Saturday, February 02, 2013

Saturday Snapshot - February 2, 2013

26 - together
27 - sun
28 - through
29 - grow
I had no idea for this one... It is January and winter here. So my 'growing' cat stood in. 
30 - down
31 - yourself

And, now, on to February... I think I will save yesterday's picture for next week...

The guy played in a band last Saturday... He is the drummer that is hiding behind the cymbals...
Ice Ice, Baby!
My big part of the week was joining Project Life. I started and will likely share my progress at some point...


  1. Don't you hate those anonymous spammers. Sheesh!
    Anyhoo, fun photos!

  2. Love the photos, especially the one with the snow!! I live in Florida after growing up with snow... I miss it bad.
    Here's My SS

  3. Looks like you are busy...On to February ♥ My SS:

  4. YOu did a great job on all of your photos!!!

  5. Great photos! I love the "together" one, and the silhouetted tree in the "sun" one is gorgeous!

  6. Yes, I like the 'Together' one too... very stylistic. Like a movie still.

  7. I had to begin rejecting anonymous comments also ... it seems that spammers really increased activity over the past couple months ... such a hassle! Anyway, loved your photos of 'sun', 'grow', and 'ice,ice baby' ... stay warm and toasty with kitty and those snazzy jammie pants!

  8. I love the ice photo! It looks like a landscape of Antarctica or something.

  9. Love the couch...great photos.

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