Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Muppet Show Comic Book: On the Road by Roger Landridge & Company

The Muppet Show Comic Book: On the Road by Roger Landridge & Company

Completion Date: February 9, 2011
Reason for Reading: Carry on with Series.
Roger Langridge's celebrated run on THE MUPPET SHOW comic book begins a new, zany arc, The Muppet Gang takes a road trip in an attempt to discover if it is the performers of the theatre that comprise the heart and soul of the show; and Fozzie Bear takes his act to the streets-literally! All your favorites are backas THE MUPPET SHOW COMIC BOOK continues!
So far this year I have been having a bit of a spree with The Muppets, but that's just how it has worked out at the library. I am applauding myself a bit, though, because I stalled on this series in 2009 after only reading the first book and now after reading just one more, I will be caught up! That doesn't happen nearly enough for me. This series is a lot of fun, really. I always enjoyed the characters and to revisit them in graphic novels is a really great idea. It really does feel like the show is back and really captured in the pages.

In this edition the characters go out on a road trip while their theatre is being rebuilt. Fozzie stays behind to take his on show on the road. There are a bunch of "Pigs in Space" in this volume. That was always one of my favourite segments. There is always a lot of humour throughout and you will find yourself laughing at the characters antics. For those that watched the show, they will know that the old men always enjoyed criticizing Fozzie. I enjoyed the fact that when he was gone they actually started to miss him. They of course resume normal behaviour when he returns, but it was still a nice touch. There was lots of fun in this volume.

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  1. I love the Muppets! This sounds cute.

  2. Tink: I have enjoyed reading this series so far this year!

  3. sounds very cute! I luv Kermit :)

  4. naida: Me too! They have worked well to read around the 'complicated' reads. :)


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