Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Muppet Show Comic Book: Muppet Mash by Roger Landridge & Company

The Muppet Book Comic Book: Muppet Mash by Robert Landridge & Company

Completion Date: February 28, 2011
Reason for Reading: Carry on with the Series
Eisner Award-nominated Roger Langridge’s MUPPET SHOW continues its genius run. After a trip to Eastern Europe, Gonzo’s acting even stranger than what qualifies as normal, displaying a new penchant for avoiding sunlight. And Statler and Waldorf are showing their age when an act strangely reminiscent of the days of the Pharaohs makes the Muppet curmudgeons wax nostalgic for their mummies. The flame of romance is rekindled in the old malcontents for a suspiciously youthful crush.
This is the last book I have to read in this particular series, until they release another one, so I am very happy to be finished a series. In the other Muppet series I am reading, the library hasn't bought Muppet Sherlock Holmes yet. I might have to give them a push in the right direction so I can finish up that series, too!

As you can probably guess from the title, this collection is Halloween in nature. It addresses the large vampire fad right now, so even The Muppets are in on the fun. Gonzo goes on a trip to Eastern Europe and when he comes back he is acting strangely. Obviously, they assume he is a vampire. Honestly, though, the whole point of Gonzo is that he is strange to begin with, so how they think he can possibly be 'different' was a bit beyond me. He's an enjoyable character, though. The show, and comics, wouldn't be the same without him. I think the best part of this comic is that Statler and Waldorf, better known as the 'heckling old men' play a very central role. They have character development. Considering I can never even remember what their names are, this was pretty impressive.

Overall, more fun in the series. Keep this comic in mind for Carl's RIP challenge, actually. Now that I have Netflix, I wish they had the show on there. I have my fingers crossed they will get it! (Currently we are watching the show Community. Very good so far! I wish they had more than just season 1...)

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  1. This sounds cute. LOL about Gonzo. He always was an odd one.

  2. *naida: That's for sure!


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