Thursday, September 20, 2012

Where in the World are you... Waiting?!

I stole the title that Trish used for her post because I like it better than what I was thinking!

The topic for Where in the World are You Reading this month is 'Waiting'. You can interpret that at any way that you choose. Lisa has Mr. Linky this month. Here are some of my pictures:

Casey is a big 'waiter'. Her method is to wait until I put the book down for any reason and then lay on it. I have several pictures of this nature, but I am going to save the rest for 'Reading Companion' which is a future theme for Where in the World. The one above is my favourite.

When the guy works day shift and I am home, I generally read for the last hour before he gets home while waiting to get supper started. I generally try to have everything done by then so I can have that moment for my books.

I also sneak reading in at silly times. I am waiting for the sink to fill with water to do dishes in the picture above. I also read while waiting for pots to boil or the washer to finish or other household chores that have little breaks involved.
The other waiting game I tend to play is the one where I am ready way before the guy. I always have a book handy so I can read while I wait for him to finish getting ready. This is mainly because I am impatient and if I can get into my book it doesn't bother me as much.
This also extends to reading in the car. Sometimes I have no interest in dragging through a store that doesn't interest me; so I read in the car instead. I unfortunately do not have a picture of this because it is often on my phone and my phone is my camera most of the time, but here is a picture where I am illustrating how chilly it is getting at night now. It's the car thermometer.

You still have another week to join in the fun. Lisa will be wrapping things up next Thursday and then Trish will be announcing next weeks topic. I hope you will join in!


  1. I had to google how cold 9 degrees was. 48! We're still in the 90s during the day (around 32?) and around 60 at night. I was wondering about you the other day if you're starting to have colored leaves yet--keep meaning to tweet but forget.

    Anyway, I forgot about reading in the car while I'm waiting for Scott who popped into the store. I don't do this as much now since I'm usually waiting with Elle but if he takes her in it's like a gift. ;)

    LOVE that picture of Casey.

  2. Casey is so cute! I like having a few minutes to read before the Huz gets home from work. It only happens once a week or so, but I love it! The house is quiet, no TV or anything, and I just read until I hear the garage door open.

  3. Such a cute kitty!!! I totally want to sop up Casey's head with kisses!!

  4. Anonymous2:04 AM

    Awww, how can you resist a face like Casey's?

  5. What I've been noticing with this month's theme is that "true readers" find time to read anywhere. I should give the Mr. Linky's link to the next person that tells me "I don't have time to read" ;)

  6. I love this post! I do a lot of "sneak" reading, too. And now my daughter has taken to reading in the car on our way to school. She gets grumpy if I talk to her - and I can't really blame her! I did the same thing to my mom... :-)

  7. My cats are just like Casey when it comes to books. I swear my cats know that I pick up books so to get my attention, they lay on books anytime I put them down... on the bed, the sofa, the end table, the nightstand, etc.. They are either trying to hide the book from me so I pay attention to them instead or that they just know I'm going to come by for the book so they'll have my company. In any case, it's pretty cute. I take pics of my cats lying down on my books on instagram, too... I wonder if people think I staged the photos because it looks like I did. But I swear I didn't!

  8. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who reads in little two-minute snatches...I always read while I'm blow drying my hair...much more enjoyable! :-)


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