Sunday, March 09, 2014

Week in Review (10)

Random Thoughts

I am not sure what is up with me... I am just didn't feel like reading or blogging last week that much. Hopefully I do a bit better with that this week! March might be quiet just because of stuff that is going on. I am kind of obsessed with photographer so far this month. We have even gone out and played with cameras. I got a new lenses for Christmas and I had hardly used it since I got it. It was terrible! Sometimes the winter is just not photogenic... But, I am trying and am happy with my results. I am thinking of adding a photo post back to my rotation. Any interest in that? I am not sure what... A weekly or monthly favourites?

On another note, does anyone know how to delete a blog on Blogger? I have an old one that is getting spammed to death and I would just like to delete it, but I can't see where the delete option is! I have asked a couple times on Twitter, but no one has answered. If you know I would love you!!

As I think most people know we have been cat-sitting for my mother because she has become a 'Snowbird'. I really like Milo and he seems to be a hit on Instagram, but he has hardly used the litter box the entire time he has been here. He is lucky he is cute because he has almost been thrown in a snowbank a few times. He is going home on Tuesday to a different cat-sitter because we are going to Florida for a week starting on Thursday. Of course, I heard that there is supposed to be a storm Wednesday night.... I hope this is another instance of the weather being wrong!

Lucy Maud Montgomery

Yeah... I keep including this to remind myself, but I am still doing terrible with it lately.

Graphic Novel Year

Nothing so far this month. I actually only finished on book this week... So...

Other Reading Projects

Yeah. Only finished one book, so!

Challenge News
The Winter People, the only book I finished this week, counts for the Audio Book Challenge.

The Winter People by Jennifer McMahon was really really good as an audio! I finished it rather quickly. I am now listening to The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. I mentioned on Tuesday that I had never read him before and people were almost outraged. I had got the audiobook with my most recent credits from Audible so decided to get to it sooner rather than later.

Currently Reading

Boy, Snow, Bird by Helen Oyeyemi

There are several other books I have started.... That seems to be my theme for the year!

Weekly Reading

My only read of the week. At least it was an audio after hardly listening to any last month! My review will come soon.

Weekly Posts

New Additions

Nothing this week!


  1. I just downloaded The Winter People from Audible a couple days ago - looking forward to it!

  2. If you go to Settings then Other there is an option to delete a blog there.

  3. I've been in a reading slump. I think it was the book I was reading. I started a new book last night and seem to be more excited about it.

  4. Winter photos all look the same after a while. Here's wishing for spring!

  5. Have a lovely time in Florida! :-)

  6. I would love to see some picture posts!! I'm really getting back into photography myself too! I started a local photo walk and have learned so much in the process. I even signed up for a photo workshop this summer and I can't wait for it!

    If you can't figure out how to delete your Blogger blog from Marg's instructions above, feel free to email or tweet me. I can walk you through it. I didn't see your requests on Twitter or I would have answered!!

  7. It's okay to let one thing go to do something else. You are so talented. I love your photography. Keeping my fingers crossed that this week's storm comes after you leave Florida! ;-)

  8. I loved Winter People! And I too wondered about deleting old blogs. Good to see how.

  9. There is a way to delete it. I think it may be under settings. I know I deleted an old one of mine last year when I switched to WordPress, but I believe I stumbled on the delete button by chance. Did you look it up on Google?

    You are too hard on yourself. Your pictures are gorgeous, and you ARE reading. Perhaps this is a sign that you just need to slow down and take it one book at a time?

    Enjoy your vacation and the chance to warm your bones in sunny Florida! I'm so jealous but happy for your too!

  10. After this long winter, Florida should be a nice break. Have fun and take lots of pictures!

  11. I started Boy Snow Bird this week, but I can't seem to find any time to read it! I'm hoping to get a little time this weekend, even though I have a bunch of plans with my sister too.

  12. I hope you're enjoying Boy, Snow, Bird! I thought it was marvelous.


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