really this album)
Album 54 - The River by Bruce Springsteen (Good Springsteen album)
Album 53 - The Captain and Me by Doobie Brothers (Like a few of their songs)
Album 52 - American Fool by John Cougar (Three good songs on this album...)
Album 51 - Missed it...
Album 50 - Band on the Run by Paul McCartney and Wings (I have been listening to Wings for years... I am a Beatles fan, so you know that you have to listen to rest, too! Well, I do anyway...)


  1. I don't listen to much modern music either. We went to Salt Lake City last weekend to see the Eagles - they were awsome!

  2. I listen to both new stuff and classic rock. ANd as you know, I have a soft spot in my heart for Rush too! Probably see some Boston on the list - maybe even so Tom Petty (LOVE him), Moody Blues, AC/DC?

  3. Daphne: I just read a biography of the Eagles. It was interesting! They played a concert near here last year, but I didn't go... It was insanely expensive for an outdoor concert in what turned out to be mud and rain!

    Stephanie: You really need to read Neil Peart's books. You suggested them and you haven't even read them, have you? lol Those are good choices! I hope they recap so I can find out the ones that I missed...


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