Sunday, February 10, 2013

Project Life - Week 5

Another successful week! I didn't take enough pictures this week... But, since I have declared February 'Beatrix Potter' month, I thought including some Beatrix Potter postcards would be a fun fill-in. Plus, I love them and why keep them sitting in a box? This way people can see them. I think my postcards will appear again...
So, this week I went with two pictures of my co-workers kids. If I hadn't done that I wouldn't really have anything for this week! I again included what each picture was of, even the postcard, and I also picked my favourite aspects of each day as a sort of journal. For the filler card I included my book mail...
This is page two. The sunset is from the same day...  I wasn't going to include the little version, but it was better than using another filler card. Peter Rabbit has always been my favourite Beatrix Potter book. I love including the postcard. As you can see my friends daughter was using my phone. Maybe that is why all the pictures have been lousy lately...
And then we have the two pages together. I am really having fun with this project. I really like the idea of the Cobalt cards, but I could do with a bit less orange... The colours are also blue, green, and red. I would prefer more variety. I am looking forward to a collection of these and having a record to look back on my life.

So, this place was built in a time period where overhead lights were taboo or something. It is making it hard for me to find a good place to take pictures for this... So, we will work on that.

Also, no Casey... Weird...


  1. I still do more thinking about starting something like this than doing anything productive to start... Your pages look great!

  2. LOL--that was my first thought--where's Casey??? :P I love those Beatrix Potter cards, and I agree, they're a perfect addition.

  3. These are so great! I just read about this on Trish's blog and now yours. I'm so intrigued! This is a project that I really, really want to start myself :P

  4. I love your pictures! Now I'm considering doing this!


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