Monday, September 28, 2009

Five Soothing Songs for the Recently Unemployed

I've been unemployed since the end of July. When I first got the news I turned away from listening to music. It was just too distracting. I've since returned to listening to some custom CDs I've put together I have a few favorites I will listen to on repeat. I've selected five from my collection.

My all time favorite is "Space Lion" from Cowboy Bebop. I have the first of the sound tracks (as well as the entire series on DVD). The "Space Lion" piece with its mixture of jazz and Native American inspired chant always calms me down. I've found it even lessens the pains of my migraines.

2. Next is "James Blues" by J. Tillman. I listen to the studio version but this live performance is the one that's available on YouTube. I sometimes blip it when I'm listening to music online.

3. "Absent Afternoon" by Calexico. Yes, it's about a funeral procession. But I find it soothing.

4. "Dark Autumn Hour" by Frontier Ruckus. I love banjo music and this song is just a nice mood piece.

5. "Leviathan, Bound" by Shearwater is my fifth most often endlessly repeated song. My husband calls it my "renfair song."


  1. ........ now I want to dig out my Bebop DVDs and watch them again. LOVE that anime. so so SO much. (And it has some of the BEST music in it.)

  2. Thanks for introducing me to some music I never heard of before.

  3. So, are you getting any job nibbles at all?

  4. I love that Calexico song! I've never heard of some of those songs, but now I'm for sure going to check them out.
    Oh, I also found some cool pictures from Calexico's show in Israel if you're interested...

    Enjoy and good luck :)

  5. As a fellow unemployed person, I need to check out these. I really like Calexico, but I'm not familiar with the rest.


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