Saturday, December 28, 2013

In a Dream World... Thoughts for 2014

I never really make reading resolutions or any of that, but I can't help thinking about things I would love to finally get around to doing. I own the entire In Death series by J.D. Robb and I have only read like ten of them. I went through my Terry Pratchett collection and I almost own them all. I started Lois McMaster Bujold's books a couple years ago, keep buying them when I see them at the second hand store, and then promptly let them lie around my shelves. Then there is Dragonlance. I love the books by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. I haven't read any books in that series since I read three of them in a row one year for the Once Upon a Time challenge. Another series I collect that just sits on my shelves. And, the thing is, this is just a small selection of the series I am in the midst of that I seem never destined to catch-up in. I have issues.

I am wickedly excited that Robin Hobb is returning to her roots and writing a new book that may come out in 2014. But, why? I haven't read all of her books yet. I consider Patricia Briggs one of my favourite authors out there... I haven't read all of her books yet. I was devastated when Sara Douglass died, but, yet have only read like 3 books by her and own all the rest. I could go on here... It's just getting overwhelming and I think that is why 2013 was so quiet for me. EVERYTHING IS A SERIES! And not a nice, manageable series. They say it will be a standalone or a trilogy or whatever and then next thing you know there are 'companion' books. Susan Carroll supposedly was done her Cheney Sisters series and then suddenly in 2014 a sixth book was released. So, now one of the few series I was caught-up in... I am behind in...

So, what is this leading up to? I need to catch-up on things in 2014... The problem is I lack the ability to not start a new series. I have tried to be very strict about it and get to the end of a book only to find there is not a conclusive ending. Or companion books are announced. Or I just really want to read a book and forget my rule of not starting a new series... Let's look at December for an example:

Level Two by Lenore Appelhans - Book 1 in a new trilogy.
Midnight Never Come by Marie Brennan - Book 1 in a four book series.
Hogfather by Terry Pratchett - Part of the Discworld series, so at least working at it.
The Diviners by Libba Bray - Book 1 in a new trilogy.
Exit Strategy by Kelley Armstrong - Book 1 in a trilogy.

Currently reading:
A Study in Silks by Emma Jane Holloway -  Book 1 in a series. (I think. Could also just be a trilogy...)
The Cloud Roads by Martha Wells - Book 1 in a trilogy.
Shards of Honor by Lois McMaster Bujold - At least part of the Vorksogian series so working on an on-going series.

See... No wonder I can't finish anything. It would be so nice to do something productive in 2014. I have been toying with catching-up in Terry Pratchett, but I take breaks between series books and then something new and shiny comes along and I never seem to get back to them... I know I am not alone with this, but I also know there are bloggers that actually read all the books in a row and then don't have to be behind all the time.

This all leads up to one thing I would really like to do in 2014... Reread, and read for the first time, as much of Lucy Maud Montgomery's books as possible. Here is the list of what I consider my goal for 2014:

Anne of Green Gables (1908) (Reread.) - Own
Anne of Avonlea (1909) (Reread.) - Own
Kilmeny of the Orchard (1910) (New read.)
The Story Girl (1911) (New read.)
Chronicles of Avonlea (1912) (New Read)
The Golden Road (1913) (New read.)
Anne of the Island (1915) (Reread) - Own
Anne's House of Dreams (1917) (Reread) - Own
Rainbow Valley (1919) (Reread) - Own
Further Chronicles of Avonlea (1920) (New Read)
Rilla of Ingleside (1921) (Reread) - Own
Emily of New Moon (1923) (Reread)
Emily Climbs (1925) (New read) - Own
The Blue Castle (1926) (New Read) - Own
Emily's Quest (1927) (New Read) - Own
Magic for Marigold (1929) (New Read)
A Tangled Web (1931) (New Read) - Own
Pat of Silver Bush (1933) (New Read) - Own
Mistress Pat (1935) (New Read)
Anne of Windy Poplars (1936) (Reread) - Own
Jane of Lantern Hill (1937) (New Read) - Own
Anne of Ingleside (1939) (Reread) - Own
The Road to Yesterday (1974) (New Read) - Own

Firstly, I used to own both Avonlea books and I know I had Emily of New Moon. I wonder where they wandered off to... Anyway, if I can read these 23 books in 2014 I get to get Lucy Maud Montgomery's collected journals at the end of the year... They were released separately, but last year and the year before the Collected Editions started appearing. I also might do audio for some of them... Maybe the rereads? What lead to this entirely was listening to Stiff by Mary Roach on audio. The narrator was awesome and that lead me to see what else she narrates... Lucy Maud Montgomery, apparently. (Sadly just the first two Anne books, so I will return to reading after listening to those two.)

So, what are your thoughts on series? Do you feel overwhelmed at times like me? Do you have any projects for 2014?


  1. So excited to see you reading and rereading Montgomery! I hope to finish off her short stories next year. I'll have to see if I can find any journals, but, I know I don't own any of those yet. I also need to consider The Blythes Are Quoted, but, the library doesn't have it.

    I'm considering a couple of projects for 2014. One I've decided for sure is to reread Jane Austen!

  2. A friend of mine, and new blogger, is rereading the Montgomery novels. To share the love:

  3. Yes, I get tired of series. I keep saying i'll stop starting them, but then a new one comes out, and it looks so good...

    I was very excited when my daughter told me the fantastic zombie book she's reading right now is a stand-alone.

    Last year (2012), I read through the entire Anne of Green Gables series - a reread - and loved it even more as an adult. Have fun!

  4. Yes. Heck, yes. *Every* book is a series and like you I just cannot keep up, so I have many series that I have read just a couple of or three or four. Robin Hobb is a very good example for me too. I've read the three Assassin books and one of the Liveship Traders. I love them, I want to carry on with them, but when? I just started the LMcB books too. Read one, liked it, own Shards of Honour and will read it. *But* do I like the series enough to buy them all? Not only am I bad at starting new series but I'm bad at deciding whether or not to conctinue with them. So, yep... I *really* feel your pain.

  5. LM Montgomery is nicely do-able -- none of them are doorstoppers! I have re-read them all, even the ones I didn't like as much, lots....I hope you enjoy the ones that are new to you! (if you haven't read Blue Castle, I hope you enjoy it lots! I love it).

  6. Yup--this is why I shy away from series!!! As a general rule I don't read them but I still pick up a book every once in a while. Think I've only finished maybe three or four series ever? Good luck with all of this! ;)

  7. I can't believe you have so many LMM books to read for the first time... lucky you!! I'll be awaiting your thoughts on so many of them. I love most of them -- there are a few duds, even for LMM, but we can't all be perfect ;)

  8. I have about 10,000 series I need to catch up on/finish. That's my goal for the first part of 2014.

  9. You've got some nice plans here. I don't really make any reading plans but I still have a few authors on a list I wish to read for the first time. Patricia Briggs for example and I downloaded all of Montgomery's books for 1$ or so. Which is the best to start with?

  10. Nope. I never get tired of series, because I don't feel like I have to catch up with them...they are there waiting for me, and also why I don't like finishing series. "That's it?!? Aw, man, that SUCKS." However, by reading various series, even switching back and forth among series, I know I'll never run out of something to read...and I don't mind that.

  11. Love your idea for an LM Montgomery project! Make sure to report on the collected journals once you get them (I have faith you will get to have them as a prize). Some of the books you haven't read yet are pretty bad (KILMENY OF THE ORCHARD), but all of my favorites are among the ones you haven't read yet -- Jane of Lantern Hill and The Blue Castle are my two favorite standalones, and I absolutely adore the Emily series. You are in for many treats!

  12. I love a series but can't read too many in a row they start to blend. I just finished a reread of all the Montgomery's and really enjoyed them. Some of your new reads are my absolute favorites - The Story Girl, The Blue Castle, Jane of Lantern Hill and Tangled Web especially. Also, I really enjoyed the change in perspectives from reading them as a child to reading them as an adult. So nice to meet a fellow Montgomery fan!

  13. I am a huge fan of mystery series but am almost always behind on them because of course I keep picking up new ones to follow. This year I would like to re-visit with some past favorites but am making no promises! :)


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