Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tuning in on Thursday - Week 2

Older Shows

Bones - I am going back and watching the first season of this show at the moment. I am really enjoying it! I have watched this show over the years, but not religiously. I know the basic storyline, but it is nice to go back and watch it from the beginning. This is what I have been doing instead of reading. Although, I am actually reading tonight. I just paused to write this post. Anyway, good show! I have access to the whole show, so I am looking forward to it!

NCIS - The guy and I continue our rewatch of this show. I actually cannot remember if we have watched anything since last Thursday. We were busy on the weekend and then the guy worked backshifts, so I don't think there was much time for it. Regardless, we are still on season 4.

Does anyone still watch Glee? I really liked the first season because I enjoyed the music aspect, but the teenage angst was getting to me. Is it worth checking out what I missed of the second season and starting in on the third?

New Fall Shows

Once Upon a Time - It is official. I love this show! We went away on Sunday to stay overnight in a hotel and I made us return to said hotel just so we could watch the new episode. I am terrible at keeping up with shows, so this was very impressive! The guy likes it, too, which is surprising. I tell him all the time if he actually read he would read the same sort of stuff as me. He doesn't believe me, but I am right! (Well, with a few exceptions... I highly doubt he would read young adult no matter how appealing it might seem. That being said, if he didn't know it was young adult he would probably pick it up...) Anyway, this show has huge potential. It is fitting that one of the stars left another one of my favourite shows, House, and found her way to this one.

I still have not caught up in Grimm, The Secret Circle, or A Gifted Man. This can easily be blamed on my recent obsession with the first season of Bones. On another note, the book I am reading tonight is the first book in L.J. Smith's series that The Secret Circle is based on. I am not very far in, but I might as well be reading something entirely different. The show is hugely different than the books... I still do want to get back to the show and the other shows I supposedly watch!


No movies this week. If I hadn't had a bit of a Bones evening while the guy was working back shift, I don't think we would really have watched anything this week...

What did you watch? Anything of note?


  1. Early BONES is great. I have not been able to get into lately. And I have no idea why I haven't watched Glee at all this year! I caught ONE ep of Once Upn A Time and maybe I will try to catch up, but I doubt it. My TV watching is mostly Big Bang Theory in syndication - that early evening dinner cooking time. And How I Met Your Mother (NEVER saw it when it was prime time.). Oh, I know what it is! we watch a ton of FoodNetwork.

  2. OH NO!!! I'd totally forgotten about Once Upon a Time...I remember being so excited hearing about it before it started. Crap. Well, hopefully I can find in on-line or something. Who from House is in it?

    Can't believe I've never seen an episode of Bones, because it seems like I show I would really enjoy.

  3. **Care: I have heard that it went in a random location. Is the woman that plays Bones pregnant in real life so they had to write it in? I really don't know what is going on. One day I will be caught up! I haven't watched Glee at all either. That's too bad you haven't got around to Once Upon a Time. Normally I am behind in everything, but so far I am keeping up... It helps that Lorrie likes it, too, so we watch it together.

    **Debi: You have to watch Once Upon a Time. It is wonderful! And, yes, Bones is a great show!

  4. Anonymous11:18 AM

    this second episode of Once Upon a Time was reassuring, we will be keeping it in the rotation.

    did love early Bones and I was worried how they would keep Bones/Booth relationship working, and there were some tense moments but I think they've handled changes and progression really well. [yes, she was really pregnant; but I'm not sure that is what propelled the current storyline as the conversation spans more than a season.]

    the husband started watching Grim and likes it okay. I've yet to catch up.


  5. I've watched the first two episodes of Grimm with my sons, and we are loving it so far! I'm so glad it's getting good reviews and ratings, too, as a college friend of mine works on the crew - it films in Portland, Oregon.

  6. I'm really enjoying Once Upon A Time too. Every time an episode ends, I want to know what is going to happen next!

  7. YAY!!! I am loving Once Upon a Time too! It's smacks of Fables rip off, but I don't care! LOL And Bones, on Bones, I hate to say it, but I'm not so happy with it this season. There are a lot of things they are letting slip, a lot of missed character development and plots are going off into the never-never. It's sooooo depressing! But early Bones is fantastic!

    I've only watched the first Grimm. I screwed up and didn't get the second one. I may try to watch it online tomorrow. I liked what I saw though!

  8. **contemplatrix: Yes, we will be keeping up with Once Upon a Time, too. I am so happy that both me and the guy enjoy it.

    I am really enjoying early Bones. I have watched the first two seasons now.

    We have tried to watch the third episode of Grimm twice now and the guy fell asleep both times...

    **Carrie: I don't like Grimm as much as Once Upon a Time, but it has potential...

    **Kim: ME TOO! I almost wish I had waited for the end so I could watch the whole season in a row...

    **Heather: It does smack of Fables rip-off, but that's okay. They never did put the Fables show on the air that was being discussed... I am really enjoying Bones. I have a ways to go before I am caught up with the new season...

    I like Grimm, but I don't love it so far...


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