Monday, November 05, 2012

The Joys of Cat Ownership...

Sometimes I wonder why I have a cat...

- She has been up since about 5 this morning. She doesn't understand the concept of the time change. She never got that we didn't want to be up at 6 in the first place.
- She understands that her best chance of getting food is the guy. This morning he rolled over to face me and the cat climbed over him to get in my face so she could make sure he knew she was still waiting.
- She still tears anything cardboard to pieces.
- She breaks into her box of clean litter, makes a mess everywhere, and then marks her territory. Then I go to change her litter box with what turns out to be dirty litter and cardboard pieces.
- If you slip up and forget to hide the bread you can consider it cat food. You will wake up the next morning to huge holes in the bag and it will likely be on the floor.
- She has decided that she wants to be an outdoor cat. She is not happy that this is not allowed. I am not happy when I have to chase her around the backyard.
- Now that I am up way before I have to be and waiting around to leave she has decided it is nap time.

Good thing she is cute!


  1. Mine does the bread thing too. In the wise words of Terry Pratchett, "If cats looked like toads we'd realise what bastards they are" :P

  2. My cats know to go through the guy to get food too. Around 5am they are starring down my dad and "patting" him with their paws. Fortunately, they are both declawed.

  3. One of our four cats has always had a chronic respiratory illness he got at the shelter where we found him, so now that he's fourteen, his favorite way of waking us up is to sneeze copiously and repeatedly on our sleeping faces and in our hair. Then, of course, he makes himself adorable, once we're awake.

  4. I'm not really a cat person, but I have some of the same struggles with my dog. When I rescued her, she was advertised as a dog who prefers women. Perhaps she was, until she met my husband. She's all about him these days.

  5. Thank you for the laugh.

    One of our cats sits on the aquarium every time one of us enter the room and yowls for us to 'feed the fish.' When she was a kitten my husband started giving her fish food as a treat when they got fed, so now they need to be fed all the time.

    She's also my wake-up call. No matter what time my alarm is set for, she wakes me up 2 minutes before. Default time is 6 am.

  6. She's cute and full of personality!! Love her gorgeous face!!

  7. Aw, and she is very very cute!

  8. She is ridiculously cute :p If I weren't allergic to cats I'd indeed have one too!

  9. oh good. Now I have reasons to not have a cat. :)

  10. She is a sweetheart, though that behavior would drive me batty! My boyfriend is planning to get a cat in the near future, so that should be... very interesting. I've never had a cat or really spent any time around cats, and they sort of scare me! Hopefully everything will turn out all right!


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