Thursday, March 28, 2013

Once Upon a Time VII

I can't believe I am so slow signing up for Once Upon a Time VII. It has been the slowest I have ever been in signing up... I guess I am having an off year with blogging and reading in general. I still want to join in, but who knows what I will actually manage to read!

I am going to join in for my normal quests and take it from there...
Read at least 5 books that fit somewhere within the Once Upon a Time categories. They might all be fantasy, or folklore, or fairy tales, or mythology…or your five books might be a combination from the four genres.
Some possibilities:
1. The Forever Knight by John Marco
2. Bitter Greens by Kate Forsyth
3. The Cats of Tanglewood Forest by Charles de Lint
4. Frost Burned by Patricia Briggs
5. Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

And many many more...

This quest involves the reading of one or more short stories that fit within at least one of the four genres during the course of any weekend, or weekends, during the challenge. Ideally you would post about your short story readings on Sundays or Mondays, but this is not strictly necessary.
This is a maybe. I am not even sure if I have a short story collection that fits this challenge this year... We will see what happens!

Stories are not just limited to the printed page. Many entertaining, moving, profound or simply fun stories are told in the realm of television and film. To participate in this quest simply let us know about the films and/or television shows that you feel fit into the definitions of fantasy, fairy tales, folklore or mythology that you are enjoying during the challenge.
I am not sure what I will watch to be honest, but I am sure something will fit the category. I will likely rewatch The Hobbit at some point.


  1. Bitter Greens! Read Bitter Greens!

  2. Have fun with the challenge!

  3. I haven't even heard of any of these! I really enjoyed this challenge but I can't keep up with challenges anymore. Hope you like what you've picked!

  4. Anonymous2:34 PM

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  5. Thanks for the reminder about this challenge! Happy reading.

  6. Happy reading! :)

  7. I wants to get me The Cats of Tanglewood Forest so badly!!! Hope you love it, and everything else you read for OUaT! :D

  8. Some nice choices there. Enjoy the challenge this year.

  9. I've been hearing good things about Cats of Tanglewood Forest, so I'll be curious about your thoughts. And Scarlet was excellent! I read it last month (too early for the challenge, but oh well...)

  10. I wouldn't have been the same without you!!! I read the Cats of Tanglewood Forest! I think you will enjoy it!

  11. I may rewatch The Hobbit as well. I'm resisting buying the bluray until the extended edition comes out, though I'm not sure how much longer I can resist.

    Love having you in Once Upon a Time again and am glad we are reading Cats of Tanglewood Forest together. I'm enjoying it very much.

  12. OOOOH the new Patricia Briggs is out! Although the last one was a little strange, I still enjoyed it, and overall this is a very good series. Can't wait for this in softcover.

    I really want the Charles de Lint too. Now I have to go look and see what Bitter Greens is about, I know I haven't read it, but Marg seems to really like it! lol

    I hope all is well, Kelly. I'm glad you are joining in. I was wondering where you were, and sorry I've been such a stranger here. I know you will enjoy the challenge, you and I always do :-)

    1. I really, really did like it Susan!

  13. I always fail to follow through after the first few reviews. The reading part is always accomplished, I just fail to go and list the books on the site after a few weeks. Still love the challenge, though I may not even register this year. I always get good suggestions from reading posts of participants!


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