Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mindless Posting

My fraternal grandmother and me at 2 and 1/2 weeks.

I just don't feel like reviewing anything today. I think my head is full of other things. Mainly me attempting to cook a turkey breast... I hate cooking... I bought it for Thanksgiving and then we were too busy to eat it. It was taking up a lot of room in my freezer, though, and the cc was sad that he never had a chance to have turkey at all. So, I am cooking! I made an actual whole turkey one other time. It was bad... I have not been inspired to try again!

Anyway, I stole this from Softdrink. It is a bit mindless...

Age: I hate revealing my age... I'm strange... I won't even on my birthday. People think I am nuts! If you really want to know, ask the cc. He tells everyone. And, the liquor store and most bars know, too. One woman honestly looked at my ID the other day and went 'Haha, really?' I just think people put too much thought into age and how you are supposed to be at that age. It's as limiting as gender, race, and sexuality... Seriously, people ask me how old the cc is and I say: 'Older than me.'

Bed Size: Queen

Chore that you hate: Dishes and vacuuming.

Dogs: I wish! If the cc's parents have puppies again I am determined to get one... I keep asking if she is pregnant... No luck yet!

Essential start to your day: Coffee and a few moments of quiet time.

Favourite colours: Green and blue.

Gold or Silver: Silver.

Height: 5’4" (Or really, more like 5'3" and a half, but I round up...)

Instruments you play: I took piano lessons and played the clarinet in school.

Job Title: Front Desk Clerk... Sounds so unimpressive after Softdrink's answer...

Kids: ha, never! The cc does, though, so there are unofficial ones.

Live: Nova Scotia... Canada...

Mother-in-Law’s name: I don't officially have one.

Nicknames: Kailana

Overnight hospital stays: When I was born...

Pet Peeves: Cracking knuckles and when people are late...

Quote from a movie: I have no idea...

Right or Left handed: Right handed. I am the only one in my family. My mother does write right-handed, but only because her mother made her switch as a child.

Siblings: Younger brother and sister. And unofficial step-sisters.

Time you wake up: It depends.

Underwear: Who honestly wants to know the answer to this question?

Vegetable you hate: Turnip

What makes you run late: Other people...

X-Rays you’ve had: None...

Yummy food that you make: I make food? ha! Hopefully a bit later: turkey breast...

Zoo animal: Elephants!


  1. Love this! Your answers are so much fun to read!

  2. Hmm, I knew you were really weird about PICTURES, but I didn't know that you were also weird about your age. Do you think it's because of the age difference between you and CC? Or have you always just not revealed it?

    I think people use age to make judgments about people, too, when it's not always indicative, especially after age 25 or so.

  3. Anonymous8:25 PM

    Obviously, I'm a big fan of the mindless posting, too.

    And regarding the job title: at least yours is descriptive! Mine says nothing about what I do.

  4. **Amused: Thanks!

    **Aarti: I have always been like that... I figured by the time I was 19 and legal it didn't really matter any more, so I stopped answering when people asked. :)

    **Softdrink: Yeah, I didn't really know what else to say. There are a few variations on the name.

  5. Now you have me wondering how old you are! I hate telling people online how old I am but if I'm asked irl I can barely remember it. I'm 29. Are you older or younger than me? ;-)

    I had no idea you were so tiny! I'm 5'8. When I was younger, I was taller. I think it was all those years of carrying books around that shrunk me!

  6. This was fun to read. such a cute picture of you and your grandma.

  7. **Vasilly: I am just against age... I figured people guessed how old I was!

    And, yes, I am short... I look up to most people unless I decide to wear heels...

    **Diane: Thanks!

  8. For the underwear questions, just change it to "underwhere" then you can answer with a simple "Under there!"

  9. Yes, it's so true that people judge others by age! I am retired, but that's all I'll say about my age.

    And you're the only person I know of besides me whose favorite colors are green and blue.

  10. Not mindless at all! It's hard for me to give decent comments lately when I'm just not all that interested in reading a whole lot (oops...don't tell anyone). ;)

    Now you have me REALLY curiuos about your age! Though I agree--just a number. And vacuuming. Yuckcity! I'm planning on doing this as well...someday. ;)

  11. I'll totally do your dishes and vacuuming if you do my dusting! :)

    You totally cracked me up with your underwear answer.

  12. **Jamie: lol

    **Sheila: I figure in 'real life' most people know how old I am, but online I can be mysterious...

    **Trish: I know. I just did a run through some of the blogs I read and didn't have much to say, so I stopped...

    Yes, a number that holds lots of power, though! I really need to vacuum one of these days... I am just happy we don't have an animal so I can get away with not doing it everyday.

    **Debi: um, well, see, I don't dust with a lot of regularity, so I probably hate that, too! I am not very domestic...

    It is a silly question. I don't care about underwear, so I would hope other people don't either. And, if they do, they are strange... :P

  13. I need to put Nova Scotia on my pinterest bucket list. I will get there someday and I hope it is soon.

  14. Fun! I played the clarinet in school too.

  15. I can't even pretend I'm reading at the moment, so Jill saved me with this meme, too.

  16. Fingers crossed that you can get a puppy soon!

    I hate vacuuming and doing the dishes too. Mathie ends up doing that most of the time (I cook and do the rest of the cleaning, though, so it's fair :P)

  17. Enjoy your weekend :) Thats a sweet pic!
    Dishes and vacuuming are among my least favorite things too.

  18. It might be mindless but it's so much fun! I might have to steal this from you. You're so right about age being limiting. So true. I still tell everyone who wants to know and I love birthdays. :-)

  19. I love posts like this. Sometimes, it is great to give people a chance to get to know one another outside of our love of books.

  20. **Care: That would be nice! You could visit me!

    **Kim: It was a pretty popular instrument. I wanted to play the saxophone, but no luck.

    **Andi: It was a nice change. I hadn't done a meme in a while!

    **Ana: Yes, I really want a puppy!

    Sounds fair to me!

    **naida: I put both off probably too much. I have to be in the right mood to tackle them. Other cleaning I do with no problems.

    **joanna: It is fun! Yeah, I am just strange. If I can avoid it, I don't like being judged by age. I probably still am, though.

    **Michelle: Yes, that's true, too. I have been enjoying reading the other answers to the same meme.

  21. I love baby pictures, grandma's and afghans. That picture has all three. :)

    No matter how old you are now (and I can tell you're younger than me by the photo quality - ha!), you were a doll baby.


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