Sunday, January 10, 2010

Week in Review - January 10, 2010

Can you believe it is 10 days into 2010 all ready? It raises interesting questions. Are we really at the beginning of a new decade, or does the decade only really start on the next New Year's Eve. Major publications and news broadcasts are talking about the best of the decade, but are they jumping the boat a bit? The charming comedian has been debating this issue for days now. It doesn't seem to matter to him if the other person is on the television and incapable of arguing back. What do you think? Are we at the start of a new decade?

Last night was an adventure. I turned the washer on. It is in the basement, but there is only an outside entrance. The dryer was going to take about 50 minutes or so, so I waited for it to finish before going to check on things. I get to the door and I can hear water running... Water should NOT be running! Needless to say the washer went through all the cycles but water came pouring out for all of them. I turned the water off and came running upstairs to tell the guy that there was two inches of water on the floor and the stupid person that built the basement didn't put in any drains! I don't think he really heard me. It was almost funny when he joined me in the basement and saw the water everywhere. I was busy trying to coax the washer into draining and spinning so I could at least put the clothes in the dryer... Good thing for wet/dry vacuum cleaners!

Weekly Reads

So far 2010 is off to a slow reading start. I have only read:

The Djinn in the Nightingale's Eye: Five Fairy Stories by A.S. Byatt (272 pgs)
Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere by Mike Carey & Glenn Fabry (graphic novel)
Dracula Adapted by Michael Mucci, Ben Caldwell, and BIll Halliar (graphic novel)
Black is for Beginnings by Laurie Faria Stolarz (graphic novel)

I have a few more books on the go that shouldn't take very long to finish, but they will count towards next weeks totals. Hopefully I can get back into a routine and getting some reading accomplished soon!

Library Loot

I thought I would share a list of some of the books I have out from the library at the moment.

Prelude by Madeleine L'Engle
Candle in the Darkness by Lynn Austin (Christy Reading Challenge)
Obernewtyn by Isobelle Carmody
The Cello Suites by Eric Siblin
Cheers! by Nicholas Pashley
North of Beautiful by Justina Chen Headley
The Passion by Donna Boyd
Day After Night by Anita Diamant
Avalon High by Meg Cabot
Princess in Pink by Meg Cabot
The Help by Kathryn Stockett
Rum-Running by Allison Lawlor
Nikolski by Nicholas Dickner
Keturah and Lord Death by Martine Leavitt
Dracula by Michael Mucci
Detroit Metal City Volume 1 by Kiminori Wakasugi
Lips Touch: Three Times by Laini Taylor
Used and Rare by Lawrence Goldstone
Redwall: The Graphic Novel by Brian Jacques
By the Mountain Bound by Elizabeth Bear
Black if for Beginnings by Laurie Faria Stolarz


  1. Love the Meg Cabot in the list. I've had Avalon High on my wishlist for a while. The series looks good.

    Happy reading with all that great library loot.

  2. Magical library where you can take out that many books. Jealous.

    OBERNEWTYN!! Read it! Love it! Read the entire series! I hope to get everyone in the world hooked on this series. ;) The final two books come out this summer. *happy dance*

  3. Have you read the other books in Stolarz' series? I have Blue is for Nightmares and the second one on my shelf but haven't gotten to them yet.

    I'm about 2/3rds of the way through A Wrinkle in Time for the readalong! Hope to have my post up next week.

  4. I will DEFINITELY be the last person to read The Help at this rate!

    I'm with The CC. I think the decade starts in 2011. After all, 1-10 is the first group of ten, right? And then 11-20 is the second.

  5. If that's a slow start to the reading year, I will trade you any day! I haven't even finished my first book of 2010, and I'm a little sad about it. However, I can't be too hard on myself since I'm reading a really good book and don't want it to end.

    Happy beginning of 2010!

  6. I'm with Andi on this one...I haven't even finished my 1st book of 2010 so I think you are doing great :) You have some great books checked out from the library...I love when you share your list of library books BTW!

  7. I love your weekly reads and need o add Black is for Beginnings to my TBR list. What did you think of "Djinn"? Thank goodness for libraries!

  8. I'm so sorry about your washer :( What a freaking disaster!! How was Neverwhere? I've heard some mixed reviews of the Graphic Novel of that one. I love the novel itself, but have been curious about the GN version. I can't wait to read Lips Touch Three Times!! Looks so good!! I love the illustrations!

  9. Glad to hear that you were able to clean out the basement! What a pain when things like that happen. I'm going to listen to The Help on audio after I finish my two current "listens." Have a great week!

  10. I so hope that you have the washing machine problem solved....Wet/Dry vacs are miracle machines!!!

    You have a great assortment of books checked out...North of Beautiful is fantastic...enjoy!

  11. CBC Radio had a big thing about whether this is the beginning of the new decade or not. Scholars were on the radio getting seriously upset over the debate! I'm neutral on the issue - no matter which way is correct it's still 2010 :P

  12. I am really looking forward to reading your reviews because I have not read any of the books on your list.
    Happy Reading!

  13. Doesn't sound like fun but glad it was easily cleaned up! Hope you enjoy your loot!

  14. Eek about the washer! Sorry Kelly :(

  15. I think the new decade starts this year in 2010 based on precedence. Nobody considered the year 2000 the 90s did they? Or 1990 part of the 80s? So why would that change now? I dunno that's just how I see it.

    Good list. I miss your posts and you. We will have to chat soon when you're not busy. Possibly reschedule your trip as well?

  16. Oh no, household appliance woes! Hate it when that happens.

    And, I've only finished one book this year. Now, that's a slow start! It was good though so I'm not too upset :)

  17. Oh sorry to hear about your washing machine and flood. We love our new washing machine -- after having to replace the one whose motor burned out, smoked up our basement, and made me call in the firemen!!

  18. If only my library allows me to check out that many books. Yours is simply amazing. I like the sound of DRACULA.

  19. I think we are at the start of a new decade and don't understand how people could argue otherwise (although I haven't read those arguments so who know? I may be wrong), but we generally refer to decades as the 1820s, the 1950s, etc, so wouldn't this be the start of the 2010s? Plus, we ushered in the new milennium in 2000, starting off that decade - 10 years later, we are starting a new decade.

    Anyway, that's my (admittedly uninformed) POV!

    I think you're off to a pretty good reading year. I've only read one book and a couple graphic novels as well but have a few books on the go that I hope to finish up soon. How was the graphic novelization of Neverwhere?

  20. Oh yes, and I meant add - I can relate to your household water issue woes! Our bathtub faucets are leaking and the plumber has given us a $800 estimate to fix it - ack! Makes me long for the days of renting when this kind of stuff was the landlord's problem.

  21. Oh Kelly! I'm so sorry about the flooded basement! What a nightmare. :(

    I haven't read your review of The Djinn yet, because I'm slowly working on reading the book right now myself, but I can't wait to finish so I can go see what you had to say about it.


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