Thursday, May 08, 2014

Random Rambling - The May Edition

I had such high hopes at the beginning of the year that this would be a great reading year and I would get back on track with blogging... And here we are in May and I am not doing either and have been slacking since about March. So, I lasted two whole months! It makes me wonder if I should even make these goals any more because I obviously cannot keep them up. Somewhere in my life, reading started to take a back seat. I go days without even picking up a book. It's just so bizarre! Actually, if I didn't do Book Tours for TLC Book Tours... I wouldn't have really read or blogged at all. They at least mean I finish books!

I think it is just my life has taken a different direction. If it is a nice day then I do not want to be inside with a book. I want to be outside going for a walk or finding a new place to have a photo expedition. Which lead to me finally deciding I am ready to have a dog again. I had my childhood dog up to 2007 when she got a tumour in her stomach and I had to put her down. That was a terrible time for me! We took her to one vet who told me the dog was fine and then to a second vet that told me she was suffering and there was nothing they could do. I just felt so guilty for a very long time. But, we have moved and while it is not the perfect set-up we were looking for, the road here is still really busy, I started dog-searching.

It is really hard! At first we did not agree on a breed at all. I have only ever had big dogs and did not want a third cat. So, after getting very frustrated, we decided to foster dogs instead. We are getting our first one tomorrow, so anyone that follows me on Instagram and such will see dog pictures instead of a million pictures of the cats. (Although, it is nice for the second day in a row, so you may actually see some variety now that I can go outside!) I was getting frustrated with the foster people, too. They seem to not like the fact that we have cats. And, I think they wanted me to take little, yappy dogs. Just because I have cats doesn't mean I need the dog to be the same size! But, we seem to have reached a point where we are agreeing now. Yay! This is the first foster dog (not my picture):

The funny thing is that after telling me we could only have 'little dogs'... The guy and I found a dog that we both like and I filled out adoption papers. I only showed her to him on a whim. I was shocked when he asked if I had applied! (This was before we found out we were getting a foster dog.) So, I am not sure how long fostering will last. Ideally I would like to find a dog to keep, but also keep fostering because there are so many dogs that need temporary homes. We will see what happens...

And, I guess I wanted to talk about dogs today... I am really excited about tomorrow.


  1. I'm so excited for you! I was never really a big dog person (large or small dogs), but I fell in love with our Annie-Dog and she's been a great companion for the past 7 years. She's a mutt and we rescued her, so I think she's very happy to have a home and be loved. Not sure what we'll wind up doing after she's gone, though... I think she's around 10 or 11. Can't wait to see all your pix on Instagram! :)

  2. I can relate to some degree. Shifts in my life have definitely impacted my reading and blogging habits. Yours is the third post I've read today that touches on the topic of lack of motivation in some form or manner. I wish I knew what the cure was. A part of me really wants to just tell you to go with the flow. Do what you feel like doing, and try not to stress about reading or blogging. Sometimes I wonder if our feeling that we "must" read or blog because we "love" to do it is a stress creator all on its own.

    I don't know why we feel guilty when we say goodbye to our dogs. I feel similarly about my dog. :-( I don't know when I'll be ready for another dog. Sometimes I feel like I am now and then other times, I know I'm not. I definitely don't want to bring a dog into my home knowing how thinly I'm stretched right now in regards to my energy, time and attention. And yet . . . I miss having a dog around so badly some days, and I know I have the room in my heart.

    Anyway, enough about me. I am so happy for you! I hope you are able to get the dog you want. I admit I've been looking now and then too, although I know we aren't ready. Good luck with the fostering. I think it's wonderful that you are doing that. I'd much rather a dog be able to stay with a foster family than in a kennel. Even though my Riley was a shelter dog we adopted, I think this next round, if it ever comes, we'll for with a rescue dog that's been fostered. Only because I need to know for sure the dog is good with cats and children.

    I hope it goes well tomorrow! I will be thinking of you.

  3. I still miss my childhood dog who had to put to sleep in 1998. It's funny how long they stay with us.
    It's so weird the foster people didn't like the cat situation. I know one of the most frequently asked questions is if a dog is good with cats. I will definitely be thinking of you tomorrow. Hope all goes well.

    I think we all go through reading slumps. I remember the year I was first married I had a new job and was trying to figure out how to make a blended family work. I'm not sure I picked up a book for months. It will get better!

  4. I just think our lives sometimes take a different direction for a while and really... that's ok. Give yourself permission to do something else and not stress. Someone else said that blogs can create stress and I think that maybe they have a point. I suspect eventually you'll come back to reading but in the meantime just enjoy what you are doing. Life is very short. :-)

  5. Awwwww. What a cute foster dog! One of my neighbors fosters dogs, and she's always out walking with a new adorable dog.

  6. My mother still cries about my childhood dog; they put her down in 1998. Since then, they've lost two other dogs. They are down to one, and we all keep waiting to see if they get another one or not.

    And my heart is breaking just a bit for you after reading this post. You will get a puppy eventually, and you can spoil us all with adorable cat and dog pictures forever!

  7. Fostering a dog is such a generous thing to do. I've never even heard of that before, but what a good idea. Wonder how many "foster" dogs end up being permanent family members.

    Eager to hear about how both fostering and adoption work out!


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