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BBAW - Day 4: Reading and Blogging

We have no blogs without books! Today’s topic explores that even more!

Book bloggers blog because we love reading. Has book blogging changed the way you read? Have you discovered books you never would have apart from book blogging? How has book blogging affected your book acquisition habits? Have you made new connections with other readers because of book blogging? Choose any one of these topics and share your thoughts today!
It is the fourth day of Book Blogger Appreciation Week. I didn't plan ahead and I don't have a lot of time for an in-depth post, but I did answer the questions. Enjoy!

Has book blogging changed the way you read?
Yep! I read trying to remember names, places, dates, etc. When I used to read before I started book blogging, I didn't really care how much I remembered. I would remember that I had read a book, but I wasn't planning on blogging about it and I rarely discussed books with anyone, so I didn't worry about the small things. I also read with people in mind either because they have recommended the book I am reading to me or because I think they would really enjoy the book. I also read more than I used to from what I can tell. I haven't always kept track, but I don't think I read quite as much as I do now.

Have you discovered books you never would have apart from book blogging?
Oh, probably. It is hard to say exactly what I would be reading if it wasn't for blogging. In the past a lot of my book acquisitions were because they looked good in the bookstore. I very rarely go to the bookstore any more just to browse. I always have books in mind and unless something is very new, I have likely heard of most of the books or at least of the authors. I read genres I never read before blogging, that's for sure. My reading is drastically changed from the past. This year I have been trying to get back to my roots and read more epic fantasy, etc. That's what I started out blogging about and with all the new recommendations I hear about daily, it is hard to stick to anything any more. This is also why I have way too many series on the go.

How has book blogging affected your book acquisition habits?
As I said above, I used to do most of my reading from books that looked interesting at the bookstore. Nowadays, I very rarely just walk into a bookstore and browse aimlessly. Even when I seem to be doing that, I have certain authors in mind or books that I would really like to read. The local bookstore has a clearance section on their website. It was not unusual for me to go through it online and buy the books that sounded interesting. In a way this change is good for my reading, but on the other hand I don't randomly pick up fantasy books any more. A lot of my favourite reads have been random selections, like The Time-Traveller's Wife. I read that pre-blogging and it was only because I walked into the bookstore and it sounded interesting.

Have you made new connections with other readers because of book blogging?
Yes. I have people to talk about books with and I have made a lot of friends in the book-blogging world. I have a few friends in real life that read, but more so now than in the past, so I never really had anyone to talk about books with. The guy likes to read, but he doesn't make time for it. I do ramble on about books that I think he would like and I have seen him flipping through books I leave out, but generally we are not a bookish couple. I think it would bother me a lot more if I didn't have an online world of people to talk about books. I love getting comments on my posts and talking about the books I have been reading with people that know what I am talking about.


  1. You are one of the first book bloggers I know and am glad that I do. I like the points you made here.

    Reading is a part of life. Any kind of reading. Be it research papers or book blogs. They always keep us going, the dear book bloggers!

    Here is my post:

    BBAW 2011: Readers

  2. I find I remember books better because I think about them both as I'm reading and after I'm finished in order to write my reviews. I also find some books stick better in my mind because of others' reviews I've read.

  3. Oh I still love to browse without any particular purpose in the bookshop - I can spend hours like that and nearly always find something I'm delighted to have found and that I didn't know about before.

  4. Anonymous5:22 PM

    I'm with you, I don't aim the bookstore (or library) aimlessly anymore. I have a pretty set idea of what I want when I go in.

  5. Great answers, I try to remember more while reading now too, something I never did before.

  6. Anonymous8:36 PM

    Thanks for stopping by Book'd Out earlier, I have to agree I don't browse nearly as much anymore - my wishlist is too long!

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

  7. Yes, nowadays I am reading with a purpose...reviewing and discussing the books on my blogs.

    I like that! Also I'm tracking them now.

    Thanks for sharing...and for visiting my blog.

  8. Anonymous9:37 PM

    I have way too many series on the go as well. It seems like hardly anything (at least YA) is a stand-alone anymore. On one hand I love it because when I get attached I just want more in that world, but on the other hand...too many series! Eventually I want new characters and story lines.

    I never thought about the idea of remembering more about what you read, or keeping people in mind, but I can definitely agree with it! I have books with sticky notes in them now thanks to blogging, haha.

  9. I don't do a lot of random reading either. Even when I'm browsing at a used bookstore, I tend to grab titles I recognize from reading about it somewhere else.

  10. **gautami tripathy: It is nice to see connect with people from the past. :) I wish I had more time to be in-depth, but I wanted to say something.

    **Erin: Yes, that happens with me, too. I pay a lot more attention to books than I ever used to.

    **Playing by the book: I still try and browse, but I generally walk out with books I have heard about and not anything random.

    **thecheapreader: I try and convince myself to browse at the library, but that never seems to actually happen...

    **Amy: I just read to read before...

    **bookdout: My wishlist is impossible!

    Laurel-Rain Snow: I actually track a lot more than I used to, too.

    **thekams: I will never catch-up on series...

    **Kim: Same! I miss the randomness once in a while...

  11. I think that I would be lost without having people online to talk books with :) Blogging and reading just go hand in hand with me and both have changed my life in so many ways. Great post!

  12. Very good answers! I think they could almost all apply to me as well. I used to get all my books just by browsing the shelves at my library, now I usually have something in mind when I go in. I kind of miss the browsing. I stumbled on most of my favorite books that way.

  13. I'm like you in that these days I generally know what I want when I go to the book store. I still like to browse, but with my huge wish list (I blame bloggers, lol), I'm usually a woman on a mission!

  14. I have a lot of series going, too! Blogging does help me remember books a little better. Thanks! I hadn't really realized that.

  15. I miss picking up books more randomly, too. I think the next time I get to a library I'll probably go insane with all the random selections!

  16. I find it interesting that so many have noted how much more they remember about the books they read since they started blogging. Sadly, I haven't noticed this in myself. I still forget books pretty easily. However, now I have a record of them and can easily find out what it was about and my thoughts on it.


  17. Pre-blogging I used to choose all the books I read based on the cover too. I wasn't very good at finding amazing books so didn't enjoy reading as much as I do now. I agree my reading has changed a lot since pre-blogging too.

  18. You know it's so true about trying to remember the details more...I find myself doing the same thing (not always succeeding...but

  19. **Samantha: I would be, too. Especially now that I am used to it. I often wonder how much I would be reading now if I didn't have a whole community of readers to enjoy.

    **IntrovertedJen: I stumbled on most of my favourite books that way, too. The only real browsing I do nowadays is the catalogue for new books at the library...

    **Anna: Me too! Or even if I buy something I didn't go in looking for it is usually something I have heard mention of!

    **Joy Weese Moll: I will never catch-up on the series...

    **Anastasia: Good luck with that! I would say the same if I could get my holds down... lol

    **jehara: It is fun to have something to look back on. That's why it bothers me when I forget to review a book.

    **farmlanebooks: I am sure there were lots of duds for me pre-blogging, too, but I still read many of the authors I discovered back then. It wasn't all bad...

    **animewookie: If I didn't really like a book or it didn't make a big impression on me, I still forget...

  20. I agree with you, I my bookstore shopping is not nearly as aimless as it used to be! Before, I would go in there wanting to be inspired. Now I know exactly what I want!

  21. **Amused: I know. When I don't have anything in mind, I am almost lost... It doesn't help that my bookstore doesn't have the best selection in the world. If I go into a larger one, I can still browse, but I still wind up buying books I have heard something about. Once in a while if I have book credit at the second-hand bookstore, though, I will let myself experiment.

  22. Anonymous2:31 PM

    Now that you mention browsing the bookstores, I still do it but I'm less likely to buy a book just on looks.

    Before blogging, I kind of read whatever I could get my hands on. These days I'm more picky, mostly because I know what's out there and because I've learned new ways to get books.


  23. **Alex: I am less likely to buy books just on looks either. I will actually write titles as a memo on my phone so I can look the book up when I get home... It's rather sad!

  24. Agreed. No more browsing aimlessly. I visit the bargain section at BAM or go to 2nd and Charles with certain books in mind.

  25. Anonymous3:05 PM

    It is funny how I rarely pick up a book anymore unless I have seen a review for it on at least a few blogs!

  26. **Laura Ashlee: And even when I think I am browsing I usually buy something I have seen reviews of...

    **reviewsbylola: I know! My reading is a lot more controlled than it used to be!

  27. If I go to a bookstore to browse, it is because I am checking out which books I own, which books I've read already, which books have been panned by fellow bloggers, and which ones I have been hearing great things about but haven't had a chance to pick up yet. Blogging has definitely changed my entire approach to book shopping!

  28. **Michelle: Exactly! I do pretty much the same thing. It is a whole different world...


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