Friday, December 02, 2011

November in Review

What I Learned

That for whatever reason November is a bad reading month for me. This is not the first time my reading has tanked in November. I am not even entirely sure what it is. I always just assume it is because I read a fair amount during the summer and get bored with it for November. It's just sad because I am very much behind on many things and not reading much at all this month didn't help. There are so many books that I wanted to get around to reading that remain on my TBR pile. I did start some of them, but then I didn't finish them. I hate not reading. Reading is my stress relief and when I don't read I start feeling overwhelmed. Sometimes I think I almost get too stressed from not reading to actually read. This thought made me pretty much avoid books this week on purpose. I am going to start of December relaxed about the whole thing.

This post will be very short, though, because there is not much to talk about.

New to Me Authors

L.J. Smith (The Secret Circle: Book 1 - The Initiation)

Series Talk

The Secret Circle - 1/3
The Last Dragonslayer - 1/2

The Source

Library: 0
Borrowed From Friend: 1
e-Reader: 2
Personal: 1

What I Read

234. Fables: Volume 2 - Animal Farm by Bill Willingham & Company (Completed November 3, 2011)
235. Alice, I Have Been by Melanie Benjamin (Completed November 7, 2011)
236. The Secret Circle: Book 1 - The Initiation by L.J. Smith (Completed November 11, 2011)
237. The Last Dragonslayer by Jasper Fforde (Completed November 28, 2011)

Books Added to the TBR Pile

The Informationist by Taylor Stevens
The Infinity Puzzle by Frank Close
Death Comes to Pemberley by P.D. James

Thoughts for December

I would like to read.


  1. It happens to me, especially after a really good reading month. It's like I slowly run out of steam. Over-dosing maybe. Plus I think at this time of year Christmas sort of 'looms' and distracts us.

  2. **Cath: Sorry this post vanished. I accidentally scheduled two posts for Thursday when one was supposed to be for today! And, yes, Christmas is a huge distraction. And the Advent Calendar Tour...

  3. "Sometimes I think I almost get too stressed from not reading to actually read." <---Now that's bad! But I hope December brings you enough reading joy to make up for November!!!

  4. I have good months and bad months with reading. November was quite a good month, but December tends to get a bit busy... so I guess I'll see on that one.

    P.S. - The word verification for this comment is "fictions" - How apt! :D

  5. I hope December will turn out to be a better reading month for you. Some months are better in terms of reading (and life in general) than others. :)

  6. **Debi: I know! It is depressing!

    **Nikki-ann: That is a great word verification. :)

    **Darlyn: Thanks, I hope so, too!


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