Saturday, January 02, 2010

Madeleine L'Engle Read-Along

I am a little late, but believe it or not I am hosting a read-along for A Wrinkle in Time during January. I tentatively mentioned it back in December, but I need to announce it officially and lay out a few guidelines. I hope that people will join in!

Here is what I was thinking. I plan to read all five books in her Time Series. The first, A Wrinkle in Time, is the first book in the series. The aim is to read that in January. The great thing is that it counts for Carl's Sci-fi Experience, or, like me, it is a reread and counts for the reread challenge hosted by Aarti. And, actually, Meg is a strong female character, so she could work for the Unbound Challenge. If you plan to read-along you have 30 days to read it and it is not really all that long of a book.

  • You have until January 31st to finish the book.
  • On January 15th I will post a place to talk about spoiler-related things. Things you want to talk about but can't mention in your review.
  • The reviews should aim to be finished on the last week of January because I want to have questions that everyone answers in their posts and people need to have time to come up with them.
  • For a sense of community I am hoping that people will come up with questions about the book. I am hoping to have them all by the 20th so I can post them and people can write their reviews. Even if you take the whole month to read the book I hope you will come up with questions. Send in a few so there are some variety. It isn't much fun if people send the same questions over and over again. How you choose to use the questions (and whether you choose to use all of them) is up to you.
  • When I post the questions on the 20th, I will also post a place to post links to your reviews.
  • Feel free to use the button, made by Jason, wherever you want. It's great!
I hope people will join in! (And when you do, I will add your name down below for organization reasons.)

Possible Participants:

Melissa @ Book Nut
Vasilly @ 1330v
Cat @ Beyond Books
Florinda @ The 3 R's Blog
Kate @ Kate's Book Blog
Care @ Care's Online Book Club
Amanda @ The Zen Leaf
Bellezza @ Dolce Bellezza
Joanne @ The Book Zombie
Kerry @ Saving my Sanity...


  1. Oh, hooray! I'm totally in. :-)

  2. I keep meaning to buy this box set and I think I might just go ahead and do it now since you're going to do this. I do have gift certificates afterall. ;) I do have the first book on my shelf, so I can start that one before I get the set... Exciting!!

  3. I was planning to re-read A Wrinkle in Time during January for the Shelf Discovery Challenge anyway, so I'll join you for the read-along - the more the merrier :-).

  4. Count me in! I love these books and, like Florinda, I was planning to reread the first one in connection with the Shelf Discovery Challenge. It will also be of interest to people who recently read and loved the much buzzed-about When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead, given how important A Wrinkle in Time is to the main character of that book.

  5. I am in for this month at the least and will likely get sucked in for all of it but I do want to read A Wrinkle and have it on my top things to do this week: GET FROM LIBRARY.

  6. I am definitely in! Planning to try to read this next week. It's been years. I'm looking forward to it.

  7. Anonymous7:07 PM

    Don't forget to add my name to the list! I'm a Madeleine L'Engle fan from waaaaaay back, and I love how you pointed out that it can be read for the Flashback challenge as well as Women Unbound. Why didn't I think of the later?! I'll be sure to check in around the fifteenth, I'm looking forward to your post of questions to discuss. This will be my 9 billionth time through, but there can never be too many when it comes to L'Engle. Thanks for hosting!

  8. Awesome! I actually picked the first book up a couple months ago - my notebook for recommended reads had your name beside the author! I will definitely read this in January.

  9. I'll give it a try. I really don't know how my reading is going to pan out this year, so I'm considering challenges as I guideline rather than a requirement. But I'd like to try to reread these and one a month should be doable.

  10. To all participants: Have fun!

  11. Kelly, I post about your challenge on A Novel Challenge.

  12. Just realized something when I was writing up a post for this on my blog - isn't it QUINTET? I thought there were 5 books. The box set has five...??


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