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Week in Review - Week 12

Random Thoughts

I have decided that I just want to read too much at once, so then I am not finishing anything. It is likely because I have neglected my shelves for years and now everything is calling to me. And, frankly, I just do not have enough uninterrupted reading time to read everything I start in any sort of timely manner. So, I mostly have a bunch of started books and all I seem to finish is comic books... I would love to be better at time management so I can do all the things that I want to do.

Graphic Novel Year

Fairest - Volume 1: Wide Awake
Ms. Marvel - Volume 4: Last Days
Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars
The Fiction
Bombshells - Volume 1: Enlisted
Broken World
Fairest - Volume 2: The Hidden Kingdom

Currently Reading

Weekly Reading

Fairest - Volume 1 (reread) -  It is no secret that I love Fables and all of the spin-offs. It is weird that I actually bought this series, but then hardly read it... According to Goodreads this is the only one I actually added to my shelves as read, but I think I read a bit further with single issues. A spin-off that centres around the women of Fables. It is definitely enjoyable! I am glad this is my next 'project' for my graphic novel reading. Recommended!

Ms. Marvel - Volume 4 - My project before Fairest was to catch-up on Ms. Marvel and I was successful. This is the volume that ties in with Secret Wars. That is what most of my other Marvel reading has consisted of this year. I continue to really enjoy this series and applaud Marvel for their diversity by releasing this series. She is definitely a strong role model for all the young comic book readers out there. I look forward to volume 5! Recommended!

Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars - (Marvel Unlimited) - I love Deadpool so I am always excited to read his comics. This one was a small series that flash-backed to events in the 1980's. It was a bit different than the overall theme to Marvel at the moment, so that was refreshing, but it wasn't my favourite Deadpool. I felt it was a bit too rush and the flashing back and forth through time wasn't always as clear as I would like. That being said, it was still Deadpool and I always enjoy that. Recommended!

The Fiction - (Scribd) - I was really curious about this comic when I saw an ad for it in another comic. I am so glad I read it on Scribd and didn't buy it when it came out in trade... I was really disappointed. I guess I had Fables and The Unwritten level hopes for it and that was not what you get at all. I am not sure why BOOM! is such a fan of 4 issue volumes... They are too rushed and you don't get a chance to get involved enough. If this was a series I would give it a go for another volume, but as a standalone it was unmemorable and disappointing.
Bombshells - Volume 1 -  I loved this! I admit to being very not in the know when it comes to DC comics, but I am branching out. I figured a series that takes strong female characters and combines them with WWII is right up my alley. And, it was! (Although it also made me want to read a lot of DC series... Maybe one day!) This volume is made up of 6 issues that give you a chance to meet all of the characters. At first it seemed like too much jumping around and too many characters, but it all works out in the end. Strongly recommended!

Broken World - (Scribd) - After the disappointment that was The Fiction, I was worried about another BOOM! single volume story-line. This one wasn't so bad, though. It was still too short, 4 issues is not long enough, but I think there was enough time for the central part of the story to be dealt with. I think the hardest part of such a quick storyline is really being invested in the characters. This was handled better than The Fiction and I enjoyed it more. I suppose it is like a short story or novella. Recommended!

Fairest - Volume 2 - I think this Volume is a reread, but in single issues. And, really, I just didn't enjoy this volume as much as some of the other books in this overall series. It worked out in the end, making me enjoy it, but in the beginning it was kind of all over the place and I was not getting invested in the storyline. This series seems to just focus on one storyline per volume, but at the same time tie in with Fables. It is a nice chance to get to know all of the female fables, though. Volume 1 was Briar Rose and The Snow Queen. This series was mostly Rapunzel. Recommended!
Led Astray - (Scribd) - I have been reading this for a while. I am notoriously bad at reading short story collections, but I read one or two of these every morning and it worked really well. My only draw-back was there were novellas mixed in and they took a bit longer to read. But, I finished it! I love Kelley Armstrong, but have only mostly read her Women of the Otherworld series. There were stories related to that, but there were also stories based around her other series that I really must get around to reading more from. Recommended!

New Additions

Dorothy Must Die
The Wicked Will Rise
Yellow Brick War
Bombshells - Volume 1: Enlisted

Weekly Posts

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Weekly Pictures


  1. Nothing wrong with GNs. I love how fast you can read them.

  2. You have been killin' it!
    I love that your pup and the cat are getting along. :)

  3. I understand about books on the shelves all calling to you :) I tend to *want* to read a hundred books a month, and, of course I can't! No one can ;)

  4. Sorry it took me a long time to come stop by!

    Lately I've been dipping into too many books as well. And it takes me weeks to finish a book so I need to stop that too.

    Bombshells sounds super exciting! I am all for graphic novels with strong female characters.

  5. I always have a ton of books that I want to read at once as well. I guess that is just a book lover for you :) I am currently reading a fiction and nonfiction book because I just couldn't decide between the two. Lol! Have a great week!

  6. Anonymous7:08 PM

    Sounds exactly like my situation. I'm reading lots of comics and really slowly making my way through books! Of course now that you've mentioned all these comics on Scribd I'm off to check them out and well, ignore my books and read them!

  7. I miss not having uninterrupted reading time. :-( And I know the feeling of wanting to read all the books at once. Fairest sounds really good. I'm glad you enjoyed the first volume. I love your animal photos. They always make me smile. :-) I hope you have a great week, Kelly.

  8. Great pics of the fur kids! :)
    I need to make a list of some of these GNs you are reading because I always am looking for suggestions. I'm interested in Bombshells - that looks cool.

  9. Ha! Your random thoughts are my random thoughts, too. Well, I'm doing better this year with finishing more books, but I completely understand the starting-everything-and-not-finishing-anything thing. I have so many half-read books around the house...

    I have the Bombshells comic on my wishlist, it looks so fun! I'm glad to read you enjoyed it :)

  10. I want to read everything too. However, I have discovered that the busier I get, the less I am able to read multiple things at the same time. I am down to just one book at a time. I can't even do audiobooks anymore. So sad...

  11. I read Deadpool Secret Wars recently. It was a lot of fun! I'm being crazy and attempting read all Secret War tie ins and Secret Wars issues dating back to 1983-84. It's pretty insane. Harry Potter is stealing my attention from it right now, though.


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