Friday, April 27, 2012

Poetry: Read More/Blog More - A Monthy Wrap-Up in April

Morning Ladies and Gents,

Today is the wrap-up for the Read More/Blog More - Poetry Event. We have decided to make a few changes, so I will start with those.

Firstly, we have decided that instead of posting on the last Tuesday of every month, we will give a longer period of time in which to post. Instead, we are planning to extend it to the Monday to Thursday at the end of each month.

May - May 28 - 31
Jun - June 25 - 29
Jul -  July 23 - 26
Aug - August 27 - 30
Sep - September 24 - 27
Oct - October 29 - November 1
Nov - November 26 - 29
Dec - December 24 - 27

Secondly, we are keen to hear what you think of the Poetry idea and what changes you would make. We are trying to encourage poetry reading, so anything that leads to more people reading it is a bit help.

April Poetry Wrap-Up:

Lizzy Siddal @ Lizzy's Literary Life talks about the book Reading Shakespeare's Sonnets by Don Paterson. It sounds work checking it out, so you should check it out.

Trish @ Love, Laughter, and a Touch of Insanity talks about The Day the World Ends by Ethan Coen. It is not entirely positive, but it is still worth a read.

The Parrish Lantern is all about the poetry this month. She shares poems by Haris Vlavianos. Then, she talks about The Making of a Poem. And finally she talks about the National Poetry Month in the USA.

Kaye @ the road goes ever ever on talks about Hamlet by Shakespeare.

Snowball @ Come, Sit by the Hearth talks about Haiku poetry.

Leah @ Books Speak Volumes talks about Emily Dickinson. What's your favourite poem by her?

Care @ Care's Online Book Club is her normal creative self. Check out her post!

Then, we have the poem 'From Eloisa to Abelard' by Alexander Pope.

Jeanne @ Necromancy Never Pays talks about The Auroras by David St. John.


  1. I like that idea of giving bloggers more time to post. I keep missing this event. K, what you and Lu are doing with this event is really great. I love being able to go to various blogs via your wrap-ups and see what everyone is reading and writing about.

  2. Thanks for extending the time. It give those of us who can be a bit time-challenged more space to work with! I finally got my poetry related post up. And I love the idea of us reading and writing about one particular poem or maybe poet?


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