Saturday, June 09, 2012

Saturday Snapshot - June 9, 2012

Day 2 - empty
Day 3 - on your plate
Day 4 - close-up
Day 5 - sign
Day 6 - hat
Day 7 - drink
Day 8 - six o'clock

Other pictures:
Postcard from Danielle. Thanks Danielle!
Postcard from Amy. Thanks Amy!
Silly Kitty
Postcard from Care. Thanks Care!
Lap cat. Could take almost the same picture right now.
Casey was helping me be creative to say Happy Birthday to Marg.
Almost high tide at Hall's Harbour
Bit stormy that day.
We have had a lot of rainy, dreary weather lately so I haven't been able to take very many pictures to share...


  1. What a great collection of everyday pictures! I especially like day # 3 yuuum :)

  2. Been meaning to say this but I've really been enjoying your picture posts. They are so fun! I used to collect postcards ages ago and did the states/provinces thing too. Then when I had done that I collected map cards of the states/provinces (and various countries). Have fun!

  3. Great colle collection of pictures. You're good at keeping up with the monthly themes.

  4. What a nice way or recording daily life. I really like your collection - it's got such a lovely individual feel to it.

  5. Love these's such a cool idea! I especially love that your beautiful cat made it into several of your photos!

  6. I love this meme and I love the sign that warns of the cat on the steps! :)

  7. The stormy water and the cloud pictures at the end are my favorites. Great shots again!

    Here's my Snapshot

  8. Now I want cheesecake... And I love those clouds at the end!

  9. The cloud one is so pretty!

  10. I got hung up on that cheesecake pic, LOL. And then I started trying to find shapes in the clouds :-)

  11. I really want that cheesecake right now!!! :p

  12. LOVE the clouds!!

  13. Love the sign, the clouds and all those Casey pics (of course)! I hate cheesecake, but that one still managed to make me drool. Weird.

  14. I love photoaday, I'm having so much fun coming up with pictures! I'm happy to see you enjoying it too. I just love the sign you photographed hehe!

  15. I LOVE your picture for Empty! And also the pictures of the harbor--I can imagine the area you live is so beautiful.

    UGH. I haven't been feeling well the past week (some weird cold/allergy thing) so I've been kind of mopey around the house but I WILL get your postcard out soon (and the crockpot liners that have been sitting in my car). I'm terrible. :( :( :(


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