Monday, August 17, 2009

Music Munday - My Musical Education (Thanks to the charming comedian)

I have to admit, I am not a huge music person. Sure, I listen to music and I have my favourites, but books are my thing. I pay attention to the written world and tend to forget about the rest of it. The charming comedian is a music person, though. It is impossible to hang around with him and not be influenced by it. So, I figured since I started doing these Music Munday posts so that he could have a part in my blog, I would make this weeks post about the bands that I listen to because of the time I spent with him.

One of the bands I listen to now I can actually remember how it came about. Last spring we decided that we were going to go on a scenic drive to Peggy's Cove. We took my car and we were winding down some back country roads. The cc had lent me some CDs to listen to months before, but I just had not got around to it. So, he is sitting there and he starts digging around in the pile and he pops a CD in. He doesn't have it up very loud, but it is enough for background noise. I had no idea what I was listening to, but he had lead me to believe that it was a 'popular' band, so I didn't want to admit I was that stupid. I actually did admit that I wasn't very fond of whatever I was listening to, but I didn't turn it off. The thing with me and CDs in my car, though, is that I am really bad about switching them. So, days later I was still driving around listening to this random CD. The thing is that I actually started paying attention to it and I discovered that I really liked it! It turns out it was Rush, who I had heard of before but never really listened to. Now, I am like a Rush fangirl. I have read Neil Peart's memoirs and own several CDs and DVDs of live concerts. Turns out it is a good thing that I take forever to change CDs in my car! (The cc would not agree.)

I would consider Rush to be the biggest influence he has had on my music. My favourite song by them is 'Freewill'.

One thing I strongly remember is Bryan Adams. I am still not a huge Bryan Adams fan, but he has his 'Best of' CD. Anyway, he was either outside BBQing or he was just getting home from work and I was cranking 'Summer of '69' and dancing around the living room. He walked in and caught me. I don't dance, so you can imagine how embarrassed I was. He laughed. I made a stupid comment and he said something along the lines of me having seen him do worse. This is probably true!

You can watch the video here. (Of Bryan Adams dancing around... Not me! I am sure you are very disappointed!)

As to him, his favourite Bryan Adams song is "When You're Gone" because he really likes Mel C. She does have a really good voice, but I can only think of her as a Spice Girl...

Moving on. Another 'mystery' CD in that pile he lent me was Collective Soul's greatest hits CD. I guess I knew who they were, but I had never really listened to them before... Judging by how much I loved Rush, I decided that it was time to listen to Collective Soul. I now consider 'Precious Declaration' to be one of my favourite songs ever. I like other songs by them, too, but nothing compares to this song!

Such a great song!

The very first CD that he ever lent me was the Beatles Love CD. I love the Beatles, but just had never got around to listening to it. See, he knew me well right from the start! I kept that CD forever. Eventually he made me make myself a copy so he could have his CD back. I suppose that is a sensible request, huh? Someone has put the CD on YouTube in parts. That's very time-consuming, wouldn't you say? Anyway, the video below it the first section and then you can find the rest from there.

Okay, another funny story! You know what? I own Money for Nothing by The Dire Straits. I had no idea that I did. Did you know that I also love The Dire Straits? Good, me either! I have no idea where the CD came from, but when it got played in my car one day it did sound very familar. At some point and time I had very good taste in music... Anyways, I now listen to the CD very religiously. I just had it in my car player the other day... And only took it out because my friend gave me something that they wanted me to listen to! My favourite song is probably "Romeo and Juliet". But, this version of 'Brothers in Arms' really appealed to me, so I am going to post that instead. I really like the song, anyway. I just can't remember if it is on the 'Best of..' CD.

There are many other bands that I could talk about, but I will just limit it to one more. The Powder Blues Band. They play them on the radio sometimes and the cc would always say that he really needed to get their CD. I would always think that I should get him the CD as a gift, but then I would entirely forget the name of the band. Anyways, I finally remembered to buy it for him for his birthday and I got to listen to it in its entirety. They are a really good band! My favourite song by them is 'What've I Been Drinkin' '. The cc sang it for me one night at karaoke and I was probably the only person that knew what the song was, but I was excited! (He probably only sang it because he is tired of singing 'Cold as Ice'.) I can't show you, though. The cc's favourite is 'Sweet Little Girl'. We apparently do not like their popular songs, so I will have to just show you what is considered one of their more popular songs.

So, that is just some of the music that the cc has introduced to me since I met him. It's quite different from what I used to listen to, anyway! I will conclue with 'Cold as Ice' by Foreigner. The cc sings this song at karaoke and before I even really knew him I LOVED when he sang it! I call it 'my' song and he always says, no, it is Foreigner's song. But, you see, when the cc sings it, it is my song. (No offense to the band, but the cc does this song better...)

Anyway, I feel weird saying this, but my thanks to the charming comedian for influencing my music! (Not the thanks, but calling him the cc in that context. I don't exactly do that normally!) Years from now, no matter what happens, there will be lots of songs that will play on the radio and will make me think of him. We will not think too hard on whether that is a good thing or a bad thing... If it becomes bad I will just remember the broken stool incident or go-go dancing on the coffee table. Ah... memories... (I am so glad he doesn't blog! lol)


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  2. What's up with the Web Sheriff???

    Anyway, You listed some great bands and took my on a journey back into time. I would like to concur with you on Money For Nothing but freakin' MTV played that video/song to death in the beginning and so now I HATE IT!! LOL!! Am I showing my age when I can recount the first videos on MTV???? All the rest...I love!!!

  3. Bryan Adams will always have a special place in my heart. Reckless got played to death in my car during my senior year in high school, just loved that cassette. Still love it.

    And Foreigner is another favorite from way back before that. My uncle introduced me to their music and they are still a band I am fond of. Both bring back such great memories.

  4. I think Bryan Adams' best of was one of the first CDs I bought, back when I was 10 or 11 :P

    And I know what you mean about certain memories always making you smile, no matter what.

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