Friday, January 04, 2013

Etsy for Christmas

I posted WAY back in September that I wanted to make my Christmas a bit more about supporting independent type businesses. For me this meant Etsy. And, I did it! I bought journals, for example, from Iliana. Everyone that reads my blog... Iliana ROCKS! I ordered the journals and then she handled everything from there. The above picture is because I never actually saw them... You see, shipping costs are kind of depressing in Canada. As a result, Iliana handled the shipping instead of me having them shipped to me and then me shipping them out again. I was worried it would seem a bit impersonal, but if I added shipping costs to my budget it might be problematic. But, guys, it was not impersonal AT ALL! Iliana wrapped them and included cards. Also, each one had a bookmark. If I wasn't posting this now; the people that received them might not even know I just, well, paid for them... So, if you ever want to support someone awesome for whatever holiday that comes your way - please visit her shop. I was very happy with everything overall and everyone loved their journals (I even bought one for myself).

I now have a perfect way to buy gifts for people. Anyone I think would remotely like a journal will be receiving one! And, I am very happy I did something that I set out to do. I also bought from a couple other Etsy shops, but I don't know them... And I am sort of coveting postcards from there. I might get my own gifts at some point...


  1. I love mine :D It really was perfect!! Thanks again Kells :D

  2. I've been meaning to browse Etsy and these journals look really beautiful... Thanks for sharing Kelly

  3. They really are just gorgeous! Beautifully made! In fact, so beautifully made that I'm going to have trouble actually using it...I don't want to ruin it!

  4. They look gorgeous. I'm such a notebook nerd. *g*

  5. I LOVE Etsy, as my PayPal acct. can attest. I also have two of Iliana's handmade journals, one of which I was lucky enough to win when she first began making them.

    My only complaint is that Iliana developed her book and journal-making skills, she began blogging less!

  6. Iliana definitely does rock. Thank you again, Kelly - I love my journal :D


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