Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Look What I Got!

Sheri, from A Novel Menagerie, sent me these four books and I received them at the end of last week. A Wish for Christmas and On Christmas Eve are the last two released books in his main series. Then, the other two are the start of a new series. It actually worked out that I had no idea where I had left off in buying the series, but it was these four books. I now own everything and seriously need to get back to reading the series. I always save it for Christmas and then I get too busy. Some of you may remember the craziness of the December that just went by, for example.


  1. wow nice mail! lol.. I didn't know you liked Thomas Kinkade.

  2. *Pat: I like his paintings, so when I heard about the books it was just a natural progression. I mainly own them because of the pretty covers... They are a bit too religious for me, but I do at least read them. :)

  3. Gotta love a good mail day, huh? :D

  4. Aw, that was so nice!

  5. Aren't they wonderful! You must have been thrilled to get those in the mail! :-D

  6. *Debi: Well, I do, my bookshelves that I just cleaned off a LOT of books are not entirely happy that they are growing again...

    *Iliana: It was!

    *Cath: Very much so! Now to find time to read them...


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