Friday, October 14, 2016

Bookish (And Not So Bookish) Thoughts

1. | An example of how little I use my kitchen is that I bought bagels and then could not for the life of me remember where the toaster was. As soon as it was found in a cupboard I was like oh, right. I put it there so it was easy to find and get to if we needed it. Go, me!

2. | I am pretty sure snails are reading for me lately. I have been reading The Nightingale all week and I am only like halfway. My audio listening has slowed way down, too. It's just discouraging because there is so much that I want to read and I am taking forever getting to it! I mean, I have a few unread graphic novels that I have received the last couple months. I don't know who I am reading-wise at the moment.

3. | I know that part of my reading issues are other hobbies. But, this blogging more isn't helping if I am taking away so much from my reading! I could be reading right now. Instead I read blogs and am now writing this post. My day just gets away from me and I know work is really getting me down at the moment which is not helping at all.

4. | I haven't really even been using Litsy. I stick a picture up and like the people I follow, but as fun as I find the app it is all ready something I am not finding time for.  I had big plans and was so excited about its release.

5. | I am pretty sure the theme to 2016 is I have no time. I have tried to be more organised. I got into bullet journals and planners and cleaning schedules. I had high hopes that I could be better with time and get more done, but it is October and I still never accomplish anything. The days when my to do list in my Bullet Journal is all checked off is rare. And, the stuff that I don't get to are usually simple things or just simply enjoyable things.

6. | So, what do I do when life feels insane? Buy books... That I do not have time to actually read! Yesterday, I used Audible credits in their sale and got the beginning to the Vorkosigan series because apparently reading the actual series hasn't worked well. But, who knows when I will get to them? I suppose there are worst things you can do when you are feeling down, but all it does is put more books in view that I want to read and don't have time for.

7. | I really should say something positive in this list, but I am not sure what to say at this point. I love the autumn, but they are predicting a bad winter. I am all ready feeling blah now, so I have no idea how I will make it through a winter with lots of snow. And with other changes happening, I predict my overall mood to get worse instead of better.

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  1. Don't feel bad. I forget where I put things all the time and those snails are reading for me too. It's taking me forever to finish books lately! And I'm reading more than blogging but I feel bad that I'm not blogging as much. Sigh! As much as I hate snow I'd rather it then hot, miserable, soul sucking heat! I try to remind myself midwinter how much I hate the heat so I stay sane.

  2. I've got those snails too! Uni projects suddenly came crashing down on me and I haven't had any time to read lately :/

  3. I've also bought the Vorkosigan series in that sale. Mostly because apparently the author was inspired by one of my favorite (and yet obscure) writers - Dorothy Dunnett.

    I've also been doing a bit of reading soul-search lately, so much so that the blog has been in a hiatus.

  4. It must be just this time. The end of the year always makes me feel like I had so many plans this year and barely anything panned out. I am beginning to feel like a sore thumb on Litsy too. I go days without posting anything, then put something up, but then I close the app so that I can use my free time to actually read. Grr!

  5. Sorry work is getting you down. I say continue doing the things you like and maybe focus on some hobbies one week and others the next. I feel very behind all the time and while I'd love to jump on the bandwagon of listy, instagram, etc. I just can't imagine losing more time. I already feel like I barely read! So, just saying, I hear you! Hope you have a nice weekend and enjoy your new books!

  6. When I straighten and organize, I can't find anything the next day. I also spend an inordinate amount of time looking for my coffee cup--set it down, get busy with something, and then don't know where I put it. Hope the blahs are getting better, Kelly.

  7. Anonymous10:59 AM

    Addressing #2 & 6-- I also feel (felt) this way! I love to read but wasn't reading as much, and was collecting more books I wasn't reading!

    What I decided to do was take a big step away from Netgalley, etc. and only pick a book if I removed a book from their shelves, and also I just don't blog as much, nor write as many reviews anymore (or at this time, anyway).

    My blog is a hobby, so I can dictate what I do with it. I learned I'd prefer to spend more time reading a book I was in the mood for, reading other people's blogs, & commenting back on my blog. Something had to give, so I gave up almost all my features/memes, and only post a couple of times a week. I'm happy and that's what counts. My humble suggestion: put The Nightingale aside to pick up next week and choose whichever book you already have that looks like great fun.... and dive in!

  8. Aw I'm sorry you're feeling blah! We all go through phases where our reading's a little wonky, so hopefully you'll get back in the groove soon. HUGS.


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