Sunday, February 12, 2017

Week in Review - Week 7


February is always my least favourite month of the year. This year seems to be no exception. I can't even tell you what I have been doing instead of my normal activities, but it has been a quiet month so far. I have no real interest in reading, my audiobook listening has slowed down, I am not blogging, and I am not blog hopping. It's weird. Hopefully I can get out of this overall slump soon. The fact that after a pretty mild winter we are getting storm after storm is not helping. Plus, it has been colder than it was. The storm that is supposed to hit tonight could mean snow until Tuesday. I am not excited. 

We have been watching stuff, though. We are all caught up on NCIS, my favourite show, and we watched The Girl with all the Gifts the other night. The book was way better, but the movie wasn't terrible. I continue with my puzzle making. Sometimes I make a whole puzzle with all the pieces. Other times pieces are missing. I got rid of some puzzles last week and found a piece to one of them after the fact. Thankfully she has only got to my second hand puzzles, so it is not devastating to finish and be missing a piece like it would be if it was a new one. They are probably missing pieces to begin with as they did come from other homes. 

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I like this, but as you can see I am not flying through it...


I think. I haven't had a chance to start it yet.

Weekly Reading

Tank Girl: Two Girls One Tank ~ A picture from this comic went viral following the events in the U.S. and I decided that I had to check it out. It is not your typical comicbook about women. This is more what a male characters adventures would be like. I really enjoyed it! It wasn't perfect, but it really set women in different roles than the normal. I am excited to see where the series goes from here and might check out the earlier runs at some point. Recommended!

Paper Girls - Volume 2 ~ Brian K Vaughan is one of my favourite graphic novel authors. I read all of Y: The Last Man in December to remind myself how much I enjoy him. I really enjoyed the first volume in this series, so knew I was going to have to get the second one when it came out. I am not sure why it took me so long to actually read it! He continues to hit things out of the park with this one and I can't wait for Volume 3! Strongly recommended!

Marked in Flesh (The Others, Book 4) ~ And just like that, I am actually all caught up in this series until Volume 5 comes out in March. I am very impressed with myself! I think I should have done it a little differently, because this one took me a bit longer to get through than the others. I start to want to read other things, but was determined to not walk away from this series. And, it is really fun paranormal series. It is not the best series I have ever read necessarily, but it was the perfect mindless fun for this drab time of year. I plan to get book 5 in March and see what happens next. I did this on audio and the narrator does a great job all of the books. Recommended!

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A Darkness Absolute: A Rockton Thriller

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Week in Review - Week 6


  1. Sorry you're in a slump. These winter months always put me in a bad mood.
    I didn't know there was a movie of The Girl With All The Gifts. I'll have to check it out.

  2. Sorry to hear about your slump still going on. That's awful! I'm a huge NCIS fan and I've really been enjoying NCIS: New Orleans as well. I love that they get the accents right! Frequently when there's someone from the South on a television show their accent sounds like they're from Texas. I'm not sure Hollywood understands how regional Southern accents are and that even people from the same area can have different accents based on a whole number of different things. I'll step off my soap box now but as you can tell it drives me crazy! Hope this week is better for you!

  3. I'm sitting here watching old episodes of Once Upon a Time if that tells you where my head is. I'm struggling with my own ennui. This time of year, the news, the weird is not helping at all.

    Here's to hoping we get out of this!

  4. I'm sorry you are still in a slump. That happens and don't beat yourself up about it. I'm sure your blogging/reading mojo will come back to you before you know it. Enjoy your shows and the mild winter!

  5. The depths of winter can really make things a struggle sometime. I hope you get some (literal and metaphorical) sunshine soon.

    I confess I was a bit lukewarm on The Others series. It plays with some interesting ideas, but I felt it lacked some depth. Anne Bishop just seems to write the same characters over and over again.

  6. Sorry you're in a slump. February isn't my favorite month either. I'm always wishing for warmer/clearer weather by this point and I'm disappointed when it keeps snowing or raining.

  7. Oh how I hate finishing up a puzzle to find pieces missing! I just did a very satisfying puzzle, but my mum's last TWO puzzles have been missing not one, not two, but three pieces apiece. We suspect the dog.

  8. The weather is still nice here - we had a record high of 81 degrees on Sunday. I prefer warm weather but this is weird. I hope you get out of your slump!

  9. Sorry to hear you aren't have the best of February's - luckily we are half way through now, and so I hope there is a light at the end of your slump tunnel.

  10. I am not a big fan of February either, although I have no good reason for it. Often it turns out to be the longest month of the year. I didn't know The Girl with all the Gifts was made into a movie. I still need to read the book. I hope you have a good week this week, Kelly.


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