Friday, September 23, 2016

Book Blogger Hop - Take 1

Question: How many years have you been blogging? Anything special you want to tell everyone about your experiences?

Answer: In December I celebrate my 11th Blogging Anniversary. (I had a Live Journal before that, but I don't count it). I started blogging because an online friend got into in November. Book blogging was still a relatively new thing back then. Then, it sort of exploded. It is hard to believe what has changed in that time. I remember when I first started getting offered review copies of books. I was so excited! This was before e-readers were popular, or maybe even invented... (I was a bit slow to e-readers, so I can't remember when they launched). It was before Netgalley, Twitter, and Instagram. There was Facebook, though, but social media was just in its infancy. And, now... I find the blogging world can get kind of overwhelming. I try to stick to my quiet little corner and I don't branch out like I used to. I rarely accept review copies any more and most of my book blogging is a Sunday post where I tell what I read that week. My blog has changed a lot from the one that I started, but I like how it has changed. I still read, but I have developed many other interests that I like to talk about. And, my blogging ebbs and flows, but that's life...

How long have you been blogging? What are your thoughts on it?


  1. I started my book blog in 2006. I had another blog that focused on quilting at that time, but wanted a place to review books. My other blog has changed more than my book blog as my interests have expanded.

    I still get lots of unrequested review books in the mail, mostly in genres I don't read. Most of my books are ARCs from NetGalley which don't require physical storage and from the library, which provides a great selection. Times have certainly changed!

    Congratulations on your upcoming 11 years!

  2. Wow! 11 years. That's crazy! I've only been blogging for 5 years and am amazed at how much it's changed in just that time.

  3. Wow! 11 years! I've blogged for 9 years, but I have had a website 20 years. Like you said, I don't count that as part of blogging, though. I did a personal blog for about 4 of that, so I've been book blogging for 7. Like you said, so much has changed. It's amazing and a little said too. I love to blog, but I don't feel like I have anything to say anymore. So, like you, I blog maybe once a week unless I'm participating in some sort of event.

  4. That is awesome! I've had my blog since 2004. Some years I haven't blogged as much but I think that's just the way it is. I still love to talk about books and reading about books.


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