Saturday, April 19, 2014

Impromptu Read-a-thon

I know the real read-a-thon is not until next weekend, but I have essentially been in a reading slump since last month. This weekend, though, the reading gods seem to have stepped in and books are connecting with me. It did not start off good... I picked up probably 5 books on Thursday and wound up putting them aside. I was starting to get worried! Then... It happened... I picked up Incendiary Girl by Kodi Scheer and it clicked. I wound up reading it in almost one sitting. That was Thursday. Then, after finishing that, I sat there and flipped around through my review copies and came across Lost Lake by Sarah Addison Allen. That one clicked and I finished it up on Friday. (Finally!)

It hasn't been easy, though. I pick up and abandon books before finding one that works... Now we are on Saturday and I am reading The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison and The Enchanted by Rene Denfeld. It would be awesome to finish both of them!

Things I Have Been Thinking About While Reading:

  • I started off the year reading older books, but mixed in I have read way more 2014 books than I would expect. It is nice to feel like you are keeping up!
  • One of the books I put aside for now was The Girl Who Came Home by Hazel Gaynor. I thought this was a new book, but it isn't. The reason the opening felt so familiar is because I have a Kindle edition of this book and started it in 2012. I guess I made it to chapter 11 and then something distracted me. I was starting to feel like I was going crazy! Now that I have that sorted I am going to go back and finish the book!
  • I never noticed before how bad of an influence Michelle from That's What She Read was. I have known her for a few years, but it took me until this year to discover she reads a lot of the same stuff as me... This means that she has greatly influenced my TBR this year. (Not that it is a bad thing!)
  • I have been using my e-reader more than ever before so far this year... Only one book I read this month was not on my e-reader, actually. This is not helping my physical TBR... (Although, I do own a hardcover copy of Lost Lake, so even though I read it on my e-reader, it still counts as reading a book on my physical TBR.)
  • I wish e-readers had better batteries. The only way this read-a-thon has worked is by putting my reader on airplane mode and it still died while I was reading The Goblin Emperor last night. That is why I switched to my tablet and wound up reading The Enchanted. My e-books could sync with each other, but that would mean using the internet...
  • I seem to be having a fantasy-heavy year. If nothing is working for me, usually switching to a fantasy novel works.
  • It is really fun to just flip around in your e-reader and read whatever works for you. Even if I do not have specific reading plans, there is usually a book I have in mind to read next. This weekend I am just reading whatever.
I look forward to seeing where my reading takes me next! And, this has been my rambles for Saturday...


  1. I love the idea of an impromptu read-a-thon! I need to do one myself since I have so many books that I would like to be reading right now :) I'm glad to hear that you are finding your reading mojo again. I always turn to mysteries when I am in a slump myself. Good luck with your read-a-thon. I hope you are able to finish a few more books up!

  2. I really need to read more by Addison. I've only read Garden Spells and I really liked it, so I'm not sure why I haven't continued with her other books!

  3. I've been having a bit of a readathon lately on my phone since I've been rocking Evie to sleeprduring her nap. Ha! I started the second Outlander and despite my reservations at the beginning I'm quite enjoying it now. I sometimes wish my entire library was in ebook form but I agree about the battery. Turning off wifi does help but the not syncing bit does drive me crazy.

    Enjoy your reading! It's so great when you can find the perfect book to bust your slump!

  4. That sounds fun! I hate reading slumps and glad you're busting out of yours! I've been intrigued by Addison's Garden Spells book but have never looked at any of her others. She's definitely an author I need to try. I'm with you on the normally having a plan. The idea of just picking something at random seems fun and scary at the same time! Good luck getting the other books read!

  5. Glad your slump is gone! Those things are the worst. Since my own spring break has finally started, I'm having a mini-readathon too. The Enchanted is in my reading pile but I need to look up The Goblin Emperor. I love goblins. :-) Happy happy reading!

  6. It is a lovely property of an ereader that you can flip from one book to another so easily! Couldn't agree more.

  7. I am so glad you had such a great weekend reading! It's wonderful when you really are able to connect with the books you are reading. My reading has slowed way down, in part, I'm sure, because, as much as I love Margaret Atwood's writing, Blind Assassin, hasn't fully grabbed me. I found myself gravitating towards everything else this weekend rather than my book.

    One of the reasons I love my Kindle Paperwhite and Nook GloLight is because of the long battery life. I can read either one all day long and still have plenty of battery life to last me weeks. It sure beats reading on my phone or my Kindle Fire, let me tell you!

  8. March was my reading slump but I seem to be back to normal - for me it's mysteries that get me through those slumps. Not sure if I'm going to participate in the read-a-thon. I want to but I'll have to see what the weekend brings. Anyway, glad you are enjoying books again :)

  9. :) My Kindle has a long battery life, too. Perfect for the kind of read-a-thon you create for yourself. I never do the real one, but frequently manage a few of my own--depending on how many irresistible books are in my stack!

  10. The battery life on my Nook HD isn't great, but I have a place to plug it in right next to where I sit, so I can continue reading uninterrupted. I'm glad you are getting back into the reading groove. Enjoy.

  11. I'm in a reading slump now. It's awful. All of April just gone by, one book read. Lots picked up, though! darn it. I hate them, and I was doing so well before. Glad you are out of yours :-) and even better loving the books you are finding!


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