Sunday, September 25, 2016

Week in Review - Week 39

Random Thoughts

Okay, folks. I blogged everyday this week but Monday! When does that ever happen? Yes, they were not reviews and were mostly just pictures and answering questions I found online, but, still.... Blogged 6 out of 7 days. We will see if that ever happens again. I guess the secret is to work on a blog post a bit every day so then you get ahead and it is not so overwhelming! Like, this post... I started it on Wednesday instead of throwing it together in a rush on Sunday. I am still pretty happy that I have posted this Week in Review post every Sunday for 39 weeks now. That is pretty consistent blogging for me after years of sporadic posts. Who knows, maybe I will even start reviewing books again... Or, not. We will see where I head. I go through periods where I consider just deleting my blog, but in the end I stick it out!

In other news, Litsy is available for Android now, so you can add me if you like! I am bookishnerd on there.

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Batgirl - Volume 3: Mindfields

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(I think, anyway. I haven't had a chance to start a new audio yet.)

Weekly Reads

Batgirl - Volume 3: Mindfields ~ A new edition in the Batgirl series that continues to be fun. I really enjoy this interpretation of Batgirl and all of the characters that are included in her adventures. Cameron Stewart does a great job with the writing and the art is really well done. If you haven't tried this series and like this type of thing, worth checking out! Recommended!

The Bone Knife ~ Since I have Scribd back again, I have been exploring titles in my library. I have been meaning to read Intisar Khanani for ages and just never got around to her... Until now! This was only a short story, but it was unlimited on Scribd and a good way to try her writing. It really is as good as people say, even in this short form, and I am so glad I finally gave her a try! I am pretty sure between Scribd and my e-books, I have most of her books. So, hopefully will enjoy her other stuff, too! Recommended!

The Rook ~ I really liked this audio production of Daniel O'Malley's novel. I think the narrator fit the main character perfectly and captured the overall personality of her. I have heard the buzz around this book, but actually had no idea what the story was about. It turns out it is a supernatural society that fits perfectly with this time of year. I have heard the sequel is not quite as good, but I probably will check it out sooner rather than later. Recommended!

Where Am I Now? ~ I had originally planned to read this in paperback, but I had an Audible credit and decided to see what it was like in audio. I really rarely read celebrity memoirs, but Mara Wilson is one actress that I watched in her famous days and was curious where she was now. The book is a collection of essays narrated by her and while it was not amazing, I did really like it. I was not surprised when one whole essay was about Robin Williams. She also talked about her early life, current life, struggles, etc. Her life was pretty normal! Recommended!
Sunbolt ~ I am so proud of myself. Two books by the same author in one week! I think I should keep the momentum going and read the sequel to this next... It's on Scribd. I really like her books so far and finally get why everyone was recommending them! This was a novella, but I believe the sequel is a full-length novel. I haven't had a chance to check as I just finished this last night. Great cover art, too! Recommended!

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  1. I am a better blogger when I have time to prep posts well in advance, and unfortunately that doesn't always work out. :-(

    I am glad you enjoyed The Bone Knife. I'm been wanting to try that author's work. The Rook has been on my radar for awhile now. I love the sound of it.

    Beautiful photos, as always, Kelly. I hope you have a wonderful week!

  2. I've been meaning to read Intisar Khanani too. I checked and my library has Sunbolt, so that could be a good place to start.

  3. I always try to have blog posts ready to go in advance. If it is not finished the day before, then nothing gets posted. I try to write a little every day too so that I do not have to reserve great swaths of time to blogging. It is a schedule that has worked for me pretty well over the years.

  4. If it matters, I liked Stiletto almost as much as The Rook! It starts a little slower than The Rook -- I mean The Rook is SUCH a strong start, so no surprises there. And I ended up liking Stiletto a ton, even though it's practically a whole entire new set of characters.

    I'm excited you like Intisar Khanani! Isn't she great?

  5. You've reminded me to request the latest Batgirl from the library!


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