Saturday, August 04, 2012

Saturday Snapshot - August 4, 2012

Day 28 - cup

Day 20 - last thing you bought

Day 30 - calm

Day 31 - toothbrush

Day 1 - outside

Day 2 - one

Day 3 - coin(s)

Other Pictures:
We are dog-sitting. Her name is Whimsy.
Dog meets Cat.
Casey not sure what to make of things.
She gets to eat in a new place, though.
And she makes sure the dog knows who belongs.
Sunset from July 28.
Pay Attention to Me!
Whimsy 'helping' Barbecue
Casey not wanting to be left out.
United in their desire for human food.
July 31 Sunset
July 31 Clouds
Sky from August 1.
I was going to use a picture like this for 'one' but I wasn't having much success...
Bridge from 'One' Day
And a Shot of the River
Attempting a picture of Mama Deer and 3 Babies. Pretty picture in any case.
Whimsy and Casey seem to like each other.
Another Peaceful Setting
This would have been a good picture for 'Mirror'
This one, too.
I could have shared more, but I imagine this is getting a bit long!


  1. Great photos! I especially like "calm" and July 28 sunset.

  2. Lovely photos! Very pretty necklace, and so much pretty scenery too... And adorable animals, of course! That's lucky they got along, although Whimsy looks small enough for Casey to keep control. :) I don't know if that's the dynamic, just guessing from other cats I've known!

  3. That dog is a real scene stealer! I enjoyed looking at your photos.

  4. That was fun! My favorites are the shots of the sunsets and sky but I also like the ripples in the water. Very nice, Kailana!

  5. I liked all of the nature photos, but the "calm" backyard appeals to me right now. Peacefulness is so nice (only four more weeks til school starts again). :)

  6. What great photos! I love all the rain shots; and of course the one of cat and dog lurking in hopes of people food. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  7. It's quite a project to have a photo every day and all of them interesting-nature and pets.

  8. Lovely photos! I love the sunset and clouds photos!

  9. Whimsy is adorable - you're not going to want her to leave.

  10. I like your "toothbrush" photo, and the sunset. Here's Mine

  11. Great pictures. Casey certainly looks aghast at the presence of a dog. I like your mirror shots too.

  12. Sunset was a standout♫

  13. Great week in photos!! Thanks for sharing, and for visiting my blog.

  14. I recognize the Beijing Olympics friendly creature -- I'm drinking tea out of a cup with that on it!

    I like your mirror shots.

  15. I think my favorite is August day 2: One... great shot, thanks for sharing Book Savvy Babe

  16. Great photos. I love the sunsets and outdoor shots.

  17. I'm really late in visiting your Saturday post, but these shots are fantastic - love the dog and cat shots.


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