Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Poetry Project Revamp

Hi everyone,

Leslie and I decided that our previous Poetry Project wasn't working. I was constantly having people tell me that they forgot all about it. As the point was to have more people reading poetry, we wanted to take a moment to step back and see what we could do to make things better. We were thrilled by the people that remembered every month, and we hope they will continue to participate! We have only made a few changes.

First, we have come up with guideline topics for each month. You do not have to post about the guidelines. They are just for people that have a hard time coming up with a post idea. Here are the topics for the next year:

July – Kelly – Meet and Greet Questionnaire
August – Leslie – Read a poem by a Pulitzer Prize Winner
September – Kelly – Read a Classic
October – Leslie – Halloween Poems
November – Kelly – War Remembrance
December – Leslie – Holiday Poems/Mid-Year Reflection
January – Kelly – Christina Rossetti
February – Leslie – A poem about love, hate or heartbreak
March – Kelly – New Release (2012/2013)
April – Leslie – What could have made you appreciate poetry more when you were younger? How would you raise a poetry reader?
May – Kelly – Endicott Studios
June – Leslie – Read a poem from the original lists.
July – Kelly – Shakespearean Sonnet

Second, you can now post whenever you want. If you still want to post at the end of the month that's fine, but I was even finding the certain days kind of restrictive. And, you can post more than once. If you want to post every Wednesday, for example, and put your link in the Mr. Linky that's perfectly okay.

Which leads to the third thing. We will now be putting Mr. Linky up the first Wednesday of the month. That way you can write your post and then link it. You don't have to wait and then maybe forget. The Mr. Linky will rotate. This month I have it, next month Leslie has it, etc. When we do the wrap-up posts at the end of the month we will refresh your memory about who has Mr. Linky and what the topic is. I also created a tab for the Poetry Project.

So, for a relaunch we decided to start back at the beginning and do a questionnaire. If you don't want to answer the questions just remember the topics are only guidelines and you can post about whatever you want.

Why do you want to join for the Poetry Project?
Do you have a favourite poet?
Hopefully this will go longer than a year. Do you have any suggestions for themes?
What are your experiences with poetry in the past? Have they been positive or negative?
Tell us about a poem or poet that has had a profound effect on you. If you can't think of a poem, how about a song? Or a line from a story?
What frustrates you about poetry or the way we talk about poetry?
Tell us something about yourself that has nothing to do with poetry!

Here is the Mr. Linky for July, but you can also post your links from June here, too. If you don't, we will!


  1. K, I think this is a great idea. I often think about this meme and want to post either before or after the designated time. I'm looking forward to participating. Some suggested themes: April is National Poetry Month, Books in Verse, Poets of different nationalities or races, Harlem Renaissance, biographies about poets. . .

  2. I already told Lu I am SUPER excited about this!! Like I told her, I can't guarantee that I'll participate every month but I'll certainly try! And yay because this gives me something to post about soon :p So glad you ladies are doing this!!

  3. Oh I like this! :) I will try to get something posted next week before I go to Hawaii since I think the rest of the month will be crazy after I get back. I'm a big fan of prompts. ;)

  4. I sure do like this project. I will try to participate every month, but no guarantees.:)) I am with Chris and am glad that you ladies are doing this project.

  5. I've posted my link for June on "A Haiku Life," and the answers to the "Meet & Greet" questions for July.

  6. I confess I was one of those who started and then forgot. Like the revamp. Think this will work better for me and others (hopefully).

  7. Hooray for more poetry! Thanks for hosting, Kelly!

  8. Today I posted my introductory post for The Poetry Project :-)

  9. Today I've posted an introduction to Byron's Poetical Works [Volume 1] which is my current poetry read.

  10. So happy to have found this project! Hopefully it will cause me to make more time for poetry in my life, something I want to do more consistently. Great idea, hope to participate regularly, and I like the more lax restrictions.

    1. Hi Janna, I clicked on your link but got a message saying I can't access it from my account. It's the only one I have. any ideas?

    2. Thanks for the heads up. I reposted the link since I am pretty sure I linked to the wrong page.

  11. All righty, I'm in too!

  12. Thanks to this event, I'm beginning to enjoy poetry and looking forward to reading more and sharing my experiences with you. Great event!

  13. I love the sound of this project.
    I notice that your linky has disappeared, but you should be able to get the links back and post them up again.


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