Friday, February 08, 2013

Where in the World is... Your Comfy Reading Spot?

I had this huge list of things to do yesterday and I was feeling all accomplished until I realized I forgot this post! So, here I am a day late with the newest month of Where in the World Are you Reading? hosted by myself, Trish, and Lisa.  You can see the up-coming themes by clicking here. This month it is all about comfort. Do you settle in to read with a glass of wine? Do you cuddle with a fur baby, or human baby? Do you have a spot that immediately comes to mind when you decide to get comfy with your book? As usual interpret the topic however you would like and then post!

I think my favourite place to read is bed... Here is a picture of Popper the Poppet keeping my spot warm for me:
I also am all about the comfy feet. I either wear soft, warm socks when I am home or sometimes I read these very attractive slippers my mother made me:
And comfy pants... I tend to change when I am home because jeans are just not reading friendly.

Last night I got comfy with my book in the rocking chair. I had a drink close by and then I got a visitor:
This was a comfy reading moment...

So, what are your comfy moments, spots, or companions? Share them with us and include a link below!


  1. We have this smushy mostly dead sofa in the living room. The thing is falling apart, it's got some metal thing poking out the back, when you sit in it your butt just about kisses the floor. don't even get me started on the hideous upholstery. When we were college poor we got the thing for free out of a friends garage.

    and it's my most favorite reading spot, comfier even than reading in bed. i curl up with a cup of coffee, a blanket, a book, and I am in heaven.

  2. Definitely bed for me. And my LazyBoy recliner. But the recliner is in the TV room so I usually only curl up there during the day when Elle is napping and I'm lucky enough not to have any chores. I REALLY want my own reading couch but it keeps getting pushed back on the wishlist. LOVE those slippers!!

  3. Ah, that looks amazingly comfy!

  4. Kitties and reading just seem to go together, don't they? I'm hoping to get a chance to add my own post this month. :)

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  6. I'm so with you on changing into comfy clothes when I get home. There are few things better than getting home from a long day of work, putting on comfy pants and curling up with a book and a furry friend!

  7. Oh that really does look like some comfy reading time there, Kelly! I'm in my comfy reading spot right now--I'd take a picture but that would mean having to get up. Maybe later. ;)

  8. Ah, yes. PJ's are always in order for some very cozy and comfy reading time!

  9. pj's, comfy cushions, and blankets in my reading chair.


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