Sunday, April 17, 2016

Week in Review - Week 16

Random Thoughts

I am kind of hoping this feeling organized and accomplished lasts... Do I do everything I would love to do in a day? Nope! Do I do a lot of what I wanted to do? Yep! So, it could be worse... I bullet journal. I have been keeping my day to day journal updated for the first time in quite some time. I blog once a week. I am reading, but wish it was longer works... Something I need to work on! I have been following a cleaning schedule and thinning out possessions. I even have been using the treadmill, listening to audiobooks, and watching a show on Netflix. This is more accomplished than I have felt in some time!

Graphic Novel Year

Ghost Racers
Inferno: Warzones
Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders
Paper Girls - Volume 1
Korvac Saga: Battleworld
E is for Extinction: Warzones
1602: Witch Hunter Angela
Daredevil - Volume 2: The Autobiography of Matt Murdock
Deathlok - Volume 2: Man Versus Machine
Guardians Team-Up - Volume 2: Unlikely Story

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Weekly Reading

Cloaks - Scribd - This came up on Scribd and I thought I would give it a read. I like magicians and this was good... But... What is with this 4 issues thing? Who said that was a good idea? Most other companies do 5 or 6. And, I think 4 issues is the entirety of this series, so it gets good and you are invested and then the end. I just don't get it... I would have liked to continue seeing where this series lead!

Ghost Racers - Marvel Unlimited - Okay, so Marvel Unlimited has been a little neglected so far this year... I basically spent the week attempting to make a dent in all the comics I have saved in my library. This was one that finished off an arc. The Battleworld version of Ghost Rider. It was good. The familiar characters were there and I enjoyed the overall story.

Inferno: Warzones - Marvel Unlimited - Well, women in comic books definitely wear some interesting outfits. I continue to be bothered by the wardrobe while making my way through most series... It is often very impractical so I don't get it... I do enjoy the X-Men, though, so I enjoyed this mini-series in the midst of other Secret Wars events!

Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders - Marvel Unlimited - This was only two issues so I assume it will be included with something else in trade... But, Captain Britain is a woman! I enjoyed this take and wish the series was longer!

The Girl with all the Gifts - Audible - I admit that when I decided to read this I had no idea what it was even about... It just made the rounds and I got it on Audible at some point? I had no idea it was a zombie novel. I am not sure what I expected it would be, to be honest. But, it was good! I enjoyed the audio performance and the story. It was an original zombie story. I enjoyed the characters and considering I haven't read audio books in ages, made decent time with it. Strongly recommended!

Paper Girls - Volume 1 - Brian K Vaughan for the win! I read the first issue of this earlier this year and knew I was going to have to see how things played out. And, yeah, after finishing Volume 1 I can't wait to see how Volume 2 plays out. It is hard to be original in this day and age, but who would expect a series about Paper Girls? I am intrigued! Strongly recommended!

Then I read a bunch of Marvel Comics...

Korvac Saga: Battleworld - I read the 31st Century Guardians series last year, so I was happy to know what was happening! I am glad to see they appeared in the Secret Wars story-line.

E is for Extinction: Warzones - Another X-Men series! It was good, too!

1602: Winter Hunter Angela - I love Angela in Guardians of the Galaxy, and this was an interesting take! 

Daredevil - Volume 4: The Autobiography of Matt Murdock - I read a bunch of Daredevil comics last year, so this was the end of another series. I really enjoy both the comics and the shows.

Deathlok - Volume 2: Man Versus Machine - Another series I enjoyed! 

Guardians Team-Up - Volume 2: Unlikely Story - I really enjoy this collection of team-up issues. There were lots of favourites in this collection!

A Slip of the Keyboard - I really enjoy Terry Pratchett. I really enjoyed this collection of non-fiction by him. It covered a variety of topics and I am so glad that I splurged and got it recently. It is so sad that there will not be any new Pratchett books, but I think we get to know him by reading this. Strongly recommended!

New Additions

Paper Girls - Volume 1

Weekly Pictures


  1. I love accomplishing things on my to do list. No matter how small the task if the satisfaction is great than who cares!

  2. I love Brian K Vaughan - did not know about this one, have to look for it! Thanks!

  3. Thanks for reminding me that I still have an audio of 'The Girl with All the Gifts' buried on my computer somewhere. I'm so pleased that you recommend it so strongly - I'll listen to it next :-)

  4. No wonder you're feeling accomplished--sounds like you're getting soooo much done these days! You always have, and I'm sure always will, amaze me over how much you get read! And yet you do so much more as well! Would love to see pics of your bullet journal sometime! :)

  5. MY husband and I started bullet journaling last week and boy, did we accomplish a lot so far! I have not gotten things done so promptly ever before - none of the apps helped with that. But writing it down and wanting to cross it out has made me want to get stuff done. This system totally works! I would love to see your bujo system!

  6. I really liked The Girl with All the Gifts and am looking forward to Fellside by Carey. The Terry Pratchett essays sounds good!

  7. Well done on your to-do list. Carrying over a couple of tasks is no bad thing. I hadn't heard of the Pratchett non-fiction, what a nice idea for a book.

  8. I keep hearing good things about The Girl With All the Gifts and have added it to my audio TBR list. I wonder if the author's new release, Fellside, is as good? It's getting good reviews.

  9. The Girl with all the Gifts is one of my favorite books, I'm really glad you enjoyed it! I remember when I got into it, I wasn't sure what it was about either so this was a fun and surprising ride.

    I have my copy of Paper Girls, but I've been waiting for the right moment. I'm super intrigued though!

    Also, congrats on the feeling accomplished :)


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