Wednesday, October 05, 2011

In Which I Talk About Television...

I have to admit that I am not a big television watcher. I am terrible at watching on a schedule no matter how much a show appeals to me. The only reason I have watched as much as I have is because we watch things together. This fall I decided to give a few new shows a try because I feel like I stopped really watching television about 7 or 8 years ago. The only two shows I have kept up with in that time are House and NCIS. There were other shows, but they long ago went off the air and I never bothered to find anything to replace them. As it is, I buy the DVD sets of both those shows every fall. I have loved the shows for years, but I still forget to actually watch them regularly. Anyway, between avenues like the library and Netflix, we have been doing a bit better about watching shows. I thought I would talk about a few that come to mind for something 'different'.

Community: Season 1: My friend Court suggested that we give this show a watch. It was on Netflix and it looked funny. The guy and I both really enjoyed it! It was fun, refreshing, and entertaining enough to watch over a short period of time. We have the second season to watch very soon.

The Tudors: Season 1 and 2: We are a bit divided on this show. I really want to know what happens next, but the guy got bored. He figures that now that Anne is dead it is a bit anti-climatic from there. Plus, this is the sort of show you need to know what is going on to enjoy it, so he wants to go back and re-watch part of the second season before watching the third. At this point we will probably just wait until we have a bit less to watch.

NCIS: The reason we are not getting around to the further seasons in other shows is because we are currently re-watching this show before we watch the new season I just got for my birthday. We are currently on the second last disc of the second season. It is going to be a while! If we had to pick, I think both of us would say this is our favourite show.

Supernatural: Season 1 and 2: This is another show we both really enjoyed, but it has so many seasons now it sort of got pushed to the back burner. I think after we watch a couple other things I would like this to be our 'winter project'. Don't get me wrong, I love NCIS, but just like with my reading there is always many other things calling for my attention!

True Blood: Season 1: Another split vote. I actually plain do not like this show. I know it is very popular, but it just is not for me. The guy on the other hand really enjoyed this first season. I think it is mainly because I lack the interest that we haven't moved on to season 2. He would like to and we probably will at some point.

The Game of Thrones: This is my fault. We watched the first episode, both really enjoyed it, but then I wanted to read the book before finishing. I read the book, but we still haven't got back to the show. (I also still have never reviewed the book...) I would really like to see how this series plays out.

Downton Abbey: I don't know what is wrong with me, but this series keeps getting pushed to the back burner. I have been watching it by myself, but there just seems to be so much else going on that I haven't got through the whole thing yet. At this point I would have to go back and watch the whole thing over again in order to finish the last few episodes. I really need to get around to that!

The Muppet Show: Season 1: I tell you, I am having a wicked hard time with this show. I thought it would be a fun trip down Memory Lane, so I got the first season from the library. It skipped so bad it was terrible! Then, it screwed up entirely and we had a battle with the DVD player to get the disc back out. That DVD player wound up breaking, so I am not sure if it was the DVD or the player. The next time I attempted to watch it, I was doing so on my computer. Then, my computer broke and with all the excitement (ha) around that time, I still haven't managed to get back to it. It is a really fun show, though. The cc's little guy (who is really not so little any more) had never really seen The Muppets before, so this was educational to him.

American Dreams: Season 1: We rearranged things in the bedroom so we can watch movies in there now. The only thing is that normally I read, but I have been trying to at least watch this show occasionally. It is normally something I watch when the cc is working back shift. I am not sure what I think of it yet. On the one hand, I really like it, but on the other hand I am not sure I love it. We will see what happens.

Mad Men: Another show that I really love, but have managed to fall very far behind in. I think I have only seen the first season in its entirety. One of these days I will get back to it!

Rome: Season 1 and 2: This is the show the guy has been watching by himself. When we first started dating we used to catch an episode here and there on TV all the time, so the first gift I ever bought him was the first season. We watched both and it is a really well-done show. The cc decided to re-watch it recently. I have tuned in for an episode here and there, but generally I seem to be doing something else when he watches it.

House: I love this show. I seem to really like medical shows considering how much I used to love ER. After ER lost steam for me, I got into watching this show and I love it. I received the newest season for my birthday, so there will be a House marathon in my future. I actually wish I could have had it before the new season started because I am rather curious about the teasers I have been seeing, but that would be a huge undertaking for me!

Bones: This is a show that I will watch whenever I see it on television, but never religiously. I am determined to watch it from beginning to end, but I am really failing at this. When I first got the first season we watched the first episode. It has been months, so I thought maybe I should watch it myself. I have made it through the first episode... It is not that I don't like the show, but mainly that I have just been busy with other things. The thing that annoys me is that this show has all these seasons and I feel like the replay the same ones over and over again on television. I caught a random episode the other night and I had all ready seen it before.

I am sure there is more, but that is all I can think of at the moment. Another show I watch on television occasionally is The Mentalist. I have enjoyed what I have seen, but I have watched it very sporadically, so I am usually lost on the sub-text. I am hoping that one day I can go back to the beginning and see what I am missing.

New Fall Shows:

Before I end this, I thought I would talk about the few shows we have managed to watch so far this autumn.

New Girl: We forgot to watch the new episode last night, but the first two episodes were a lot of fun. So far this is a show that we can both agree on, but I was disappointed that they made a cast change. We are going to try and watch the third episode this evening, so I am looking forward to seeing how the show is progressing.

The Secret Circle: I still haven't found time to watch episode 3 and episode 4 airs tomorrow, but so far this show has potential. I really enjoy witches and I am not sick of them like I am some of the other paranormal fads. The guy can take it or leave it, but he does like it when I wait for him.

The Playboy Club: Yes, I actually have seen this show. We had the TV on the other night when the first episode aired and when the cc saw what it was, he decided that he was going to watch it. I was only sort of paying attention, but I have to admit I enjoy the music aspect of the show. I got really into it when a couple of those scenes aired. The first episode is all we have managed to watch, but we do have the 2nd and 3rd. I don't think this show is doing very well, is it?

Pan-Am: This show was being advertised here, there, and everywhere. I was actually rather looking forward to it because I enjoy shows that are period pieces. I have only managed to watch the first episode so far, but it was mostly enjoyable. I am not sure if I enjoyed it quite as much as I was hoping, though. I will have to see how the 2nd episode works out for me.

A Gifted Man: Okay, I never intended to watch this show, but my friend explained the first episode to me and it sounded rather interesting. I enjoy medical shows, this one centres around a surgeon, but it also incorporates a ghost element. The ghost element is the weird part, but so far I think this is my favourite new show of the season. I am not hearing a lot about it, though, and it has a bad time slot, so I am thinking it will be cancelled...

Up All Night: We tried this show, but the first episode didn't do a lot for us, so we will probably give the show a pass. I expected it to be a lot funnier than it was.

The truth of the matter is, when it comes to television I would rather read and the guy would rather watch random shows that he stumbles upon. If I watch TV randomly, I usually tune into either the History Channel or the Sci-fi Channel. He does about the same. What shows do you consider favourites? What shows have you been enjoying that are just starting out this fall? Later in October I am also curious about Once Upon a Time and Grimm.


  1. My husband and I thought Up All Night looked promising, too, but we couldn't even get through the first episode. However, we're enjoying Whitney so far. I'm not much of a tv watcher, though.

  2. Like you I prefer reading and since we haven't had cable for a year I haven't kept up with anything and will once in a while watch stuff on Netflix. However, I did watch Game of Thrones (read the book first of course) and absolutely loved it!

  3. Anonymous2:35 PM

    the husband watches more television than I do: Dexter, Justified, True Blood, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Mad Men, How I Met Your Mother, Glee, Doctor Who, Luther, Downton Abbey, Castle, House, Bones, The New Girl--and we agree about the casting change, why he would stay with Happy Endings, which I thought was set to be cancelled is beyond me. Sean half-watches that show and I put in the earphones; we are trying Prime Suspect, too. Anyway, I'm sure I am missing some because I hardly keep up.
    I love House, Bones, Castle, Doctor Who, Downton Abbey, Luther, and am trying to catch The New Girl; and for the sake of time spent together, am trying How I Met Your Mother, and have found myself hooked on Justified right there at the end of the season. Mostly, I am in a book and find motivation to watch tv difficult.

    It is also hard to get attached to a show and then it is so quickly cancelled. They are so difficult to anticipate.


  4. I think you have to watch The Tudors with a focus on entertainment rather than history...all the sassy supermodel queens are almost funny to least favorite queen was Hollywood's version of Katherine Howard...the youngster who giggled all the way to the executioner's block...yeachh!
    I'm a True Blood fan but some seasons more than others...the first season will always be the best.
    The tv I do watch is on DVD so I'm usually a season behind.
    I love Dexter too! Is it weird to love a series about a serial killer? ;)

  5. I don't have time for TV AND books, so I try and use that bit of time in the evenings to read. I series record House though, LOVE LOVE LOVE House :) Hubby records no end of CSI's and watches them late at night, but he's not much of a reader.

  6. That Playboy show was cancelled already. I read something about it only being 3 episodes.

    You should try out Revenge. I haven't watched a lot of TV in years, but this sick leave is making me find things to do with my time since I can't do much physically. I watched the first two episodes and was hooked.

    I am liking Pan Am a lot more than I thought I would. Eye candy in the sky. ;)

    I am sort of happy that no Canadian network is showing Secret Circle since I am all angry at the CW for ruining my favourite books of all time (they changed the story SO MUCH). If it were something I could watch online easily, I'd be fighting my willpower to see if I should try it or not. I'd rather not, but I am weak.

  7. Oooooooo, sounds like curse of the Muppets :o

  8. I don't watch many shows either, and find it really easy to fall out of the habit of watching them. I watched the first few episodes of Game of Thrones and have the rest recorded but don't know when I am going to get to watch the rest.

    I did however watch Downton religiously! You need to get back to that one!

    I am currently 3 episodes into The Dresden Files just for fun too!

  9. I am not a big TV watcher. I have to be in the mood for that stuff. In fact, I have not had cable for years sometimes I am amazed about what people will watch. I would rather be reading.

  10. As I sat here reading your post about television mine is not on. I'm sitting here on the couch with a snoring dog, reading blogs, and thinking about going to bed early. I record a lot of the tv that we watch just so we don't have to sit through commercials..which we hate! We watch a lot of A&E stuff, FX, and History channel stuff!

  11. I'm not a big TV watcher either ... I have my few shows and that is it. We've been sampling some of the new shows and I liked New Girl (mostly Zooey's character but my husband hated it and I didn't like it enough to watch on my own). We both didn't like Up All Night, even though the cast seemed so promising. Oh well ... more time to read!

  12. We don't have TV reception, but we've caught Community via Hulu, and we're hooked!

  13. I'm looking forward to Once Upon a Time.

    I'm a big Doctor Who fan, but that's just finished (booo!) but Merlin has started on the BBC so I'm all over that. Also, Walking Dead season 2 soon!

  14. **Anna: They have been playing a lot of commercials for WHITNEY, so I have heard all about it. Glad to hear it is good.

    **Sarah: I am really looking forward to finding the time to resume watching GAME OF THRONES!

    **L: Wow, that's a lot of television. The guy doesn't watch anything religiously. He just tends to turn the TV on and watch whatever looks interesting. If he is home; the TV is on. I saw a commercial last night for PRIME SUSPECT. It was the first I heard of it because the guy asked me who the lead character was because she looked familiar. I keep meaning to watch CASTLE and get around to watching DOCTOR WHO with some regularity. One of these days!

    **Peppermint Ph.D.: Yes, it is not historical at all. I am sure we will watch the rest at some point. It is just not a priority at the moment. I have only ever seen a couple episodes of TRUE BLOOD here and there, but I have heard good things about it.

    **FantasyLass: Yay for fellow HOUSE fans! Watching TV is a way for us to spend time together. It is even better when we are both into the same shows. I used to watch CSI back a few years, but I lost interest after a while.

    **Cat: You know, I thought I had heard the Playboy show was cancelled, but I couldn't be sure at the time.

    I saw a commercial for REVENGE the other night. It does look interesting.

    I really have to find time to watch the second episode of PAN AM.

    I happened to catch a commercial last night when the guy was channel surfing to say you can in fact watch SECRET CIRCLE on Muchmusic on Friday's. So, a day later. I didn't even know it was based on books until someone told me on Twitter. I missed in the beginning of the first episode where it said that. It's too bad they changed a lot, but I wouldn't know the difference at this point.

    **animewookie: It seems that way! lol

    **Marg: Yes, the shows are just starting and I am missing them regularly all ready. We have GAME OF THRONES to watch, but just haven't found the time to get through it.

    I know. I need to get back to DOWNTON. It was enjoying it, but I guess life got in the way.

    I saw you say somewhere you were watching THE DRESDEN FILES. I was curious when that show aired, but then it didn't do very well...

  15. **NULAANE: We only have basic cable. The guy would probably prefer more expensive stuff, but I think it is a waste of money, so he suffers through just a few channels. :)

    **STACI: As I sit here replying to comments, the TV is not on either. If I am home by myself it is very rarely on except sometimes for background noise. We watch most of our shows after the fact for the exact same reason. I hate commercials!

    **JENNERS: The guy thinks Zooey's character is cute, so he is sticking by watching for the moment. I liked the first episode better than the second, though, and we still haven't found time to watch the 3rd. I am all ready falling hopelessly behind on the new shows. It's really too bad about UP ALL NIGHT. It should be a really funny show if it was done right...

    **UNRULY READER: I know! COMMUNITY is lots of fun! I am looking forward to watching the second season. I have never actually watched it whenever it airs on TV. I don't even know when it is on. oops!

    **JAMIE: ah, yes, MERLIN. The show I started watching and then suddenly it vanished and I guess is now playing on a different channel. I got hopelessly behind in the meantime. I have been eyeing the first season every time I have seen it at the store lately because I really would like to catch-up... One of these days I also should watch DOCTOR WHO.

  16. As i said to the Nomad Reader 5 minutes ago, this seems to be the week for Book Bloggers to talk about television :)

    Regarding House, after last season's final, I'm torn about continuing to watch it. It's a shame because for a long time it's been my favorite show on TV.

  17. While I enjoy a few shows there aren't too many I will watch live. If it wasn't for my husband turning the TV on I might never watch it other than for news. I dislike commercials more because of the volume increase than the fact they are, well, annoying.

    Mad Men is one show I never miss. I am way behind on the rest of them. But thanks to DVDs I can watch them whenever I want to.

  18. Like you I'd rather read than watch tv although I always have it on in the background for noise. I usually start out the season wanting to watch a bunch of shows and the systematically forget to watch them until there is no point in bothering.

    I haves watched The Secret Circle though and I like it. I also like Vampire Diaries. The only show though that I watch without fail is Survivor. The rest if I see them, ok, if I don't, that's ok too.

  19. Anonymous4:25 PM

    Wow. that is a lot of shows. It seems like you watch more TV than I do. lol

  20. **Alex: I wanted to talk about something different. I wasn't in the mood to write a review...

    Really? I haven't seen last years season finale. Now I am worried!

    **Leslie: I really must catch up with Mad Men... I know. The guy walks in the door and turns the TV on. I can spend an entire day home by myself and not touch it.

    **Darlene: I am liking The Secret Circle, but I am all ready getting slack about watching it. I used to watch Survivor, but back when it was a newish show.

    **celawerdblog: Well, it is a good way to spend time with the guy and we mostly just wait until the shows are done a season and watch on DVD. :)

  21. NCIS is one of our all-time favorites, too. :) We're watching last year's season that just came out on DVD.

  22. **Carrie: We are rewatching the previous seasons so we can watch the new season on DVD. We are just a lot further behind than hoped!

  23. Wow! That is a lot of shows! I don't watch much TV nowadays but I do love Supernatural though I haven't watched it in about a year.

  24. Anonymous5:11 PM

    My currently showing favourites: Raising Hope, Community, House MD (love that now he's prison MD!).

    I know what you mean about Up All Night. It was disappointingly unfunny that I couldn't finish watching the first episode.

    Oh well, for me there's always Netflix and getting to finish watching Buffy.

  25. Yay for Community! Happy you are enjoying it - it's so funny!! :)

  26. **Vasilly: We watch most of it on DVD. And that was stretched over most of the year and beyond. I really need to get back to Supernatural.

    **olduvaireads: Yes, I was disappointed in Up All Night. It was really too bad.

    I did have Netflix but didn't find we were using it enough...

    **Court: I am glad we are enjoying Community, too. I am looking forward to the second season!


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