Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tuning in on Thursday - Week 3

Older Shows

Bones - I finished the second season of the show. I think I am going to take a break, though. This is the fastest I have watched a show pretty much ever and there are other things needing my attention. I really enjoy the show so far, though, and have even started the first book by Kathy Reichs. It is very different so far! I am not sure I would have read it otherwise, but someone I know has the whole set and I figured I would see what I thought.

NCIS - We are still on the same season of this show we have been on for a while. At this rate I should have asked for something else for my birthday and saved NCIS for Christmas. It will be after the holidays before we watch it, anyway. We tried to watch it over the weekend, but just when we would get around to it the cc would have fallen asleep.

New Fall Shows

Once Upon a Time - We continue to both love this show. It is so much fun! I love fairy tales, so it just stands to reason that this would be the show for me. I am still surprised that the cc enjoys it, too. We are looking forward to episode 4 on Sunday.

Grimm - I am all caught up in this show again. I really enjoyed the 'Little Red Riding Hood' and 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' story-lines for the first two episodes, but then I was a little confused with the third episode. I had never read a Grimm story with bees before. I guess it does exist, but I hate bees. It was not my favourite episode of television ever. I hope they get back to more recognizable tales next week. I still don't love this show, but it is enjoyable enough.


No movies again this week. We have been too busy to watch much of anything together. This weekend is going to be hectic again because I am FINALLY getting a new kitchen floor. I imagine there will be pictures because I am very very excited. I absolutely despise the current floor. It is likely 15 or 20 years old. We had flooring picked out, but it meant either a new fridge or renovating the cupboards. The guy would like to avoid renovating the cupboards. I hated the new fridge option. So, we just got entirely different flooring...


  1. I have Once Upon a Time and Grimm DVRed. Can't WAIT to tune in to Once Upon a Time.

  2. I love Once Upon a Time! I rarely watch TV but I make sure I don't miss this show.

  3. Oh movies. I had put my Netflix on hold when I realized we just weren't getting to any of our movies and now that it is resumed, I think I may end up cancelling all together. We've been on-demanding any movies we do want to see.

  4. Have you heard the sad news that Community isn't on the mid-season schedule and may be cancelled. :( I'm mad at TV right now.

  5. I want to watch Bones too...and I just started Once Upon a Time and really enjoying it right now.

  6. **Andi: I hope you enjoy Once Upon a Time and Grimm!

    **Vasilly: I rarely watch TV either, but I am really enjoying Once Upon a Time!

    **Care: We cancelled Netflix. We were just not watching it enough to justify it.

    **Vanessa: WHAT! We are catching up with the second season as I write this.

    **Staci: I am loving Bones. I am really enjoying Once Upon a Time so far. :)

  7. I'm hoping that Grimm gets back to recognizable stories soon as well. What makes it so fun to watch.

    What season of NCIS are you on? I watch here and there with my hubby. Love Mark Harmon. ;)

  8. I've gone back and forth with Bones. Sometimes I love it, and sometimes I'm just not interested. I think the new season is shaping up to be pretty great though, so I'm excited about that.

  9. **Trish: I haven't had a chance to watch last nights episode yet, but I am curious.

    Technically we are on the latest season of NCIS, but we went back to rewatch the whole show lately.

    **Kim: I am enjoying watch Bones in a row like this, but we will see what happens. I haven't seen any of the new episodes.


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